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DR650: Lighting


The Suzuki DR650 is a long-standing model in Suzuki's lineup, introduced in 1990 as a replacement for the DR600 model. The DR is a 644 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, SOHC, 4-valve, air/oil cooled dual-sport motorcycle with a counterbalanced engine that develops 36 horsepower. It has a 13 L fuel tank.

Chain Size:               Front Sprocket:                 Rear Sprocket:               Front Tire:               Rear Tire:                   Spark Plug:

520x114 ('90-'95)

525x110 ('96-Cur)

16T ('90-'95)

15T ('96-Cur)

42T ('90-'95)

42T ('96-Cur)

90/90-21 120/90-17

DPR9EA-9 ('90-'95)

CR10E ('96-Cur)


Years in development, Yenkro Adventure Rally Fairings have been designed from the ground up to withstand even the most unforgiving terrain and now the gen 2 kit takes it to the next level. Battle-tested in conditions that only the Australian outback can muster, this fairing is a must for adventure riders from all corners of the globe.

Side Panels are Optional and Sold Separate, they work with Acerbis 6.6 gallon (25L) tank only. Available in either black or white.

Can be purchased with or without side panels.

Standard kit includes:

  • The main tower assembly with all the mounting brackets to suit your bike
  • Speedo bracket which also holds the stock wiring loom.
  • 1 Short screen
  • 1 Tall screen
  • Hella halogen lights (upgrade to led by adding the upgrade option to your cart)
  • Qc3 usb charge socket
  • Plug and play wiring for lights and usb.

The standard lighting kit is a pair of hella 60mm projectors, one for high and one for low, these are 60w halogens and are DOT and ADR approved.

Choose Kit
Add Side Panels for Acerbis 6.6 (25L)
Please contact us for availability information

This LED headlight from JNS Engineering is DOT approved and an entirely new LED specific headlight! A specially designed adjustable steel mounting bracket replaces the stock unit. Included is a wiring harness and all the required hardware to make this installation quick and easy and mostly plug and play. The DOT kit does not have a daytime running light (parking light) and may require minor trimming on the backside of the fairing. The headlight features separate low and high beam projectors in a custom headlight shell designed specifically for this LED bulb. The primary advantage of this kit over the original is the DOT/SAE markings and a wider high beam pattern.

Low Beam: 30W, 2,800 Lumens
High Beam: 50W, 3,600 Lumens
Color Temperature: 6,000k
DOT & SAE Compliant
CE, RoHS, ISO9002, IP67

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Ships in 1-2 weeks

Modern LED technology with a classic look!

This plug & play kit is built around the all new Holley RetroBright LED headlight which comes in three different colors.  

Choose from Classic White (3,000K), Modern White (5,700K), and Euro Yellow.  The RetroBright also features a replaceable bulb.

Low Beam: 25W, 2,000 Lumens
High Beam: 30W, 3,000 Lumens
Color Temperature: 3,000k or 5,700k
DOT Compliant
Beam Pattern: Left Hand Drive (USA)

Choose Color
Please contact us for availability information

This kit includes LED headlight assembly with plug-and-play wiring harness, a specially designed adjustable steel mounting bracket, and all the required installation hardware.

The headlight features two primary sets of LED projectors, a wide low-beam pattern with distinct upper cutoff and a center spotlight high-beam for long range visibility.

The low-beam consumes 20W and remains powered when the 15W high-beam is fired. There is also a daytime running light feature which can be powered for additional glow. The LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours and operate at a 6000K color temperature.

No cutting, no drilling, no wiring modifications! Installation takes 5 minutes.

Two colors to choose from, Chrome or Black. Light output and beam pattern is the same for either color.


Choose Style
Ships in 3-5 business days

This kit includes the all new Morimoto 4×6 LED headlight and pre-assembled JNS Engineering adjustable mounting bracket set. It’s a plug and play installation however a small amount of trimming on the backside of the plastic headlight shroud is required.

This is the best performing and highest quality headlight they currently offer. The low beam pattern is bright, very uniform, and features a proper upper cut-off (Left Hand Drive). The high beam is amazingly bright eliminating the need for auxiliary lighting.

The materials, construction, and aesthetics are all top notch. You won’t be disappointed.

Low Beam: 20W, 2,400 Lumens
High Beam: 35W, 4,300 Lumens
Color Temperature: 5,000k
DOT Compliant
Beam Pattern: Left Hand Drive

Ships in 3-5 business days

This plug-n-play kit includes sealed LED headlight assembly and adjustable mounting brackets specifically designed for the 1996-2020 DR650SE. No wiring, soldering, resistors, drilling, or fabrication required however due to the size of the headlight minor trimming on the backside of factory plastic headlight fairing is needed in non-visible areas.

  • Low Beam: 25W, 3,600 Lumens
  • High Beam: 40W, 4,500 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 6,500k
  • CREE LED Chips
  • DOT & SAE Approved
  • CE, RoHS, ISO9002, IP67
Ships same business day
DR650 '96 - '25

These thumb-screws replace the stock headlight adjustment screws. These adjusters make it much easier to keep your headlight aimed properly. This is even more important if you are running the HID headlight as it is very easy to dazzle oncoming traffic if your headlight isn't aimed correctly.

  • Sold in pairs.
Ships same business day

Now available in the original version or the Ultra version. The original uses the front two emitters for low beam and then switches to the rear two emitters for high beam. The Ultra uses the front two emitters for low beam and then runs all 4 emitters on high beam at a reduced wattage. Wattage is 38 watts on low and 38 watts on high.

This bulb uses 4 Cree XHP 50 emitters, capable of more than 2500 lumens each. At 5000 lumens on each function, this is the brightest Cyclops H4 bulb.

  • All metal construction for bases and collars
  • Better thermal efficiency 
  • Better beam pattern distinction between high and low beams
  • 5600k
  • 38 watts 
  • Removable metal base plate for easy install.
  • Screw on connectors at driver
  • Standard H4 connector
  • High/Low Beams


Choose Bulb
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This is a standard H4 bulb that has a 80 watt low beam and a 100 watt high beam. This is an easy lighting upgrade that should not over tax a stock charging system.

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

So you say you want more light for your dual sport? Give this 7"DOT legal Rally light a try and light it up like a freight train! HIGH/LOW operation and SAE/DOT/E4 approved. 
 This light does not have the large Cyclops logos shown on one of the images.

  • Race Inspired Design
  • Hella reflector, made in Germany  stamped SAE/E4
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Plug and Play for Bikes with H4 Bulbs.
  • Available with optional mounting plate for computer or GPS
  • Easily converted to HID if desired, uses an H4 bulb
  • For bikes that are not H4 (XR650R), a simple H4 plug available at any auto parts store will allow you to use this light.
  • Now the panel on top of the light for mounting speedos/gps's etc is included, (This is a platform, not actual GPS mount.)

Optional 10.0 Lumen LED High/Low Upgrade  and now the Phoenix LED complete headlight for the ultimate DOT headlight
The stock lamp that comes with this rally light is great, but you can get  well over double the brightness  with the LED upgrade at a substantially lower power draw. Note if your bike is ac powered at the headlight you will need the rectifier for the LED option.. AKA carbureted KTM's CRFX and XR400/650.. others may apply.

Ships in 1-2 weeks
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Each 10 watt Solstice Solo produces 900 lumens, which is roughly equal to a 50 watt halogen bulb. These are one of the brightest LED off road lamps on the market. The rugged and compact 2” x 2” square die-cast aluminum housing makes mounting easy. The Solstice Solo also features a 4 sided channel design that allows you to interlink it on all four sides with other Solstice Solo pods. Includes stainless steel mounting bracket and waterproof connection. Choose narrow, medium, wide or elliptical light beam pattern. Our favorite is the Elliptical pattern which is wide and flat, putting most of the light where you need it the most.

Sold each.

Add RAM Light Mounts
Ships same business day

This auxiliary light harness is specifically built for the DR650 using the highest quality materials and components. Wire lengths, component locations, and end terminals are all predetermined and assembled for you. No electrical expertise needed! The relay is wired directly to the battery and Posi-Tap connectors are used to tap in to the existing headlight high beam circuit.

This eliminates the need for a separate switch to operate your auxiliary lights. When your high beam is on, your auxiliary lights will be too. Back to low beam and those high-powered beams will be off so you don't bother oncoming vehicles. There's also an in-line fuse holder for safety and peace of mind. A simple one page instruction sheet is included.

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

A game changer in compact auxiliary lights. High output, compact and lightweight!

The New Cyclops Aurora 2 inch lights rated at 4000 lumens for the a set. Using an authentic top binned Cree XHP50 emitter these lights pack a punch!

Available with or without the daytime Running light option (DRL) which can also be a front blinker. (you may need a led flasher to do that)

Like all Cyclops lights we only use the Best Real Cree emitters. R113, R10 TUV and Emark certified IP68 rated.

Includes a full relayed wire harness designed for a Motorcycle. No need to use a switch if running the DRL version, also no need for a switch if using the skene dimmer or want the lights on in high beam and off in low beam. The factory switch will work for these applications. Unless you have a LED factory headlight in a R1200gs,850Gs or KTM1290 these bikes will require our Raider canbus controller.

Look at these quality features!

  • Solid Steel cradle mount. No broken or cracked mounts!
  • CNC machined aluminum housings
  • Polycarbonate lenses, Break-proof!
  • 15 degree beam patterns, a great choice for distance and field of view.
  • 19 watts each
  • 2000 lumens a piece, 4000 lumens for the set.
  • Includes a relayed wire harness
  • Input voltage 9-30VDC
  • R113, R10 TUV and Emark certified
  • IP68 Rated
Ships in 3-5 business days
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

The little light that can! Don't be fooled by the mini size, big light comes out of this bad boy.

New design for 2021 featuring more durable, positive push button switch, metal handle bar mounts and options to allow this light to work for many applications. Switch, cords, strain reliefs and optics for optimal water resistance, ruggedness and performance.

It uses a go pro type mount with an aluminum platform to mount almost anywhere. Also included is a handle bar mount (mount on center of bars). No plastic parts on the light head.

Choose the optional SS platform to mount the light above the bars per two of the identified photos. (Fits all stock 7/8 and 1 1/8 bars. Not for flexbars)

Included is a rubber covered handle bar mounted switch with 2 power level settings 50% and full on.

Combo beam pattern, spot and wide beam in one light.

Compatible with Go Pro mounts, Perfect for modern EFI bikes.

  • Includes basic wire harness
  • 5000 lumens, 
  • Spot and flood beam in one light
  • 28 watt power draw.
  • 2 year warranty, does not include crash damage, bent and or broken wires.
  • 4 inches long by 1.350 high
Choose Kit
Ships in 1-2 weeks
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Now a lifetime warrantied LED light set at a budget friendly price.. and Not made in China.

The new Cyclops Pegasus led light set comes complete with a high quality relayed wire harness and a potent combo light beam pattern.

We are able to offer this fantastic light at a great price due to a one piece optic and sealed beam construction, eliminating extra parts and creating a very durable and high performance light.

These lights in white feature 7 watt emitters (28 watts per light) with two 10 degree and two 25 degree optics, Good for 500 plus ft of lighting (white).

The amber version is a Cree 3 watt emitters (12 watts per light).

This combo beam pattern offers good forward lighting and extremely good conspicuity.

The light set is available in white 5600K or a extremely bright Amber, perfect to allow those autos to see you. Lightweight and robust at 2.75 inches with a single stud mounting, they fit just about anywhere you would like to mount your lights.


  • Canbus compatible, full relayed wire harness included
  • 5000 plus lumens for the set
  • 28 watt draw per white light, 12 watt draw per amber light
  • ISO 67... waterproof
  • 5600K (white 33% brighter than Amber)
  • Life time warrantied
  • Sold as a pair
Backordered: Waiting for stock from suppliers to fulfill orders placed on or after July 2024
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

The Mojave Series LED Racing Lights have been designed to survive and operate in extreme conditions. lights feature a heavy duty housing that can withstand hard impacts and a lens that is twice as thick as traditional lights. The light includes three different replaceable lens (Flood, Spot, and Combo).


  • Heavy Duty Design​
  • IP69K Rating​
  • Flood, Spot / Flood, & Spot Lens Included
  • Stainless Steel Bracket & Hardware​
  • 5,000k Light Color – Natural Daylight
  • Heavy Duty, black, steel Left & Right mounting brackets to bolt directly to your lower triple clamp.
  • Harness with Switch

Kit includes: 2x LED Aux lights with harness and switch, 2x Light mounting brackets and bolts, Switch mounting bracket

 This kit will work with the 6.6 Gallon Acerbis fuel tank for the DR650. You must run the light brackets inwards in order for there to be proper clearance with the 6.6. Gallon tank.

Kit includes: 2" x 3" LED light pods. Harness with switch and mounting bracket. Left & Right mounting brackets. 4x lower triple clamp bolts

Choose Light Size
Please contact us for availability information
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

This kit includes 2 auxiliary light mount brackets. These brackets are designed to mount to most lower triple clamps. New longer bolts are supplied to accommodate the thickness of the bracket. These brackets are powder coated black for a sleek and long lasting finish. The brackets can be used to put the addition of new lights to the outside of your forks or swap the brackets and the lights can be mounted inward to give more clearance for bigger shrouds or fuel tanks.

Ships same business day

An aluminum Light Mount for your bike. Put whatever light you like up front for more light as well as great daytime visibility to other vehicles. Win-win situation. Choose the Single Mount or Double Mount.

B&B Off Roads Auxiliary single light bracket is made from 5mm 5083 structural plate. It was designed to suit a 6 " light bar. Add an auxiliary bracket and LED light to help Improve visibility whilst night riding.

  • Designed to fit with standard tank only
  • Will not fit with Australian Safari Tanks
Choose Mount Size
Ships same business day

These heavy-duty aluminum brackets are laser cut from 0.190" 5052 Aluminum then powdercoated black. Designed specifically for mounting auxiliary lights to the front of your DR650, the mount goes between the fender and the lower triple clamp. Longer fender bolts are included in each kit. installs in 10 minutes.

Three options are available: two different dual mounts that place the lights outside the fender and a single, center type mount. The 2" mount is for smaller type lights and is 8-5/8" between the mounting holes while the 3" is 10-3/8" between the mounting holes. If you are going to use larger style lights, the 3" mount is for you.

Note! The Dual 2" and 3" mounts do not work with the Acerbis 6.6 gallon tank! They make contact prior to full lock. Mounts are fine with other oversize tanks.

Choose Mount Size
Add Aux Light Relay Harness
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

The perfect solution for mounting those LED auxiliary lights. The base of the RAM mount is held by your mirror. This puts the light where you can easily adjust the angle for different riding situations. This mount fits VisionX Solstice lights or any other light with a 6mm or 1/4" hole in the mounting bracket.

This is for Mount Only. Sold individually.

10 Watt LED lights sold separately.

Ships in 3-5 business days

Use these brackets to mount your light weight auxillary lights or turn signals. They will bolt directly on to the DR650 lower triple clamp bolts. This makes for a clean 'tucked in' installation. Sold in pairs.

Choose Mount Location
Ships same business day

These are the brightest LED tail-light bulbs we've seen for Dual-Sport riding.

Tested, these survive off-road riding, and the brightness is amazing, 600 total lumens.

Compact size fits into tightest tail lights, easy to install, and 30,000 hour life.

Ships same business day

The 250 taillight & brake light fits perfectly into the pocket from the stock DR650 taillight on the rear fender. Smaller and much better looking than the original.

Totally 'plug-n-play', includes a standard bulb installed or purchase an LED replacement, sold separate, for even brighter braking. The wire pigtail plugs directly into the DR650 harness just like stock.

  Does not fit with the ProCycle Fender

Ships same business day
DR650 '96 - '25

This device will pulse your brake light automatically. There are over 1000 possible pattern combinations with individually programmable Flash Speeds, Pre-Delay, and Flash Durations, as well as a disable feature to disable the unit. This device gives the end user the widest range of possibilities for customizing your tail light safety flash. With simple programming setup using only your brake lever, their is no disassembly or removing of the seat required to change the programming on the device.


  • Independently programmable flash speed, flash duration, and pre-delay
  • Works for LED or Standard Bulb Tail Lights
  • All Solid State design
  • Meets or exceeds OEM load rating specifications
  • Over 1000 possible flash pattern combinations
  • Simple programming setup with your brake lever
  • Extremely compact unit size; 20mm x 20mm x 12mm
Ships same business day

This lens has a clear panel on the bottom to illuminate your license plate. Allows bolting your plate directly to the rear fender. Does not fit Australian DR650.

Ships same business day

This lens has a clear panel on the bottom to illuminate your license plate. Allows bolting your plate directly to the rear fender. Does not fit Australian DR650.

Small crack on clear license plate light panel.  Could be fixed with super glue.  Sold as is.

Ships same business day

This is a simple three piece kit you can install in minutes that cleans up the stock DR rear-end. We use the 250 taillight that fits perfectly into the pocket of the stock taillight on the DR650 fender. It is smaller, looks great and is out of harms way more than the stock unit. It is a total 'plug-n-play' as the wire pigtail plugs right into the DR650 harness just like stock. Then we use a small LED light to keep you legal and illuminate your license plate, which gets mounted to our custom stainless steel bracket, eliminating the stock ugly plastic mount.

Kit includes:

  • Stainless Steel License Plate Bracket
  • 250 Taillight/Brake Light Lens
  • LED License Plate Light (shown below)
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

This frame includes six, white, full-spectrum LED bulbs on a 6-inch strip for bright illumination of your license plate. It is made in a sturdy cast aluminum, and is powder coated with a durable black finish.

Outside frame dimensions are 7.25" in. wide by 4.2". Center to center mounting hole distance is 5.7 in. All mounting hardware is included.

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.
  • Waterproof, long-lasting marker light bar uses less power
  • Features 180° visibility
  • White LED color
  • Can be used in any position; refraction of light depends on position
  • Measures 38mm x 9.8mm x 18mm
  • Not for use where DOT lighting is required.
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

License plate light with 5 LEDs. Compact and easy to mount. Meets plate illumination requirements with super white light.

This is for the LED license plate light ONLY.

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

License plate bolt with bright white LED light. The simple way to light up your plate.

  • License plate mounting bolts in a hex shape
  • White LED light in the center of each bolt
  • Non-flashing, made for continuous on, to light license plate
Choose Color
Ships in 3-5 business days

Reproductions of the original DR650 factory turn signals. Save a bundle compared to the $70+ each cost of the OEM signals. The wire pigtails plug directly into the factory harness. No cutting or splicing necessary. Choose original style amber lens or clear lens with amber bulb.

Choose Lens Color / Qty
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Easily turn your blinkers into additional running lights and brake lights (rear) for added visibility.

White light in the front and red in the rear. Rear red running lights and bright red brake lights. You can omit the running and brake lights if you wish and still have the best blinkers on the market.

Dazzling bright Amber blinker functions. 

All in a spring-loaded stock to prevent damage from a tip over, crash or impact with brush, trees etc. They will bend 360 degrees, but are stiff, durable and nearly unbreakable.

If you have a single indicator light for the blinkers that is not built into the display and is not LED you will need the diode kit (AKA DR650)  If it is built in to the speedo display it should not require the diode kit.

Available in a generic kit with Bullet connectors supplied. Great for your DR or almost any other bike with a single post blinker setup. These will work well on bikes that use a flasher, but you might have to add the female side of the connectors that are included in the kit.

Not for Yamaha T7, see model specific listing

Choose Option
Add Diode Kit
Add LED Flasher
Ships in 1-2 weeks
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

The Barkbuster LED Indicator Lights for Jet, Storm & VPS Plastic Handguards to increase your visibility and safety using 15 high intensity LEDs that mount directly to the plastic handguard shells. Super bright auxiliary signals will make your directional intentions clear to upcoming traffic. The LED indicators are very low draw and E marked for road use.


  • High intensity LEDs with amber lenses
  • Intended for use as indicators/turn signals
  • E mark approved for use as an indicator light
  • 15 LEDs per indicator amplifies your visibility to other traffic
  • Enhances safety by imrproving clarity of planned directional changes
  • Very efficient performance with low power draw
  • Designed for use on the upper surface of Barkbusters Jet handguard plastics
  • Compatible with the upper and lower surface of VPS & Storm plastics

What's in the box:

  • Barkbusters LED indicators in amber (pair)
  • Mounting materials
  • Installation instructions

Please Note: Not compatible with the electrical system on the Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L

Choose Color
Add Resistor Set
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Eight ultra-bright amber LED lights in a sleek design. Flexible stem helps absorb the occasional hit. Available in 2 pack or 4 pack

Recommended to use resistor for proper turn signal flash rate.


  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Measures 4" long with base and 1" wide at the lights.
Choose Pack
Add Resistor Kit
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

These signals have short rubberized flexible stems and bright mini halogen bulbs.

Choose Pack
Add Replacement Bulbs
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

These Sequential Turn Signals are available in a 2 pack or 4 pack short stem with 7 LEDs.

Matte Black, plastic body with smoke lens and 8mm mount bolt.


  • E-marked.
  • Short Stem: 75mm x 15mm
Choose Quantity
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Triangle/Teardrop style signals with LEDs. Mounts on any flat surface to keep out of the way of brush, branches, and your exhaust system. Requires LED flasher or LED turn signal resistors to flash properly. 

  • Fits on the fender with screws for secure installation
  • Rubber mount base fits even curved surfaces
  • Terminals and bolts are included for installation
  • Comes in pairs
  • Works on 12V AC/DC
Ships in 3-5 business days

When upgrading your Suzuki DR650 with LED turn signals, it's required to install a diode module to prevent all of the signals from blinking at once regardless of left or right signal activation. Some riders choose to splice and solder their own solution, but we like things plug and play. That means all you have to do is plug in the TST kit and you're done! There's no need to cut or splice your OEM wiring harness or break out the soldering iron and electrical tape.

  • Plug and play installation - meaning no cutting, splicing, or soldering
  • Eliminates issue of all signals blinking when activating only one side of turn signals
  • Enables power to flow in single direction from LED turn signals to the dash indicator
  • Does not fix hyperflash (LED turn signals flashing faster than OEM specified rate)
  • (1) TST Plug and Play Diode Module
  • 1 Year Warranty 
Add TST LED Flasher
Ships same business day

If you just installed aftermarket LED turn signals or an LED integrated tail light and your turn signals are flashing way too fast, or perhaps simply staying on completely, you're at the right place to find the solution! The TST Gen2-SK LED Flasher Relay fixes what we call "hyperflash". It slows the flash rate down to a pre-set 85 cycles per minute but can be sped up or slowed down using the adjustment dial located within the unit so you can get the exact speed you are looking for. The plug-and-play installation means that you don't need to splice in any load balancing resistors that generate unnecessary heat and require splicing into your stock wires. Simply remove the stock relay and install your new TST relay and your wiring job is done. It's that simple!

  • Slows turn signal flash rate down to an adjustable 85 cycles per minute when turn signals are experiencing hyperflash or stay on continuously
  • Adjustable turn signal flash rate enables you to speed up or slow down the flash rate to fit your preference
  • Plug and play installation meaning no cutting, splicing, or soldering
  • Replaces the stock relay and fits like OEM
  • No need for cumbersome and heat-generating load balancing resistors
  • Flexible relay housing enables easy access to the flash rate adjustment dial inside of the relay unit

Please make sure your bike uses a 2-pin relay for the signaling system. If your bike has hazard lights it may need the 4-pin relay. Please also note the pin configuration and make sure it matches what is on your bike. It is very important to verify fitment before making your purchase.

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

You may have noticed after adding aftermarket turn signals (especially LED units) that your blink rate has significantly increased. OEM flashers are designed for standard bulbs which draw a few watts each, much more than typical aftermarket bulbs or LED signals. This device is an effective alternative to using load resistors because it consumes considerably less watts, consumes less space, and does not generate excessive heat.

The plug is exactly the same as the OEM unit making swap outs a cinch. No wiring changes, cutting and adding connectors. Just plug it in and you will have a steady flash at the DOT OEM rate regardless of what signal bulbs you use. It is an all solid state design and will blink correctly with loads all the way down to 0.1W / 0.01A.

  Not for any DRZ400 or Royal Enfield Himalayan

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Works on AC and DC lighting systems

  Not compatible with any DRZ400

Ships same business day
DR650 '96 - '25

The SignalMinder unit is designed as a plug-in accessory for many Japanese bikes. SignalMinder uses a microprocessor to cancel the turn signals at one of three selectable time outs; 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

You can also make it so that all four of your signal lights also act as running lights and establish a dual-channel system on your bike. With the dual-channel system, when you activate the RIGHT turn signal three times in succession, you get 4-way hazard flash lights.

Connecting the 12 volt supply from the brakes to the SignalMinder, also allows for a brake flash option.

There are many options and configurations using this electronic tool.

No wire cutting required. The kit includes Scotchlok connectors to tap into existing wires.

Please contact us for availability information
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

The Barkbusters 10 OHM Resistor Set for LED Indicator Lights will correct the flash rate of your auxiliary signal lights. Ready to plug in connectors make installation a breeze. These resistors are intended for Barkbusters LED Indicator Lights.


  • 10 OHM
  • Intended for Barkbusters LED Indicator Lights
  • Corrects flash rate of LED signals
  • Flash rate: 90 (+/- 30) times per minute
Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

This devices allows any two wire after market LED turn signal indicators to operate as running lights (always on), and will blink on / off when the turn signal switch is activated. It is highly recommended to use this product with the Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher. This device, as well as aftermarket turn signals, use much less current than stock turn signals, thus an increased flash rate will occur. Load resistors or a fixed rate turn signal flasher will get your flashers operating at the normal flash rate again.

Each package contains two separate adapter boxes, good for operating both turn signals, left and right of either the front OR rear of your motorcycle. You will need to purchase a 2nd kit if doing the Front AND Rear of the motorcycle.

This device is universal; designed to work for any motorcycle with a DC electrical system. Kit comes with bullet connectors to wire in manually. Works with any two wire non-sequential aftermarket LED turn signal indicators.

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.
  • Eliminates the need to cut and splice wiring when using aftermarket turn signals or marker lights
  • Plug into the OEM turn signal plug and then use bullet style connectors used on aftermarket lights
  • To verify proper fitment, compare connector photos to OEM connector
  • Sold in pairs

Fits Most Models

Choose Brand
Ships in 3-5 business days
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

This Diode Kit is only necessary if you have a single dash indicator for your turn signals. One dash light for both left and right signals (such as on the DR650).

This kit allows power to flow in just one direction from the LED signals to the dash indicator light regardless of which direction you are signalling.

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

These turn signal relocation brackets from ProMoto Billet provide an easy way to move the stock turn signal lights, useful if you find them getting in the way of your luggage configuration.

These brackets may utilize an existing hole in some of the rack side brackets, though many applications will require drilling or fabricating in order to mount properly.

Ships same business day

Mounts to existing signal brackets to move the front turn signals up and forward to clear the bigger 5.3 & 6.6 gallon Acerbis tanks.

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Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Installing new turn signals or brake lights and need to find the 'HOT' wire, or are you just trying to find out if a specific wire has power going to it? Either way, this test light can help you locate shorts, open, and voltage on 12-24 volt DC circuits.

Ships same business day