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Hi-Flo Oil Filters 5-pack

Africa Twin 2016-up
Oil Filters
  • The original Hiflofiltro factory was founded in 1955 and has been manufacturing filters for the OEM motor industry since 1963.
  • Constructed using the best materials available.
  • With the experience of more than five decades, constant research and development and featuring a completely modern production facility, Hiflofiltro offers some of the best quality filters in the world.
  • TUV approved and production monitored to ensure OEM or better quality.
  • Sold as a package of 5 oil filters.


New! 011117

Clutch Filter 5-Pack

Africa Twin with DTC
  • In addition to the main oil filter bikes with DTC have an additional oil filter in the clutch circuit
  • Constructed using the best materials available
  • With the experience of more than five decades, constant research and development and featuring a completely modern production facility Hiflofiltro offers some of the best quality filters in the world
  • TUV approved and production monitored to ensure OEM or better quality
  • Sold as a package of 5 oil filters


Exhaust Valve Shim Kit

Exhaust Valve Shim Kit

Includes three valve shims of each size from 1.20" to 3.50in .05 increments. 141 shims in total. 57 cents per shim!


Magnetic Drain Plug

Strong magnet at the end of the plug picks up metallic flakes in your oil, protecting your engine.


Drain Plug Washers

A 10-pack of drain plug sealing washers. Replace your sealing washer at every oil change to prevent an oil leak.


Oil Filter Magnet

  • Reduce wear, and significantly increase your engine life.
  • Easy to install. Attaches to base of standard oil filter.
  • Powerful magnet traps abrasive metal particles down to 1 micron. OEM oil filters only filter particles down to 90 microns, leaving behind the most harmful particles to circulate through your engine.
  • Magnet also fits the clutch filter on DTC models. Get 2 for ultimate protection.


New! 0120217

NGK Spark Plugs 4-Pack

Africa Twin 2016-up

With the smallest tip diameter available, OE Iridium spark plugs provide superior ignitability and long service life. The iridium/platinum surfaces ensure a slow wear rate, providing stable idle and superior anti-fouling.

  • Laser-welded iridium center electrode tip
  • Platinum disc welded to backside of ground electrode provides long life
  • Trivalent metal plating for superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing
  • Faster starts and quicker acceleration
  • Better fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Best OEM Iridium spark plug available
  • Sold as a pack of 4 spark plugs

Fuel Systems

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Fuel Filter

Africa Twin 2016-up

Original equipment replacement 'in-tank' fuel filter. Traveling where fuel quality will be questionable? Carry a spare fuel filter.


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Lower friction and longer life. X-rings have twice the sealing ability as compared to o-rings. They do a better job of keeping the lube in the links and the dirt out. DID VX chains have a reputation for being the best chain you can buy for dual sport riding. DID VX chains come with rivet type master links. Chain length 130 links.

Scottoiler Vacuum Auto Chain Oiling System

Scottoiler Vacuum Auto Chain Oiling System

This is a vacuum operated automatic chain oiling system to keep your driveline adequately lubricated at all times. Perfect for us forgetful folks that don't pull over and do it regularly every 200 miles. When properly adjusted the oil will last thousands of miles between refills. The Scottoiler kit includes one 250ml bottler of oil which is good for 10000 miles of riding. We also offer additional refill bottles.

Just 'T' into the vacuum line off your carburetor and adjust it to no more than 1 drop every 1-2 minutes and your chain will stay perfectly lubed and may last 2 to 3 times longer.

The oil is controlled by a vacuum operated diaphragm so there will be no oily puddle under your bike if it sits in the garage for awhile. Only drips while the motor is running.

Scottoiler Scottoiler Scottoiler
Select Type:


Master Links

DID VX Chain
Master Links

All ways carry a spare master link when out on the trail.

Important! Master links are not interchangeable. Be sure to match the manufacturer and series of your chain.


Motul C5 Chain Paste

A new innovative product from Motul. This chain lube comes in a brush applicator squeeze-tube bottle. It makes applying chain lube easy and less messy than spray on lubes. Chain Paste is easy to carry with you on those long trips.


Motul M4 Hands Clean

A handy addition to the tool box or in your traveling pack. This is amazing stuff! Rub a little bit of the paste onto your dirty hands and it lifts the dirt right off. A little more rubbing turns it into dry flakes that brush away. M4 Hands Clean is not messy or greasy.


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Yoshimura RS-4

Yoshimura is ready for the big red adventure enthusiast with the rock steady RS-4 slip-on . This RS-4, like every slip on they make, is specifically designed for the new Honda to unleash the power, sound and style that can only be Yoshimura. Removing the stock muffler saves over 4 pounds and makes the 988cc parallel twin engine growl!
  • Oval-ellipse shaped sleeve
  • Yoshimura's Works Finish for increased durability & adventure friendly design
  • Features an integrated inlet heat shield design for a seamless transition with the stock heat shield


New! 120216


Two options are available: stainless steel and carbon fiber. The stainless steel features ASIS 204 stainless steel with a special sandblasted finish giving it a titanium-like look. The carbon fiber option is the lighter than stainless steel and features a flat finish that exposes the intricate carbon fiber weave.

  • CAD/CAM design for precise fit
  • Techno-polymer end-cap
  • Weight savings over stock exhaust
  • Increased horsepower across the entire RPM range
  • TIG-welded AISI 304 stainless steel link pipe
  • Tuned to work with stock fuel settings


Lighting & Electrical

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Shorai Lithium Iron Battery

Shorai batteries deliver more energy faster, with less weight and with less wear on the battery per start cycle than any other brand or technology available on the market today.

  • Up to 80 percent lighter than their lead acid equivalents
  • Improved starting performance
  • Does not sulfate while sitting
  • Three year warranty
  • Weight 2.31 lbs
  • Amp hours 18
  • CC Amps 270
  • Dimensions: l= 5.83" w= 2.63" h= 4.13"

  • Weight 2.31 lbs
  • Amp hours 19
  • CC Amps 285
  • Dimensions: l= 5.83" w= 3.39" h= 3.46"

Self-adhesive foam shims are included and insure a great fit to the battery box, as well as extra vibrational an thermal insulation.

Shorai Batteries require a charging system output of 13.1 Volts or higher at idle, and must not exceed 15.2 volts at maximum output. "Smart" lead-acid chargers with automatic cutoff may be used for periodic charging, but will NOT work as a tender/maintainer and should be disconnected immediately after charge has finished. Older lead chargers without automatic shut-off should never be used. Improper charging is dangerous and will void your warranty. A Shorai BMS Charger - with Store Mode - is highly recommended for anyone who rides less than twice a month. Alternatively, you may disconnect the negative cable from the battery for storage, and charge once per year in that case.

Choose Optimate:

New! 011516

Optimate Battery Maintainers/Chargers

Optimate 1 Charger
Automatic charger for 12V lead-acid batteries. Works with standard filler caps, and sealed maintenance-free. Perfect for maintaining batteries of seasonally used or stored vehicles. Three-step charging program ensures effective charging of the battery and is totally safe for prolonged connection to the battery, without risk of overcharging. Includes permanent ringlet connector with weatherproof cap and battery clips
Optimate 2 Maintainer
OptiMate 2 senses the battery condition, recharges and then keeps the battery 100% ready. The OptiMate maintenance program delivers only what the battery needs, never overcharges, never undercharges. Provides power to the on board computer, display or antitheft alarm Totally safe for vehicle electronics. Safe for long-term battery maintenance. Automatic shut-down if short-circuited or battery disconnected. Works with standard filler caps, and sealed maintenance-free. Includes permanent ringlet connector with weatherproof cap and battery clips. Comes with global input (100-240V)


Optimate 3 Optimizer

Recovers sulphated batteries and then tests after charging. The maintenance program delivers only what the battery needs, never overcharges, never undercharges. Provides power to the on board computer, display or antitheft alarm
Diagnoses, recovers, charges, tests and optimally maintains, automatically. Comes with global input (100-240V)
For batteries forgotten over the winter, OptiMate 3 will recover them from deep discharge and optimally recharge them. Batteries status can be checked at a glance. OptiMate 3 will then maintain the battery at full charge safely for months at a time and increase life by up to 400%. Works with standard AGM, and gel batteries. Do not use with Lithium batteries.


VisionX Solstice 10 Watt LED Light

Each 10 watt Solstice Solo produces 900 lumens. Roughly equal to a 50 watt halogen bulb. These are the brightest LED off road lamps on the market. The rugged and compact 2" x 2" square die-cast aluminum housing makes mounting easy. The Solstice Solo also features a 4 sided channel design that allows you to interlink it on all four sides with another Solstice Solo pod. Includes stainless steel mounting bracket and waterproof connection. The Elliptical pattern is wide and flat. Sold each.


Shorai Charger

You can charge your Shorai battery with a regular battery charger but if you want the very best for it, this charger is designed for optimum performance by balancing the individual cells in the battery. Balanced charging ensures the battery reaches its fullest capacity and longest life. 'Store' mode allows long term long term maintenance storage.

Shorai Charge/Store Dedicated Battery Management System for Shorai LFX only. 2A Max charge rate, connects via BMS 5-pin port on LFX batteries. Includes modes for full charge, or long-term storage. Input USA 110~120V 50/60 Hz.

For Shorai Lithium Iron batteries only

Body & Frame

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GIVI Windscreen

Add some additional wind protection and style to your ride with one of Givi's bike specific windscreens.

  • Clear with black lower masking
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Dimensions: 60cm H x 35cm W (24" H x 14" W)
  • 14.5cm (6") higher than stock


Body Clips

Three-stage removable, reusable, black nylon push rivets. Comes in a package with 10 individual rivets. The Africa twin has lots of these holding together the body work. They are easily lost or damaged. Carry some spares in your tool kit..


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Mini Bleeder

  • Combines wrench and bleeder valve into one convenient and compact tool
  • Fits most 8 mm bleeder nipples
  • Bleeds brake systems and hydraulic clutch systems
  • Internal check valve for fast easy bleeding
  • Anodized billet aluminum handle with chrome moly steel body
  • Compact size for tight spaces
  • High quality internal seal
  • Multi position handle


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Accessories & Tools

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Factory Service Manual

The genuine factory shop service and repair manual. This is the reference manual Honda dealers use in their service departments. It has all the necessary info to do any maintenance or repairs to your Africa Twin.


Tire Iron Wrenches

Don't hit the trails without these tire irons. Each 10 inch forged steel tire iron has a hex wrench on one end. A 27mm for the rear and a 22mm for the front. Rounded spoon end minimizes pinched tubes and scarred rims.

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Navigation doesn't get any simpler than this. Here is the ProCycle 'binary' Navigator. Don't know which way to turn? Flip the NAVIGATOR and follow your nose. It is guaranteed to lead you somewhere. Probably some place you have never been.


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Helmet Lok


Small and compact enough to fit in your pocket, jacket or on our belt loop, HelmetLok is designed to lock your helmet to any bike using the handlebar or frame as an anchor point.

Don’t be weighed down carrying your helmet around anymore. Just use the simple to operate, carabineer-style HelmetLok and you can secure your helmet using the convenient outward opening mechanism. The combination can be reset to the number of your choice. Enjoy the security and freedom of HelmetLok.


Stash Box Locking License Plate Storage

The Stash Box is a weather resistant storage box that mounts between the motorcycle and the license plate. It is ideally suited to storing the vehicle registration and other small objects while remaining unobtrusive. The Stash Box has features that provide benefits over other motorcycle storage devices i.e., low cost, concealed mounting location, lockable, vehicle styling is unaffected, and easy accessibility.

  • Sized to work with all standard size license plates as well as the current Wisconsin and Ohio plates
  • External Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1" plus 1" on the width for the lock
  • Made from molded polypropylene
  • Includes all mounting hardware, retention pouch for paper documents, foam insert, lock and two keys
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