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Dualsport Mirror


The Ken Sean Enduro mirror has a black upper stem and a threaded lower stem. The complex mounting assembly of the lower step has three adjustment nuts

  • The one closest to the end of the stem (#1)
  • The third one from the end of the stem (#3)
  • The fourth one from the end of the stem (#4) which also has a ball joint attached to it.
  • The other nut (#2) is stationary and meant to be used as leverage to tighten the adjustable ones.

You must mount the threaded stem so that the notch faces in the direction which allows the mirror to fold out of the way as much as possible on your particular bike.

  1. Left or Right side
    Determine if the mirror will be used on the left or right side of the bike. The mirror comes packaged for left side use; simply rotate the mirror housing 180 degrees around the stem. For right side use, loosen the 2 small clamp screws on the back of the housing. Slide the stem out of the clamp, slide the stem into the other end of the clamp, tighten screws.
  2. Adjust ball joint tension
    Loosen nut #3 from nut #4. With a a wrench on nut #2, adjust nut #4 to achieve proper tension. The ball joint must be tightened enough to prevent the mirror from falling over while riding but loose enough to allow you to fold it away. Tighten nut #3 back against nut #4 to lock the tension adjustment in place.
  3. Folding the mirror away
    1. Rotate the entire stem up and sideways across in front of you so that the stem drops down into the notch.
    2. Turn lens housing away from you so that the mirror faces forward.
    3. Rotate entire stem forward and down. The mirror should now be safely out of the way with the lens facing back toward the bike.
  4. Install on motorcycle
    Thread the stem into the handlebar mirror mount. Position the mirror for riding use, then fold the mirror into the notch and out a few times while rotating the stem in the mirror mount. Find the position which allows the mirror to fold out of the way most completely. Tighten nut #1.