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Acerbis Locking Gas Cap Venting Fix


Acerbis Locking Gas Cap Venting Fix

Sometimes an Acerbis Locking Gas Cap can have an issue venting air into the gas tank as the fuel level gets low. This is very easily and quickly remedied. Follow these simple steps and that should never happen to you again.








Above is the cap as it comes out of the package, or straight off your tank. Step one is to VERY CAREFULLY remove the rubber seal that holds that green part in (this is the vent body). Use a dull bladed screwdriver to GENTLY lift up the gasket until you can grasp it with your fingers. Once you have a grip on it, GENTLY pull it up and out. The GENTLY is highlighted because if you damage this gasket it will no longer seal properly allowing fuel to possibly spill out onto the tank where it might drip onto a hot motor which might cause a bad situation!

Once you have the seal safely out, then just unscrew the vent body from the cap. It unscrews from the same threads that screw the cap down onto the tank.
















Here are the three parts you will have once it is disassembled. From bottom to top, the gasket, the vent body and the cap itself. Great!








Here is a shot looking down the center of the vent body. This is looking down into the hole. Now you need to find a long pointed steel tool so we can poke a hole in that rubber gasket at the very bottom of the vent body. We like to use a pick tool.










The image above shows the pick tool stuck in the gasket at the bottom of the vent body. You just want to poke a hole in this small rubber piece. Do not cut it or mutilate it or remove it. Any of those things will cause fuel to possible spill when the tank is full or when the bike is tipped over.

With the gasket being rubber, it will appear that the hole seals up as soon as you remove the pick. It will still allow air to pass but keep fuel from passing through.








Now screw the vent body back into the cap and then GENTLY reinsert the rubber gasket, making sure that is all the way down. Screw the cap back onto your tank and you are good to go!