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BBR Big Bore Kit

CRF230F 240cc Kit:

  • 67mm piston, pin, clips, and rings
  • New (not reground) high-performance camshaft
  • Includes heavy-duty valve springs
  • Includes head and base gaskets
  • Requires boring of your stock cylinder to fit the new piston

CRF150F 175cc Kit:

  • Available with or without a camshaft
  • Includes 67mm piston kit, high-performance camshaft, heavy-duty valve springs, and gaskets
  • Adds up to 3.5 HP
  • Requires boring of your stock cylinder to fit the new piston

Currently not available.

California Prop 65


BBR Heavy-Duty Valve Springs

CRF150F '03-'05 / CRF230F '03-up

These valve springs are required when using the BBR High Performance camshaft for the CRF150/230F.

  • Built from the highest quality chrome-silicon wire
  • Fully shot-peened and preset for long life
California Prop 65
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Spark Plugs

Keep your motor running right with a fresh CR9EH9 standard spark plug or the Iridium CR9EHIX9.

California Prop 65


BBR High Performance Camshaft

CRF150F '03-'05 / CRF230F all

High performance camshaft for the CRF150F 03'-05' and CRF230F. Higher lift and duration than stock.

  • Adds 1+ HP to fully modified motor
  • Makes more aggressive race-style of power
  • Bike still starts easily and idles smooth
California Prop 65


ProCycle Rev Box

CRF150F '03-'05 / CRF230F up to 2014

ProCycle Rev Box increases the rev limit to 10,000 RPM. In addition, this unit offers a re-mapped timing curve which yields a noticeable increase to horsepower and torque over the stock CDI

This CDI box is a direct plug in replacement CDI. Simply locate and remove the stock CDI, and plug the unit directly into the wiring harness, no modification needed. Suitable for stock and modified machines

California Prop 65
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BBR Rev Box

Fits CRF150F and CRF230F. Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev limiter and provides a hotter advance curve. Direct replacement for the OEM CDI ignition box

California Prop 65


Valve Adjustment Wrench Set

  • Heat treated and chrome plated for durability
  • Include 10mm wrench with 3mm square adjuster
  • Fit motorcycles and ATVs with screw-type adjusters

    Included Items:
    (1) 10mm chrome steel socket wrench
    (1) 3mm square tappet adjuster
California Prop 65

Fuel Systems

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90 Degree Bend


Small Fuel Filters - 90 Degree or Straight

click to enlarge fuel filterclick

The small size and right angle hose barbs make it easier to fit into the small space between your fuel petcock and carburetor. Filter body is only 7/8" diameter. Straight filter is 2" long, 90 degree filter is only 1 5/8" long.

Need some clamps to secure your line and filter? Click here for the proper sized clamps.

Back in STOCK! Straight Fuel Filters are available again! Order yours today!

California Prop 65


Fuel Line Clamps

Fuel Line Clamps

Ordering new fuel line? How about a set of zinc plated clamps to go with that new line. These will be sure your fuel line stays connected. A pack of 8 clamps in 2 sizes to fit most 1/4 or 5/16 fuel hose.

California Prop 65


Moose CRF230F Jet Kit

CRF230F '06-up

Moose jet kits provide a simple and affordable solution to carburetor tuning problems. This kit will help you to increase power and smoothness throughout the RPM range while maintaining optimum fuel economy.

  • Designed for machines with stock engines using the stock airbox, stock or aftermarket air filter and stock or aftermarket exhaust
  • Fully adjustable to allow for the use of well-designed aftermarket exhausts and stock or replacement air filters
  • Improve throttle response and drivability
  • Power increases of approximately 5% throughout the entire power range
  • NOTE: For dirt use ONLY!
California Prop 65


K&N Air filter

CRF150F/230F '03-up
  • Increased air flow over the stock air filter
  • Designed to increase horsepower and throttle response
  • Designed to fit inside the factory air box
  • Larger surface area over foam filters which offers longer service intervals in dusty conditions
  • Four layers of premium cotton gauze provides outstanding filtration
  • Washable & re-usable, never wears out
  • One filter will last the lifetime of your bike
California Prop 65


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Front Sprocket

(Made in USA) CRF150F & CRF230F '03-up

For all years. Machined from impact and wear resistant chromoly steel. Heat treated, then finished with a nickel coating for corrosion resistance.

California Prop 65


BBR Heavy-Duty Clutch Springs

CRF150F '03-'05

Heavy-duty springs help prevent clutch slip in high-performance motors.

  • Custom wound from chrome-silicon wire
  • Preset for long life
  • Higher spring seat pressure to resist clutch slip
California Prop 65


EBC Heavy-Duty Clutch Springs

CRF230F '03-up

Heavy-Duty springs help prevent clutch slip in high-performance motors.

  • Preset for long life
  • Higher spring seat pressure to resist clutch slip
California Prop 65
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Rear Sprocket

(Made in USA) CRF150F & CRF230F '03-up

Hard anodized alloy sprocket. Machined sprockets made from 7075 T651 aluminum reduces distortion and provides optimal thickness, to extend sprocket and chain life.

California Prop 65


Sprocket bolts

A set of six high quality grade 10 sprocket bolts with locknuts. Threadlock compound has already been applied for extra security.

California Prop 65


360° Chain Brush

This brush has 2.25 coils of 360° chemical-resistant nylon bristles to make it the fastest, most effective, precise and systematic method for giving your chain a thorough cleaning. It will help the performance of the chain, the sprockets and the engine. This brush will fit any 400 or 500 series chains.

California Prop 65


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BBR Shock Spring

Sized perfectly for adult back-yard racing or fast/aggressive mini riders. This is the most important upgrade you can make for an adult sized rider. The stock suspension is too soft for most adults and aggressive kids. Fits stock shock.

  • 30% stiffer than stock
  • Preset and stress relieved for long life
  • Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
  • Powder coated finish
California Prop 65
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BBR Fork Springs

Sized perfectly for adult back-yard racing or fast/aggressive mini riders. This is the most important upgrade you can make for an adult sized rider. The stock suspension is too soft for most adults and aggressive kids.

  • 30% stiffer than stock
  • Preset and stress relieved for long life
  • Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
California Prop 65


Steering Head Bearing Kit

CRF150F/230F '03-'16

Tapered roller bearings provide decreased maintenance, less wear, smoother operation and longer life. This set of high quality replacement steering stem bearings include:

  • Upper and lower tapered bearings
  • Upper and lower bearing races
  • Upper and lower seals
California Prop 65


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FMF Q4 Slip On Muffler

CRF230F 03-Current

FMF is the leader in high performance quiet technology and the Q4 is the next evolution in off road exhaust. The Q4 employs intricate chambers, baffles and proprietary multistage packing material making it the best performing quiet muffler available. With the Q4 you don't need to hear the power, just feel the power!

Max Sound output 96dB; most models below 93dB

California Prop 65


FMF Powercore 4 Slip On Muffler

CRF230F 03-Current

When designing the PowerCore4, FMF looked at their top of the line products to deliver race-inspired performance at an economical price. The end result is a quality muffler with improved torque, increased horsepower and rugged durability all at a price that won't break the bank.

Optional 96dB quiet insert available

California Prop 65


FMF Powerbomb Header

CRF230F 03-Current

The PowerBomb header promotes better flow by allowing a small expansion of the exhaust gasses. The 'bomb' also acts as a pre-muffler taking the edge off of overall sound levels.

!  Headpipe orders ship Parcel Post Only. within the US. Why?

The redesigned PowerBomb is a four-stroke header that incorporates FMF's patented PowerBomb module at a precise location in the initial stage of the header. By positioning this "Bomb" at a key point in the system, increased performance and flow is achieved through the expansion and contraction of exhaust sonics through the system. Result is a flow increase of nearly 10%! The outer chamber in the Powerbomb allows the air to expand, cool and ramp back up at a higher velocity. Additionally, the PowerBomb is a "pre-muffler" of sorts which helps to lower the bikes sound output by providing more sound absorbing surface area for the sound medium (exhaust gases). On some models, you can choose between a moto or supercross version. The supercross version is designed for more low to mid-range power where the moto version is focused in the mid to upper RPM range.

California Prop 65


Stainless Steel Heat Shield

This universal heat shield provides great looks at a great price.

  • Fits all 1-1/2" - 2-1/8" Pipes
  • Measures 7-1/4" x 3"
California Prop 65


FMF Heat Shield

Need a heat shield on your head pipe to keep from melting pants? FMF makes this nice unit that includes clamps, heat shield with the FMF logo and button head screws to hold it on. No more melted pants.

California Prop 65
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DG Performance V2 Slip-on

(Made in USA)

The V2 Series Slip-On muffler features an aluminum body, TIG welded components, stainless steel inlet tube and a great new look. This Lightweight Slip-On weighs approximately 5.5 lbs.

The DG Performance systems offer increased throttle response, power and torque. Standard sound level is approximately 98 db. Equipped with a US Forestry approved spark arrestor.

California Prop 65


Pro Circuit T-4 Complete System

CRF230F 03-Current

The T-4 System is designed to increase performance from bottom to top, making it easier to ride faster. The stainless steel and aluminum construction offer increased strength and durability; ideal for racing and off-road riding. This system is also tunable, meaning you can remove the spark arrestor screen turning it into a race tip for closed course racing; fasten the screen back on for off-road riding. The T-4 System is perfect for riders on a budget that are not willing to compromise on performance

California Prop 65


Yoshimura Competition Series Complete System

CRF230F 03-Current

Includes the Enduro Series RS-2 muffler and stainless steel header. This potent and versatile design is engineered to provide increased power and power delivery. The RS-2 has a pyramidal shape that features increased volume, and is a quieter system with a larger core — and it offers the added bonus of outstanding performance in a value-priced package.

California Prop 65


BBR Quiet Core

Replace your BBR standard exhaust screen with this to reduce the sound level of your bike.

  • Fits all BBR exhaust systems with removable spark arrester screen
  • Easy 2 minute installation by removing the 3 end cap bolts
  • Reduces sound output with minimal increase in back pressure
  • Makes your neighbor happy without ruining your bike's power delivery
California Prop 65


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Lithium Featherweight Firepower Battery

Lithium Featherweight Firepower Battery

Built with the latest in Lithium Ion Polymer Technology. All components are designed, manufactured, assembled and packed in one location assuring high quality and consistency. Besides extreme lightweight (50% to 70% lighter than standard lead-acid batteries) it also features a built-in LED test gauge and the ability to mount it in any position. There is no hazardous acid or heavy metals, it is non-explosive and non-combustible.

The Firepower features Increased cranking amps over lead acid batteries and has a very fast recharge cycle and can be brought up to a 90% charge within 6 minutes and also has 6 to 12 times more cycle life when compared to lead acid batteries. A 2-year warranty insures that your investment is protected.

This is a 150 CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) battery.

California Prop 65


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ProCycle SUPERMOTO 17" Wheel Set

Complete set of supermoto wheels. We custom build our wheels to fit your bike!

Unlike other supermoto wheels that use aftermarket hubs, our supermoto wheels are built on OEM hubs so we know they will fit perfectly.
Stock hubs allow you to use the rotors and sprockets built for your bike instead of expensive and difficult to obtain parts for aftermarket hubs.

Our Supermoto wheels are carefully laced and trued to provide you with a solid, high-quality wheel.
We use high quality Excel or Sun rims and Buchanan's heavy gauge stainless steel spokes with heavy-duty nipples. Bearings and seals come pre-installed.

  • New Honda OEM hubs
  • Excel 2.5"x17" front rim, clear-anodized aluminum (or Sun 2.75x17)
  • Excel 3.5"x17" rear rim, clear-anodized aluminum (or Sun 3.5x17)
  • Buchanan's stainless steel heavy gauge spokes
  • Buchanan's heavy-duty zinc-plated nipples
  • Bearings and seals pre-installed

Notice! All our wheels are custom built to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Once ordered, custom wheels, rims or spokes cannot be cancelled or returned..

California Prop 65


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EBC Supermoto 320mm Front Brake Rotor

CRF230F '04-up & CRF230L '08
  • High friction 320mm steel rotors for greater stopping power over stock rotors
  • Includes a caliper relocation bracket
  • Designed to fit standard hubs
California Prop 65
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EBC Brake Pads/Shoes

CRF150F/230F '04-up
  • Sintered Pads are best for regular riding. Long life, and good performance in all conditions
  • Sport Carbon pads are made for fast riding in dry conditions. Not recommended for mud, water, or sand
California Prop 65


EBC Front Brake Rotor

CRF 150/230 F/L '03-up

Made with heat-treated carbon steel for longer wear life and reduced galling. Stock sized replacement.

California Prop 65


Warp 9 Valve Stem Puller Tool

Warp 9 Valve Stem Puller Tool
Warp 9 Valve Stem Puller Tool

Warp 9 got tired of their old design of the valve stem puller tool, so they made a few other revisions while they were at it (requiring 2 new patents!). Here is the list of the features of the new CNC machined tool.

  • Stainless Steel tip, won't break or bend like old brass tip
  • Ribbed head for positive grip and easy core removal
  • Core tip threads into handle to protect tip from damage
  • Includes spare valve core in handle for easy trail side repairs
  • Tapered handle ends to make tip removal easier with gloved hands and-non square edge doesn't damage tool bags
  • Knurled aluminum handle for additional grip
California Prop 65

Other Parts

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JIS Screwdriver Kit

The Phillips type screws used in Japanese motorcycles are actually Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws are very easy to strip if you are using a regular Phillips screwdriver.

Here is a little kit that will make removing and replacing JIS screws much easier. A small portable handle with its own collection of 4 various bits, along with 2 each JIS No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 bits. These will work in any other bit holders you may have and have a slight magnetic end to hold a screw while you start it.

California Prop 65


Vapor Tachometer / Speedometer

  • Current Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Selectable MPH/KMH Display
  • Real-Time RPM Bar Graph
  • Numeric RPM Readout
  • Dual Programmable Shift Lights
  • Up to 20,000 RPM
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Engine Temperature (liquid cooled only)
    Optional air cooled sensors available directly from Trail Tech
  • Dual Programmable Temp Lights
  • Adjustable Distance
  • Permanent Odometer
  • Selectable Mile/Kilometer Display

  • Hour Meter, Stop Watch, Ride Time
  • Accumulated Ride Time
  • Permanent Hour Meter
Power Input :
  • Includes Power Connection Fits All Machines
  • Accepts Any Power Input - AC/DC
  • Auto Switch to Internal Power if External is Removed
  • Permanent Memory Guarantees Data is Never Lost
Value Added :
  • Available in Black Stealth version only
  • Custom Designed for Exact Model Fit
  • All Parts Included to Complete Installation
  • One Year Warranty
  • Unlimited Free Trail Tech Phone and Email Support
  • Waterproof Connections
  • Bright White Backlit LCD Display
California Prop 65


BBR Shift Lever

CRF150F/230F all
BBR shift lever

Folding tip, forged aluminum shift lever from BBR Motorsports. Stronger and lighter than the stock shift lever.

  • Strong forged aluminum construction
  • Steel knurled folding tip (chrome plated)
  • Anodized titanium finish
  • 1/2" longer than stock
California Prop 65
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$22.95 - $35.95

Off-Road Front Fender

Off-Road Front Fender

Universal off-road front fender.

! Front fender orders ship Parcel Post (6-10 business days) within the US.  Why?

California Prop 65


Tie-Down Handlebar Clamps

These clever tie-down clamps give you an instant anchor point for tie-down straps using your hand grips.

  • Oval opening for single or double tie-down hooks
  • Clamps securely to any 7/8" handle bar grips
  • Machined from forged aluminum
  • Sold in pairs
California Prop 65


Trail Tech Vapor Dashboard

  • Optional plastic dashboard with indicator lights protects the computer and places it in an optimum viewing position.
  • Included mounting bracket installs easily to triple clamp of most motorcycles.
  • Includes an assortment of indicator light lenses allowing customization to fit your needs.
California Prop 65


BBR Billet Gas Cap

CRF 150F/230F '03-'12
  • Billet machined aluminum gas cap with gold anodized breather
  • Large grip area for easy spin on/off
California Prop 65
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Supermoto Front Fender

Supermoto Front Fender

Universal design. Vents in the back improve airflow to motor. Smaller front reduces 'wind steer' and improves high speed stability.

! Front fender orders ship Parcel Post (6-10 business days) within the US.  Why?

California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains or may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Click here to see the full list of chemicals subject to California Proposition 65.

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