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XP-1 Specifications


  • 200 Amp- 400 Peak Amp
  • 12000 mah Capacity
  • 19V Output Port for Laptops
  • 12V Standard Output Port
  • 5V 2A USB Port
  • Detachable Mini Jumper Clamps
  • 3 power ports: 19v for lap tops, 12v standard output, and a USB 5v output for USB powered devices
  • A Universal Cable with 8 different detachable tips to fit all the different brands of Laptop charging ports (Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, and more)
  • A Universal Cable for 12v standard plug accessories such as Mobile DVD players and heated gear. (8amp max)
  • A Universal USB Cable with 4 of the most common connectors (iPhone, Lightning, micro USB, mini USB) for portable Electronics such as Cell Phones, iPads, iReaders (Kindles), PSPs, GPS, tablet computers, and anything else using the 5V USB standard
  • 1 Home Charger (to charge the XP-1)
  • 1 Mobile Charger for plugging into cigarette lighter socket (to charge XP-1)
  • Nylon zippered carrying case