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TW200: Exhaust


The V2 Series Slip-On muffler features an aluminum body, TIG welded components, stainless steel inlet tube and a great new look. This Lightweight Slip-On weighs approximately 5.5 lbs.

The DG Performance systems offer increased throttle response, power and torque. Standard sound level is approximately 98 db. Equipped with a US Forestry approved spark arrestor.

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The Powercore 4 spark arrestor muffler. FMF developed the Powercore 4 to increase the horsepower and torque throughout the entire power curve. Highest quality packing for long life. Removable spark arrestor included. Louder than the Q4. Approximately 99db stock or about 94db with optional Quiet Insert installed.

  • Uses long-life muffler packing for increased packing life
  • Forest Service approved spark arrester
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Add Quiet Insert, FMF
  • Reduce exhaust sound by one to six decibels
  • Works with DG V2 mufflers
  • Easy installation; remove rear end cap and place Quiet Core in front of the spark arrestor
  • Smaller diameter inserts are quieter but more restrictive; larger inserts are less restrictive but louder
  • Each size is sold separately

Perforated W/ Block off Plate

(Gen2 O Series has Black Tip similar to V2)


This Quiet Insert comes stock in all new FMF Q4 mufflers. If you lost yours, this is the replacement you need. It will fit Q4, Q4 Hex, Powercore and Powercore Hex mufflers. It will reduce the sound rating of the Power Core models, from about 99db down to about 96db.

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WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Exhaust Gasket

TW200 '87 - '22

Reduce exhaust leaks with this new OEM exhaust gasket. This gasket goes between the header pipe and the cylinder head.

We recommend Anti-Seize on exhaust fasteners.

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Reduce exhaust leaks with this new OEM muffler gasket. This gasket goes between the rear tail/muffler pipe and the header pipe.


Protect your head pipe from rock damage. This stainless steel spine clamps to your head pipe to add a layer of protective armor between your vulnerable pipe and those nasty rocks or logs. Fits the stock headpipe. Will fit the FMF head pipe with the addition of larger clamps.


The Chilly Exhaust Heat Shield is the most effective heat shield on the market. The innovative three piece design consists of a top shield attached to 2 rails with rivets and spacers. This reduces the contact area and slows down heat transfer. They have incorporated a patented, insulated reflective blanket on the underside of the shield to reduce radiant heat transfer. The included stainless steel clamp makes it simple to install. 

We highly recommend a heat shield if you run soft luggage without hard racks. 


  • Solid Top Shield - The logo is laser etched and there are no cutouts on the top shield. This prevents radiant heat from passing straight through to your luggage.
  • Side Rails - By isolating these with spacers the heat conductive surface area to the top shield is reduced and slows down heat transfer.
  • Radiant Heat Shielding - The reflective insulated blanket on the bottom of the shield is the real hero. This patented material won't be found anywhere else in the motorcycle industry. 
  • Stainless Steel Clamp - Slots have been provided in the side rails to make installing as easy as it gets.
  • Brushed Aluminum - Lightweight and looks nice.


  • Length 7.5" (190mm) x Width 3.5" (76mm) x Height 1" (25mm)
  • Clamp fits any exhaust 3.5" - 5.5" (89mm - 149mm)

Have you lost your stock heat shield, or need one on an aftermarket head pipe? FMF makes this nice unit that includes clamps, heat shield with the FMF logo and button head screws to hold it on. We recommend Anti-Seize on all exhaust fasteners.

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Don't get burned! Giant Loop's ingeniously simple and effective exhaust shield protects bags and bodywork from heat damage. The Hot Springs Heat Shield helps avoid the meltdown, preventing bags and side panels from touching your bike's exhaust. It's the lightweight, universal heat problem-solver for virtually any motorcycle exhaust system. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


This universal heat shield provides a great look at a great price.      

  • Fits all 1-1/2" - 2-1/8" Pipes
  • Measures 7-1/4" x 3"
  • We recommend Anti-Seize on all exhaust fasteners.
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The latest in muffler packing technology. Spec 31 high performance muffler packing resists breakdown up to 1400°F, is universal, and is easy to install.

  • Kits come in 2 lengths - 15" and 19"
  • Pillows can be trimmed to length to fit different mufflers.
  • Includes a cap stuffer to fill packable end caps.
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Re-pack your silencer with this pro-quality, three layer packing system and restore lost power and sound control.

Kit includes:

  • 60"x20"x1⁄4" glass mat.
  • 7"x20" stainless wool
  • 8"x20" stainless mesh
  • Twelve 3⁄16" rivets

Replacement Exhaust Pipe Retention Spring

  • This swivel spring replacement will work on nearly any exhaust system with a similar spring.
  • Made from stainless steel, and has a high temp silicon sleeve to protect exhaust component finish.
  • Made by Akrapovic, 60mm size, SOLD EACH
  • Available in 52mm or 58mm lengths
  • Kit contains two stainless steel exhaust swivel springs
  • Free-floating mounting hooks to avoid breakage
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Set your bike apart with a custom exhaust look. Withstands direct heat up to 2000°F.

  • 2 inches wide and 25 feet long
  • Available in black or natural
  • 4 stainless steel tie wraps
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Adhesive heat shield for your new side panel plastics to protect it from the heat of your muffler.


Precision cut from heavy gauge material.

Extremely durable design.

Push/Pull design for hard to reach places.

Soft but durable PVC coated handle.