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DRZ400: Lighting

Suzuki DRZ400 is the off-road kick start only model.

Electric start model: DRZ400E | Street legal model: DRZ400S

Sold in the US 2000-2003

Chain Size:        Front Sprocket:        Rear Sprocket:        Front Tire:        Rear Tire:        Spark Plug:
520x112 14T 47T 80/100-21 110/100-18 CR8E



  • Nylon surrounding, removable polypropylene number plate, polycarbonate reflector, cast aluminum headlight body, clear polycarbonate lens cover and tempered glass lens
  • Spotlight uses 55W halogen bulb; floodlight uses 55W halogen and 5W incandescent bulbs
  • DOT and SAE compliant
  • Features an innovative design; made of polypropylene
  • 10 bright white LED bulbs ensure visibility at night and high illumination while using low power consumption
  • LEDs can be used as turn signals and will not heat up after prolonged use
  • 12V 35/35W H4 bulb with LEDs; total wattage is 50
  • Universal fitment with anti-vibration rubber straps
  • Position of mounting points allow ample room for brake line/cable
  • Universal mounting strap included
  • DOT-ECE-SAE-TÜV compliant
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Designed specifically for aggressive night time riding by combining amazing distance projection, wide peripheral spread and a smooth blend of near field light. Utilizes four Cree™ XM-L2 LEDs, the brightest, most efficient LEDs on the market giving you a blinding 4,900 lumens and 40 watts.  The Squadron® Pro is plug and play when installed using the Skene Dimmer kit making for an easy install.

Add the Skene Dimmer Kit to control the brightness to match riding conditions.  Without the dimmer headlight is high beam only.

To run this kit on smaller bikes (below 400cc) you may need to have your stator rewound by Baja Designs.  An aftermarket stator can be purchased instead of a rewind. 

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So you say you want more light for your dual sport? Give this 7"DOT legal Rally light a try and light it up like a freight train! HIGH/LOW operation and SAE/DOT/E4 approved. 
 This light does not have the large Cyclops logos shown on one of the images.

  • Race Inspired Design
  • Hella reflector, made in Germany  stamped SAE/E4
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Plug and Play for Bikes with H4 Bulbs.
  • Available with optional mounting plate for computer or GPS
  • Easily converted to HID if desired, uses an H4 bulb
  • For bikes that are not H4 (XR650R), a simple H4 plug available at any auto parts store will allow you to use this light.
  • Now the panel on top of the light for mounting speedos/gps's etc is included, (This is a platform, not actual GPS mount.)

Optional 10.0 Lumen LED High/Low Upgrade  and now the Phoenix LED complete headlight for the ultimate DOT headlight
The stock lamp that comes with this rally light is great, but you can get  well over double the brightness  with the LED upgrade at a substantially lower power draw. Note if your bike is ac powered at the headlight you will need the rectifier for the LED option.. AKA carbureted KTM's CRFX and XR400/650.. others may apply.


The IQ-275 Intelligent Lighting Controllers from Skene Design allow you to quickly and conveniently set the brightness of your Squadron Pro headlight to match riding conditions. Often auxiliary lights are too bright or have too wide a lighting pattern to operate at full power during the day or under certain road conditions. With Skene Design's innovative intelligent lighting controllers you can pre-program several different brightness settings and with the flick of a switch immediately select the desired brightness.


Each 10 watt Solstice Solo produces 900 lumens, which is roughly equal to a 50 watt halogen bulb. These are one of the brightest LED off road lamps on the market. The rugged and compact 2” x 2” square die-cast aluminum housing makes mounting easy. The Solstice Solo also features a 4 sided channel design that allows you to interlink it on all four sides with other Solstice Solo pods. Includes stainless steel mounting bracket and waterproof connection. Choose narrow, medium, wide or elliptical light beam pattern. Our favorite is the Elliptical pattern which is wide and flat, putting most of the light where you need it the most.

Sold each.

Add RAM Light Mounts

A game changer in compact auxiliary lights. High output, compact and lightweight!  

The New Cyclops Aurora 2 inch lights rated at 4000 lumens for the a set. Using an authentic top binned Cree XHP50 emitter these lights pack a punch!

Available with or without the daytime Running light option (DRL) which can also be a front blinker. (you may need a led flasher to do that)  

Like all Cyclops lights we only use the Best Real Cree emitters. R113, R10 TUV and Emark certified  IP68 rated.

Includes a full relayed wire harness designed for a Motorcycle.  No need to use a switch if running the DRL version, also no need for a switch if using the skene dimmer or want the lights on in high beam and off in low beam. The factory switch will work for these applications. Unless you have a  LED factory headlight in a R1200gs,850Gs or KTM1290 these bikes will require our Raider canbus controller.

Look at these quality features!

  • Solid Steel cradle mount. No broken or cracked mounts!
  • CNC machined aluminum housings 
  • Polycarbonate lenses, Break-proof! 
  • 15 degree beam patterns, a great choice for distance and field of view.
  • 19 watts each 
  • 2000 lumens a piece, 4000 lumens for the set.
  • Includes a relayed wire harness 
  • Input voltage 9-30VDC 
  • R113, R10 TUV and Emark certified
  • IP68 Rated

Now a lifetime warrantied LED light set at a budget friendly price.. and Not made in China. 

The new Cyclops Pegasus led light set comes complete with a high quality relayed wire harness and a potent combo light beam pattern. 

We are able to offer this fantastic light at a great price due to a one piece optic and sealed beam construction, eliminating extra parts and creating a very durable and high performance light.

These lights in white feature 7 watt emitters (28 watts per light) with two 10 degree and two 25 degree optics, Good for 500 plus ft of lighting (white).

The amber version is a Cree 3 watt emitters (12 watts per light).

This combo beam pattern offers good forward lighting and extremely good conspicuity. 

The light set is available in white 5600K or a extremely bright Amber, perfect to allow those autos to see you. Lightweight and robust at 2.75 inches with a single stud mounting, they fit just about anywhere you would like to mount your lights.


  • Canbus compatible, full relayed wire harness included
  • 5000 plus lumens for the set
  • 28 watt draw per white light, 12 watt draw per amber light
  • ISO 67... waterproof
  • 5600K (white 33% brighter than Amber)
  • Life time warrantied
  • Sold as a pair

The little light that can! Don't be fooled by the mini size, big light comes out of this bad boy.

New design for 2020 featuring smaller switch, metal handle bar mounts and options to allow this light to work for many applications. Redesigned cases, cords, strain reliefs and optics for optimal water resistance, ruggedness and performance.

It uses a go pro type mount with an aluminum platform to mount almost anywhere. Also included is a handle bar mount (mount on center of bars).  No plastic parts on the light head.

Included is a rubber handle bar mounted switch with 2 power level settings and a strobe pattern.

Combo beam pattern, spot and wide beam in one light.

Compatible with Go Pro mounts, Perfect for modern EFI bikes.

  • basic wire harness
  • 3500 lumens 
  • Spot and flood beam in one light
  • 25 watt power draw.
  • 2 year warranty, does not include crash damage.
  • 4 inches long by 1.350 high

These heavy-duty aluminum brackets are laser cut from 0.190" 5052 Aluminum then powdercoated black. Designed specifically for mounting auxiliary lights to the front of your DR650, the mount goes between the fender and the lower triple clamp. Longer fender bolts are included in each kit. installs in 10 minutes.

Three options are available: two different dual mounts that place the lights outside the fender and a single, center type mount. The 2" mount is for smaller type lights and is 8-5/8" between the mounting holes while the 3" is 10-3/8" between the mounting holes. If you are going to use larger style lights, the 3" mount is for you.

Note! The Dual 2" and 3" mounts do not work with the Acerbis 6.6 gallon tank! They make contact prior to full lock. Mounts are fine with other oversize tanks.

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The perfect solution for mounting those LED auxiliary lights. The base of the RAM mount is held by your mirror. This puts the light where you can easily adjust the angle for different riding situations. This mount fits VisionX Solstice lights or any other light with a 6mm or 1/4" hole in the mounting bracket.

This is for Mount Only.  Sold individually.

10 Watt LED lights sold separately.


This device will pulse your brake light automatically. There are over 1000 possible pattern combinations with individually programmable Flash Speeds, Pre-Delay, and Flash Durations, as well as a disable feature to disable the unit. This device gives the end user the widest range of possibilities for customizing your tail light safety flash. With simple programming setup using only your brake lever, their is no disassembly or removing of the seat required to change the programming on the device.


  • Independently programmable flash speed, flash duration, and pre-delay
  • Works for LED or Standard Bulb Tail Lights
  • All Solid State design
  • Meets or exceeds OEM load rating specifications
  • Over 1000 possible flash pattern combinations
  • Simple programming setup with your brake lever
  • Extremely compact unit size; 20mm x 20mm x 12mm

Remove the bulky stock number plate holder with our slim design- comes with LED number plate light.

  • Quick and easy install
  • Mounting hardware supplied
  • Comes with clear LED tail, brake & number plate light
  • No mods required for installation
  • Available in polished or black PPA coating.
  • Pre drilled to suit Australian licence plate

*Please Note:  Brake light does not come with necessary/factory connectors. Some cutting, crimping, soldering of wires may be required for connection.

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This frame includes six, white, full-spectrum LED bulbs on a 6-inch strip for bright illumination of your license plate. It is made in a sturdy cast aluminum, and is powder coated with a durable black finish.

Outside frame dimensions are 7.25" in. wide by 4.2". Center to center mounting hole distance is 5.7 in. All mounting hardware is included.


License plate light with 3 LEDs. Very compact and easy to mount. Meets plate illumination requirements with super white light.

This is for the LED license plate light ONLY.


License plate bolt with bright white LED light. The simple way to light up your plate.

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The Barkbuster LED Indicator Lights for Jet, Storm & VPS Plastic Handguards to increase your visibility and safety using 15 high intensity LEDs that mount directly to the plastic handguard shells. Super bright auxiliary signals will make your directional intentions clear to upcoming traffic. The LED indicators are very low draw and E marked for road use.


  • High intensity LEDs with amber lenses
  • Intended for use as indicators/turn signals
  • E mark approved for use as an indicator light
  • 15 LEDs per indicator amplifies your visibility to other traffic
  • Enhances safety by imrproving clarity of planned directional changes
  • Very efficient performance with low power draw
  • Designed for use on the upper surface of Barkbusters Jet handguard plastics
  • Compatible with the upper and lower surface of VPS & Storm plastics

What's in the box:

  • Barkbusters LED indicators in amber (pair)
  • Mounting materials
  • Installation instructions

Please Note: Not compatible with the electrical system on the Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L

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Add Resistor Set

Don't be fooled by thinking these are the same as the others, they may look similar but are far from it in terms of reliability, function, ease of installation, product support.

Now easily turn your blinkers into additional running lights and or brake lights(rear) for added visibility.

Bright white light in the front and red in the rear. You can select to run the rear red as brake lights or red running lights. If ran in brake light setup the red brake lights will come on sequentially flashing twice then go to solid red!  Be Seen!

Dazzling bright Amber sequential blinker functions. 

All in a Extremely rugged rubber stock to help prevent damage from a tip over or impact with brush, trees etc. Bends back 90 degrees or more.

A generic kit with Bullet connectors supplied. These should work well on most brand bikes, but you will have to add the connectors that are included in the kit.

For Yamaha T7 please choose model specific kit.

Deletes flasher, jump cord included, No need to purchase led flasher units! Your indicator light on dash may not blink with this kit, it will activate, but remain solid. Adding a LED flasher will keep the indicator light flashing.

Set of 4

Cyclops builds these in house as fast as they can, parts are usually in stock and orders are filled asap, it may take 5-10 business days for an order of these blinkers to get out our door.

Notice: Does not fit 1st Gen KLR (87-07), will require mounting bracket.

Add Diode Kit

These signals have short rubberized flexible stems and bright mini halogen bulbs.

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Add Replacement Bulbs

You may have noticed after adding aftermarket turn signals (especially LED units) that your blink rate has significantly increased. OEM flashers are designed for standard bulbs which draw a few watts each, much more than typical aftermarket bulbs or LED signals. This device is an effective alternative to using load resistors because it consumes considerably less watts, consumes less space, and does not generate excessive heat.

The plug is exactly the same as the OEM unit making swap outs a cinch. No wiring changes, cutting and adding connectors. Just plug it in and you will have a steady flash at the DOT OEM rate regardless of what signal bulbs you use. It is an all solid state design and will blink correctly with loads all the way down to 0.1W / 0.01A.

  Not for any DRZ400 or Royal Enfield Himalayan


The Barkbusters 10 OHM Resistor Set for LED Indicator Lights will correct the flash rate of your auxiliary signal lights. Ready to plug in connectors make installation a breeze. These resistors are intended for Barkbusters LED Indicator Lights.


  • 10 OHM
  • Intended for Barkbusters LED Indicator Lights
  • Corrects flash rate of LED signals
  • Flash rate: 90 (+/- 30) times per minute

This devices allows any two wire after market LED turn signal indicators to operate as running lights (always on), and will blink on / off when the turn signal switch is activated. It is highly recommended to use this product with the Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher. Each package contains one dual adapter, good for operating both turn signals, left and right, with the appropriate kit. Please order the Front kit to turn the FRONT flashers into running lights and the REAR kit to turn the rear flashers into running lights.

Universal type comes with bullet connectors to wire in manually. Works with any two wire aftermarket LED turn signal indicators.

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Installing new turn signals or brake lights and need to find the 'HOT' wire, or are you just trying to find out if a specific wire has power going to it? Either way, this test light can help you locate shorts, open, and voltage on 12-24 volt DC circuits.