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Turn Signals - Tuff Light Full Flex LED, Cyclops

Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.
Made in USA WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Easily turn your blinkers into additional running lights and brake lights (rear) for added visibility.

White light in the front and red in the rear. Rear red running lights and bright red brake lights. You can omit the running and brake lights if you wish and still have the best blinkers on the market.

Dazzling bright Amber blinker functions. 

All in a spring-loaded stock to prevent damage from a tip over, crash or impact with brush, trees etc. They will bend 360 degrees, but are stiff, durable and nearly unbreakable.

If you have a single indicator light for the blinkers that is not built into the display and is not LED you will need the diode kit (AKA DR650)  If it is built in to the speedo display it should not require the diode kit.

Available in a generic kit with Bullet connectors supplied. Great for your DR or almost any other bike with a single post blinker setup. These will work well on bikes that use a flasher, but you might have to add the female side of the connectors that are included in the kit.

Not for Yamaha T7, see model specific listing

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