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Tire Tackle Kit - 22 Piece, Slime

Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

This Slime Medium Tire Tackle Kit is perfect for your ADV tool kit. There are parts here to fix your flat regardless of which bike you are riding. On your tube equipped, no worries, patches are included. The 22-piece kit stores your tire care essentials in easy to browse compartments so you have everything you need to repair a flat tube/tire while on the go. This 22-piece set includes:

  • Pencil gauge - 10-50 psi
  • Screwdriver-style reamer and plugger tools
  • 3 tire plugs
  • 5 patches
  • 4-way valve tool
  • 4 replacement valve cores
  • 4 standard black valve caps
  • 4 upgraded aluminum valve caps
  • Rubber cement
  • Scuffer

Ships in 3-5 business days