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FAQ - Which seats fit with my tank?

Which seats fit with my tank?


Which seats will fit with which tanks and why does it matter?

I want a better seat and a bigger tank but I keep reading (on the internet) that some seats won't work with some tanks. Set me straight!


The need for a specific seat only applies to seats made by Corbin. The Corbin seats are built on a rigid seat pan. It won't flex enough to fit all tanks so Corbin makes their seat in two versions. The IMS and Acerbis tanks require the front end of the seat to flex up a bit to fit the larger fuel capacity. Clark, Safari and stock tanks don't require any additional flex from the seat. So, if you have an Acerbis or IMS  tank and you want a Corbin seat you will need the Corbin that is made to fit IMS. If you have a stock, Clarke or Safari tank and you want a Corbin seat you will need the Corbin seat that fits the stock tank. If your seat is stock, ProCycle, Seat concepts, Sargent or any custom seat built on a stock seat pan it will fit any tank.