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T7 Ténéré 700: Body

T7 Ténéré 700

The Tenere 700 is a fuel injected 689cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke parallel twin mated to a 6 speed wet clutch. This is the same engine from Yamaha's ever popular MT-07 with a few tweaks for adventure riding. This model is new to the US market summer of 2020.

Chain Size:        Front Sprocket:       Rear Sprocket:        Front Tire:        Rear Tire:        Spark Plug:
525x122 15T 46T 90/90R21 150/70R18 LMAR8A-9



T7 Ténéré 700 '19 - '25

This product has been designed to fit the Yamaha T7 Ténéré

This kit will give you 80mm of adjustment over the stock screen.

In the raised position, the difference in ride comfort is remarkable. Wind noise reduction is very noticeable and airflow underneath your screen reduced the vacuum effect, creating smoother airflow and reducing turbulence.

In the lowered position, the screen sits at the same height as stock.

To adjust the screen, loosen the thumb nuts, slide into position and re-tighten the thumb nuts, no tools required.

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Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Windscreen attaches to your bike's handlebars. Fully adjustable mounting brackets. Includes 7/8' handlebar clamps. 14" tall & 10" wide.

Will not fit 1 1/8" oversize handlebars.

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T7 Ténéré 700 '21 - '25

Transform your ride
MadStad's patented mounting system allows riders to adjust the height and angle of their motorcycle windshield resulting in much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield can provide.

What's included in the kit
Our complete drop-in system is custom-made for your bike and includes everything needed to mount and position the shield. Your bike will not require any modification.

  • A set of MadStad adjustable brackets
  • The acrylic windshield

Installation is super simple. Our bracket system attaches where the stock shield normally goes and our shield then attaches to the brackets. With the shield separated from the front of the bike you can pull lots of air underneath it which is critical for smooth comfortable wind protection. You still have a fairly compact shield but now the wind pressure on your head and face are gone, and you are still looking comfortably over the shield.

All MadStad windshields are made from 3/16" (4.5 mm) thick cast acrylic.

Please contact us for availability information
T7 Ténéré 700 '21 - '25

Replace your motorcycle’s windscreen with PUIG’s touring windscreen. Manufactured in acrylic of 3-4 mm according to the motorcycle model to guarantee maximum protection from the wind, improving the aerodynamics of the piece and possible debris that may impact you during your ride.

In addition, it comes with a variable visor that will redirect the wind even more while achieving a great sense of comfort on board your machine. This visor is fixed to the touring windscreen by screws, since the screen comes with the holes already made to facilitate assembly.

The windshield has a rounded contour of> = 2mm, complying with the TÜV regulations.

This part is only available in smoked finish.

For assembly, PUIG provides instructions with mounting tips, so you can quickly enjoy the touring windscreen on your motorcycle.

Please contact us for availability information
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Puig Visor Clip-On

  • Suitable for screens with thickness between 3-5mm
  • Multi-adjustable visor adaptable to Puig and OEM windscreens
  • Visor is mounted by clip-ons and does not need to be drilled to the windscreen
  • Visor sizes available include 90x230mm, 100x277mm and 102x325mm
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Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Universal design. Vents in the back improve airflow to motor. Smaller front reduces 'wind steer' and improves high speed stability.

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Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Universal off-road front fender. Must be drilled to fit your mounting bolt pattern.

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Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

This frame includes six, white, full-spectrum LED bulbs on a 6-inch strip for bright illumination of your license plate. It is made in a sturdy cast aluminum, and is powder coated with a durable black finish.

Outside frame dimensions are 7.25" in. wide by 4.2". Center to center mounting hole distance is 5.7 in. All mounting hardware is included.

Ships same business day
Universal fit. May require additional adjustment or modification.

Adhesive heat shield for your new side panel plastics to protect it from the heat of your muffler.

Depending on your application and preferences, more than one heat shield may be useful.

Dimensions: 2"x3'

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