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Complete Universal Dual Sport Kit

Our dual sport kits are Universal and will fit any bike.

Standard Kit Includes:
  • Wiring harness with on/off key switch
  • Fold-away mirror & handlebar mount
  • Turn signal flasher unit
  • 12v Horn
  • Acerbis DHH headlight
  • Acerbis taillight/brake light fender
  • Halogen mini turn signals
  • Brake light switch
  • Installation notes
  • 2 splice connectors
  • 12 crimp connectors

Our harness has been designed to be flexible. It will fit any size bike, small to large, without requiring wire extensions or other modifications. You can power it from a lighting stator (AC) or a battery (DC). Includes a splice connection to power your headlight from the stator while running the other components off a battery.

If your bike has power to run a headlight then our kit will work without any additional requirements. If your bike lacks power for a headlight, you will need a lighting stator.

Our harness is designed to be robust even in the event of a crash. Part replacement is simple and inexpensive. No delicate electronic circuits like some of our competitors use which can be costly to replace.

Installation is straightforward. Remove your fuel tank and seat. Lay down and secure the harness to the frame. Install the other components and plug them into the harness. Real easy!

For more information see our FAQ page.

See Instructions

Kit Options

Headlight Color

Taillight Style

Turn Signal Style

Brake Switch Type

Build Your Own Harness Kit

This kit is for riders who are going to build their own wire harness. Includes handlebar switch, mirror & mount, turn signal flasher unit, horn, headlight, taillight/brake light unit, mini turn signals, and brake light switch. There is a wiring key included with the handlebar switch but no 'step by step' instructions.

Wire Harnesses & Handlebar Switches

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Universal Wire Harness w/ Handlebar & Key Switch

Complete wiring harness with handlebar combination switch & on/off key switch and includes installation notes. Our newest version of the harness uses OEM style connectors for a better fit with components such as turn signals and flasher units. In addition, the combination switch is now connected to the harness via a quick connect pigtail to make installation easier as well as replacement possible should you damage it. We also now include a corrugated plastic tube to enclose your harness in for a cleaner more protected installation. Connects handlebar combination switch to power, flasher unit, turn signals, horn, brake light switch, taillight, brake light and headlight (with both high & low beams). Designed to work with AC or DC systems.


Mini Handlebar Combination Switch

Only 1 3/16" wide. Operates turn signals, horn, headlight high/low/off. Blue LED high beam indicator. Horn button can be used as a kill button instead. Includes 20" wire pigtail. Wiring key included.


Handlebar Combination Switch

Operates turn signals, horn, headlight high/low/running/off, kill button. Blue LED high beam indicator. Includes wire pigtail with male & female 9-pin plug connectors. 1.75 inches wide. Whirring key included.


Headlight Switch

Headlight high/low/off. Kill button can also be wired to operate a horn should you need that.

Dual Sport Headlights

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DHH dual sport Headlight

Has both high and low beams. Attaches to the upper fork tubes with rubber straps. DOT and CE approved.

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Baja Designs Headlight

DOT approved, 60/55 watt halogen bulb. This is an H4 base type bulb and you can install the 3800 Lumen LED light in these units.


Heavy Duty 12V H4 Bulb

This is a standard H4 bulb that has an 90 watt low beam and a 100 watt high beam. This bulb fits in the Baja Designs headlight unit or any other headlight that takes a standard H4 bulb. It does not fit in the DHH, UFO or Acerbis headlight units!

Please be sure that your electrical system will handle the additional wattage required by this bulb before ordering.


New! 012715

3800 Lumen LED Headlight Bulb

New and improved. Brighter (3800 Lumens), better low/high beam contrast, smaller, lower Kelvin color temperature (5500K), replaceable drivers and easier to install. All of these features and the most reliable LED bulb currently available. It only draws 20 watts.

This bulb fits H4 bases only, has Cree XML2 emitters and is fan cooled for extreme conditions. Further features include vibration proof and water-resistance, even complete submersion.

This unit does require DC power or a rectifier.

Select Color:


UFO dual sport Headlight w/ Flush mounted Turnsignals

Headlight is DOT approved. Has both high and low beams. Attaches to the upper fork tubes with rubber straps. Turnsignals are embedded in the headlight housing.


Acerbis Cyclope DOT Approved Headlight

DOT approved, Halogen bulbs 55 watt spot and 55w flood. Black color only.


VisionX Solstice 10 watt LED light

Click on pic

Each 10 watt Solstice Solo produces 900 lumens. Roughly equal to a 50 watt halogen bulb. These are the brightest LED off road lamps on the market. The rugged and compact 2" x 2" square die-cast aluminum housing makes mounting easy. The Solstice Solo also features a 4 sided channel design that allows you to interlink it on all four sides with another Solstice Solo pod. Includes stainless steel mounting bracket and waterproof connection. The Elliptical pattern is wide and flat. Sold each.


12v AC Headlight Regulator

Protects AC lights from high voltage blowouts in systems without a battery. Highly recommended for any bike that lacks a battery or it's own regulator.

Dual Sport Taillights

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Dual Sport Taillight / Brake Light

LED powered taillight, brake light, license plate light & license plate mount. Attaches to the underside of MX style rear fenders.


Baja Style LED Taillight / Brake Light

Taillight, brake light, & license plate light & license plate mount. Attaches to the underside of MX style rear fenders. E11 approved for street use.
LED lights must be wired correctly to function.


LED Fender Taillight / Brake Light

Taillight, brake light, & license plate holder (no plate light). Attaches to the underside of MX style rear fenders. Small and good looking!


CRF-X LED Taillight / Brake Light

CRF250X & CRF450X

This LED taillight replaces the factory taillight in Honda CRF450X and CRF250X rear fenders. Features a taillight and a brake light for a clean looking dual sport conversion. Wiring instructions included.


WPS Dual Sport Taillight / Brake Light

Taillight & brake light. Attaches to the top side of enduro style (XR, KDX, etc) rear fenders. Dimensions: 2 3/8" x 4 3/4" x 1 3/4" tall. This light is a popular replacement for the gigantic stock XR650L taillight. Functions as taillight and brake light. Please note that there is no longer a window for a license plate light.

If you need a license plate illumination device, please check out the LED License Plate Frame and the two different LED License Plate Lights to the right.

Note: The 'LED Taillight/Brake Light 1157 Bulb' listed below will not fit in this unit.


LED Taillight/Brake Light 1157 Bulb

A LED Taillight/Brake Light bulb uses considerably less energy than a standard filament type bulb. LED brake light will draw approximately 1 watt while a filament type draws in excess of 15 watts! This means less power draw from batteries on total loss systems and additional power for accessories on regular systems.


UFO Dual Sport Taillight / Brake Light w/ Flush mounted Turnsignals

Taillight, brake light, turnsignals, license plate light & license plate mount. Taillight is DOT approved, turn signals are not. Attaches to the underside of MX style rear fenders. Turnsignals are embedded in the taillight housing. Wiring instructions included.


LED Taillight / Brake Light

DOT Approved

Taillight and brake light Attaches to the top of the rear fender. Dimensions: 3 1/2" wide x 2" long x 3/4" tall. No license plate light.


XR Style Taillight / Brake Light

Taillight, brake light, & license plate light. Attaches to the top side of enduro style (XR, KDX, etc) rear fenders. Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 2 1/2" tall. Wiring instructions included.


New! 050118

LED License Plate Frame

(Made in USA)
License Plate Frame w/LED Lights

This black motorcycle license plate frame includes six white full-spectrum HID type LED bulbs on a 6-inch strip for bright illumination of your license plate. The LED motorcycle license plate frame is made with a sturdy cast aluminum and powder coated in a black finish that won't easily come off or get scratched. You can see the six LED's in the upper edge of the frame in the image above.

Outside frame dimensions are 7.25 in. wide by 4.2 in. tall for a license plate that is 7.1 in. x 4.1 in. The center to center mounting hole distance is 5.7 in. All mounting hardware is included.

License Plate Lights

LED License Plate Light

License plate bolt with bright white LED light. The simple way to light up your plate.


LED License Plate Light

License plate light with 6 LEDs. Very compact and easy to mount. Wiring instructions included.


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Optional Add on:


"Crash Advantage" LED Turn Signals

These bright LED turn signals will bend more than 90 degrees without damage. Only 2 1/2" long.

LED turn signals require an LED flasher. Diode kit is required for bikes with a single turn signal indicator on the dash.

Optional Add on:


LED Cateye Turn Signals

Pack of 4

Clear lens, amber LED type lights. Short flexible stems. Very small, only 2 7/8" long.

LED turn signals require an LED flasher. Diode kit is required for bikes with a single turn signal indicator on the dash.


Turn Signal Mounting Brackets

These brackets mount to your triple clamp bolts to simplify the installation of the front turn signals. Choose 'front mount' if your triple clamp bolt heads face forward. Choose 'side mount' if your triple clamp bolt heads face to the side. Sold in pairs.


DMP Flush Mount LED Turn Signals

Triangle/Teardrop style signals with LEDs. Mounts on any flat surface to keep out of the way of brush, branches, and your exhaust system. Requires LED flasher or LED turn signal resistors to flash properly. Sold in a pack of 2 signals.


LED 12V Turn Signal Flasher

Works with LED type turn signals. For DC (battery) systems only.


Mini Turn Signals

These signals have short rubberized flexible stems and bright mini halogen bulbs. Sold in a pack of 4 signals.


Baja Designs DOT Turn Signals

Pack of 2

Rectangular turnsignals with rubberized stems. DOT approved.
Sold in a pack of 2 signals.


Universal 12V Turn Signal Flasher

Works on AC and DC lighting systems


Replacement Turn Signal Bulbs

Replacement Halogen bulbs for both the mini style turnsignals. Sold in a pack of 5 bulbs.


LED Turn Signal Resistor Kit

Allows LED type turn signals (and low wattage flush mounts) to flash using a standard flasher unit. Connectors included. One kit works with 4 signals. 


LED Signal Diode Kit

This Diode Kit is only necessary if you have a single indicator for your turn signals. One dash light for both left and right signals (such as on the DR650).

This kit allows power to flow in just one direction from the LED signals to the indicator light regardless of which direction you are signalling.

Dual Sport Batteries

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12v Regulator/Rectifier

Convert your AC headlight output to charge a 12 volt battery. Handles up to 200 watts. Must be connected to a battery to function properly. Yellow wires go to lighting coil, black to ground, red to battery positive. Wiring Diagram

This regulator/rectifier requires ungrounded inputs from the lighting coil. Many lighting coils are internally grounded and will require modification often referred to as 'floating the ground'. This simply means cutting the grounded end of the lighting coil wire, extending it and running the extended end out of the case along with the original 'live' end of the lighting coil wire.


Digital Voltmeter and Bracket

A digital voltmeter that can be mounted almost anywhere thanks to our multi-position stainless steel bracket. This will tell you how your charging system is doing and whether or not you need to turn off the laptop and in-flight movie system for awhile. Completely waterproof and comes with connectors, wires and thorough instructions. We consider this a 'must have' device for riders who have a low output electrical system or who use heated riding gear, heated grips, additional lighting, etc.



Trail Tech 12v NiMH Battery

Small 12 volt 3.7 amp hour NiMH battery Dimensions: 1.5" X 3" X 3.8" Weighs only 20 ounces.


Trail Tech Battery Mount

Mount the NiMH battery very solidly to body plastic such as the rear fender or air box. Fits the Trail Tech NiMH battery listed above.

Brake Switches

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Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

Japanese Models

10 X 1.25 thread. Replaces one of the banjo bolts in your brake system. Fits most Japanese models. We recommend using the bolt that connects the brake hose to the rear master cylinder near the brake pedal.


Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

Brembo & Tokiko Brake Systems

10 X 1.00 thread. Replaces one of the banjo bolts in your brake system. Fits models with Brembo (many European models) or Tokiko (some Suzuki) brakes. We recommend using the bolt that connects the brake hose to the rear master cylinder near the brake pedal.

'Low Profile' Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

Low profile pressure switch for those applications with limited space above the brake banjo bolt. Kit includes a special replacement banjo bolt. Choose 10x1.25 thread pitch for most Japanese models. Choose 10x1.00 thread pitch for European bikes with Brembo brakes or Japanese bikes with Tokiko brakes.


Mechanical Brake Light Switch

Drum Brakes

One end clamps on to brake rod and other end to frame rail. Extension action activates switch.


Mechanical Brake Light Switch

OE Style

Factory 'Original Equipment' type mechanical brake switch. Switch body fits in through a bracket (not supplied but some bikes such as TTR230s have one) spring hook attaches to pedal or linkage, etc.

Dual Sport Mirrors

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New! 033017

Doubletake Trail Mirror

(Made in USA)
Doubletake Trail Mirror
Doubletake Trail Mirror

Just 2" in diameter, this is the smallest mirror available. Perfect for bikes meeting legal requirements for street legal rules. Simply zip-tie the mirror to your handlebars and there you go! Out of the way of brush and protected from crashes, it is sure to last forever!


Dual Sport Folding Mirror

One folding mirror. Includes handlebar mount. Can be used on left or right side. Sold each.


Mirror Mount Adapter

Replaces all 2 bolt style clutch/brake lever mount clamps on your clutch or brake lever holder. Can help save space on short/enduro bend handlebars.


Split Mirror Mount

Do you need to have a se per ate mirror mount for some reason? Just want it? Here it is! With the split back, you don't need to worry about removing your grip or throttle tube, just put it on and tighten 'er down. Put the mirror in and hit the road. Clean and simple.

Choose Size:


Doubletake Mirrors

Sold Separately (Made in USA)
Enduro Mirror

ADV Mirror

Made from a nylon and fiberglass composite, these mirrors are extremely durable. They easily fold out of the way when you head off-road.

Enduro Mirror 4" diameter

Ideal for dualsport use, where you want the absolute minimum profile when folded down. SAE spec convex glass gives a much greater field of view than flat glass.

ADV Mirror 3" x 5"

Adventure mirrors are designed for adventure riding where you want your mirror extended most of the time.

Mirrors mount to any 10mm perch. Mirror and arm included as shown in pictures. If you need a mount for your mirror, click here to see our split clamp mirror mount and mirror mount adapter.


Bar-End Mirrors

Sold in pairs

Bar end mounted mirrors moves the mirrors out past your elbows so you can actually see what is behind you. They can mount with or without hand guards.


Better Folding Mirror with Mount

This new mirror can be folded out of the way when it's time to hit the trails. These are quite similar to the very popular KTM folding mirrors but at half the price of the KTM part. Fits either left or right side and includes handlebar mount.

Key Switches

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Power & Ignition Key Switch with Bracket

Installs on any bike. Key operated power & kill switch. Turns on power (Lights, etc) when key is turned to 'ON'. Disables ignition system and turns off power when key is turned to 'OFF'. Two separate pairs of wires for kill switch and bike power. Includes stainless steel mounting bracket perfect for handlebar clamp.


Ignition Key Switch

Installs on any bike. Key operated kill switch. Disables ignition system when key is turned to 'OFF'. Connects to kill switch wires.


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12v Horn

Small 2 3/4" diameter motorcycle horn. Works on 12v DC. Sound will be diminished when running on AC.




New HelmetLok is coated to protect your helmet and bike. Small and compact enough to fit in your pocket, jacket or on your belt loop. HelmetLok is designed to lock your helmet to any bike using the handlebar or frame as an anchor point. A 'T' Extension is included if you need additional space between the lock and your helmet.

Don't be weighed down carrying your helmet around anymore. Just use the simple to operate, carabineer-style HelmetLok and you can secure your helmet using the convenient outward opening mechanism. The combination can be reset to the number of your choice. Enjoy security and freedom with a HelmetLok.

Click here to add the GearLok Cable to secure your helemt and jacket together!

Choose Type:


Dual Sport Windscreen


Windscreen attaches to your bike's handlebars. Fully adjustable mounting brackets. Includes 7/8' handlebar clamps. 14" tall 10" wide.


AFX 39 Dual Sport Helmet


  • An aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy
  • A flip-up, flush-fit, quick-release, single-turn screw face shield with side covers.
  • The shield itself is optically correct, compound-curved, scratch-resistant and protects against UV-rays
  • Shield can be removed to allow open face riding or goggle use
  • A removable and washable helmet liner and cheek pads
  • 9 points of ventilation with chin, side, forehead, top and rear vents
  • Provides ample ear cavity space for speakers


Mini Speedometer

Mini Speedometer. Only 2 inches diameter. Works with Japanese speedometer or odometer cables. Mount to handlebar bolt or use the bar clamp supplied. Illuminated dial for night riding.


ProCycle T-Shirts

All new design on back shows 'Pavement Ends' sign with road and trail continuing and the slogan 'Back Roads or No Roads'. Seemed natural to us as that is how we think when we ride. ProCycle logo on left front as usual. Available in black, yellow or gray.

Availability subject to stock on hand.

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