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Carburetor Kit, Mikuni TM40 Flatslide Pumper

ProCycle Exclusive
DR650 '96 - '25
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Want an amazing increase in throttle response? More power over a much wider range? The Mikuni TM40 does all of that plus runs smoother at lower RPMs and pulls taller gearing with ease.

Our complete kit comes with alloy adapter rings bonded to the genuine TM40 carburetor body for a firm reliable fit in the stock air boots. We also include new low friction cables, an extended fuel screw, complete instructions along with a wide range of extra jetting for fine tuning. It even has a vacuum port for the stock fuel petcock.

The carburetor comes pre-jetted for the typical mods: performance pipe and modified air box, or we can set it up for your particular bike before we ship it out.

 Instead of the tough to reach choke knob, all TM40's come with a remote choke and bracket. This makes it easier to reach the knob, especially if you have an oversize tank.

EPA race use only
Add Pocket Tuner Tool
Add Lighter Return Spring
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