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Carburetor Kit, Mikuni TM42 Flatslide Pumper

XR650L '93 - '25
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

These Mikuni carburetors are correctly sized and easily fitted to your Honda XR600 and XR650L stock motor mounting flange after removing the locator tags and also match the air box when using the silver anodized air-box adapter. This adapter is fitted prior to delivery when purchasing complete kits. For this Mikuni carburetor to operate correctly the motorcycles air box must be opened up to allow more air flow in. Using a hole saw, a 45mm diameter hole will be sufficient for a Suzuki DR650 but some Honda’s require way more. The best process is to keep opening up the air-box until no more improvement is noticed and you will be surprised at the difference. The kit also comes with throttle cables and a 1/4 turn quick action throttle which must be lubed before fitment. The carb comes with a couple of  Honda specific adjustments made and pre jetted for your engine. A specially made size 30 pump nozzle is fitted as the accelerator pump circuit on TM42 carbs will not work properly on Honda’s or Kawasaki’s without it.

Climate, altitude and fuel density from different octane fuels all have varying effects on final fine tuning as does cam, exhaust and cylinder head porting etc. For this reason, we have included what we have found to be a range of jets to allow you to tune to most variables.

This carb fits with most aftermarket large capacity tanks.  Some larger capacity tanks do not allow the fitment of this carb without modification. A competent person can easily heat and depress the contact area around the throttle mechanism allowing for clearance on problem tanks. Polyethylene tanks start their life as lump of poly that when melted evenly spreads itself around a rotating mold, to later carefully heat with a heat gun any section of a tank and change the shape has no effect on the integrity of the poly itself unless pushed too far, thinning it. We recommend having this professionally done for the reason some people may neglect to properly remove all the fuel from an existing tank or if not competent may make a mess of it. 

EPA race use only
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