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Windscreen, MadStad Adjustable

V-Strom (DL650) '17 - '25
Made in USA WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Transform your ride
MadStad's patented mounting system allows riders to adjust the height and angle of their motorcycle windshield resulting in much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield can provide.

What's included in the kit
Their complete drop-in system is custom-made for your bike and includes everything needed to mount and position the shield. Your bike will not require any modification.

  • A set of MadStad adjustable brackets
  • The acrylic windshield (frosted bottom to soften headlight reflection)

Their adjustable brackets bolt to the factory windshield mounting plates, then their custom shield attaches to their brackets. With the shield separated from the front of the bike you can adjust it for the optimum height, angle and airflow. This lets you set it for your particular height and riding position while pulling lots of air underneath it which is critical for smooth comfortable wind protection. In addition, their shield is 18" across at its widest point versus 14" for the stock shield, so you will have a wider pocket of wind protection as well.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to use your stock windshield with our adjustable brackets.

All MadStad windshields are made from 3/16" (4.5 mm) thick cast acrylic.

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