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Transmission, Wide Ratio

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Made in United Kingdom ProCycle Approved
DR650 '96 - '23
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The long awaited Wide Ratio Transmission from Nova Racing. Now you can have your trail gearing without giving up your highway gearing. The "A" gear set has an 8% wider gear ratio spread than stock. The "B" gear set gives you a 13% wider gear ratio spread by making first gear even lower. Both sets are lower than stock in 1st and 2nd gear and taller than stock on 3rd thru 5th gears. Not only will Nova give you better gear ratios but the high quality components will shift smoother and engage more solidly. The table below shows each gear ratio and the original OEM ratios for comparison.


"A" Set   Gearing   Ratio   From OEM       "B" Set   Gearing   Ratio   From OEM      Stock   Gearing   Ratio 
1st 12/30 2.50:1 -3.3%   1st 13/34 2.62:1 -7.6%   1st 12/29 2.42:1 
2nd 16/27 1.69:1 -3.7%   2nd 16/27 1.69:1 -3.7%   2nd 16/26 1.63:1 
3rd 19/23 1.21:1 2.3%   3rd 19/23 1.21:1 2.3%   3rd 21/26 1.24:1 
4th 22/21 0.95:1 4.8%   4th 22/21 0.95:1 4.8%   4th 21/21 1.00:1 
5th 24/19 0.79:1 4.3%   5th 24/19 0.79:1 4.3%   5th 23/19 0.83:1 


To help put the ratio changes into perspective switching from the OEM 15T to a 14T sprocket lowers the gearing by 7.1% in all gears. Switching from a 15T to a 16T raises the gearing by 6.6% in all gears.

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