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Tool Tube

DR650 '96 - '24

Our Tool Tube mounts in place of the little stock tool carrier. The tube is made from 3 1/2" O.D. ABS pipe. It's held by 3 strong powder coated steel straps. Both ends are sealed with waterproof expanding plugs. This is the ideal way to carry those items you always want to have with you on every ride. Tube is approximately 13" long.

You can now order your Tool Tube with a Locking End cap, mini padlock and keys included, on the exposed end. Or you can order just the Locking End Cap and lock if you already have a Tool Tube

*Does not fit if your bike is equipped with the new emissions system. The charcoal canister prevents the tool tube from being mounted properly.  We are working on a solution for this at the moment.

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