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FAQ - No-Toil cleaner & oil on Twin-Air filters?

Can I use the No-Toil cleaner & oil on Twin-Air filters?

Q: Can I use the No-Toil cleaner & oil on Twin-Air filters?

I haven't used the actual No-Toil filters, but I use the No-Toil cleaner and oil on my Twin Air filters. It is great stuff. Seems to work as good as any oil I have used on filters but comes off easy in the cleaner it comes with.

A: The No-Toil oil is designed to work specifically with their filters. Using it on Twin-Air, or other foam filters, may eventually disintegrate the filters as they are not designed to use it. The first thing to go is the glue that holds the filter together. Keep an eye on the condition of your Twin Air. 

*Update:  The No Toil Evolution cleaner and oil is safe to use on all foam filters because it is a water/ plant based formula and not petroleum based. 

It is recommended that only cool to room temperature water be used when cleaning your foam filters as hot water is often the cause for the glue holding the filter layers together to soften and pull apart. 

Also take care when wringing out the excess water after rinsing.  Wringing your filter too tight will cause micro tears in the foam that become larger over time.