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Big Valve Head Exchange Information

Big Valve Head Exchange Information

Big Valve Head exchange information

We sell the DR650 Big Valve Head on an exchange basis only. We need your old cylinder head to ensure a continued supply of used heads for future builds. Once we have received and inspected your exchange head we will get your Big Valve Head shipped out to you.

The head you send to us must not have any physical damage. It must have the original cam cover. Cam bearing surfaces must not have excessive wear or scoring. No stripped threads, no bent or broken fins, no damage to gasket surfaces, etc. Pack it well to avoid any possibility of damage in shipping.

Remove all components from your cylinder head leaving only the valves, springs, spring seats and cotters installed. Keep all your removed components. This includes: intake boot, cylinder studs, dowel pins, rockers, rocker shafts, rocker shaft retainer bolts, valve inspection covers, cam cover bolts, cam bore plug, camshaft, cam ‘C’ ring. (#3 and #6 thru #28 head diagram and #1 thru #15 valve diagram)

What you send to us for exchange will be the head with valves still installed and the cam cover.

The big valve head we send to you will be ‘bare’ with only the valves installed and will include a matching cam cover. Use your original parts to assemble the head. If any items show significant wear now is time to replace them. We can supply any OEM parts you need.

You must call (541) 688-9543 or send us an email to obtain an RMA Number (so we can keep track of who gets the credit) before shipping us your cylinder head. Write the RMA number on the outside of the box.
Any cylinder heads arriving without an RMA Number may not get credited properly!

Note: If the head has had a notch cut in the top fin to accommodate fitting the stock petcock to an IMS tank that is acceptable. Also understand - you may receive a head that has this notch cut in it.