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Important shipping information for this item

Within the US, this item ships by Parcel Post or UPS Ground

Dimensional Weight

We ship most items via USPS Priority Mail. Under the USPS "dimensional weight" calculations large light weight items are charged as if they were much heavier which makes Priority Mail (2-3 business days) very expensive for these items. Because of this we will ship fuel tank, seat, headpipe orders and other large light weight items by Parcel Select or UPS Ground (6-10 business days) which is not affected by dimensional weight charges. If you need your tank faster than that please call and we will look up the cost of Priority Mail shipping.

If you ignore this warning and specify Priority shipping on your online tank, seat or headpipe order; our shipping department MUST default to Parcel Select or UPS Ground shipping. Be prepared to have your package arrive later than expected (takes 6-10 business days). If you really NEED have one of these items shipped by Priority mail, you must call our sales department and arrange this. Expect the shipping cost to be significantly higher.