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Core Exchange Information - Sleeve/Cylinder Options


If you don't want to find a machine shop to install your new sleeve, ProCycle has cylinders that have the 790 sleeve already installed. However, to keep this program going, we need your cylinder back as a 'core' so we can install 790 sleeves in those cylinders and sell them to other customers. These installations are done in batches, and the sleeves are installed in cylinders that have been professionally cleaned and refurbished to like new status.

There is a $199.00 installation charge, included in the kit price, to have a sleeve installed in one of our cylinders. As for the core exchange, there are two ways we can handle it.

  1. You can ship us your stock/current cylinder prior to us shipping you the 790 cylinder kit. Once we receive your stock/current cylinder core in *good condition, we will immediately send your 790 cylinder kit directly to you.
  2. We can send you a 790 cylinder kit before receiving yours, with a $500 core charge, included with the kit price. This core charge will be refunded to your credit card upon receipt of your stock/current cylinder core in *good condition. You may also request to receive your core charge refund as ProCycle Store Credit! With the store credit option you will receive $550 as a digital gift certificate which is an extra $50 to spend on whatever you want from ProCycle!

*Please note that all core cylinders MUST be in good condition! The cylinder you send us must not have any broken or bent fins, no stripped threads and be in good overall condition (inner sleeve damage is ok because a new sleeve will be installed). If it is not, we will return your cylinder to you and keep the core charge.  If you have questions regarding the condition and acceptance of your cylinder core please reach out to us before shipping, via phone, text, or email.

Whichever option you select, we will email you an RMA number for the return of your stock/ current cylinder as soon as we process your order. If you do not receive this email within one business day, please give us a call/ text at 541-688-9543 or email and request one.