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LED Flasher Installation

So you want to install LED Turn Signals on your DR650. Well, not only do you need the signals, but they require a LED flasher unit as well. I recently did the entire conversion process and thought I would document the task and share the details with everybody! For this project I used the 12 volt LED Turn Signal Flasher and the Crash Advantage LED Turn Signals from our Dual Sport page.


That is it for the flasher! Now you simply need to replace the turn signals themselves with LED units.

NOTE! Before you start installation of the signals, you must remove the indicator lamp in the dashboard to the right of the key. If you do not remove that, power will bleed back through this lamp and the LED flashers will not work when you test them! Simply reach under the dash and pull the entire plug out of the dash. Remove the lamp and plug the empty socket back into the dash. You will not need to leave it this way, though you can if you like. The second part of this installation covers how to correct this situation, but for now, please remove this bulb.

In the following examples, I have used our Crash Advantage turn signals. These flex at the stalk and are short enough to avoid being broken. If you use a different LED signal, the wire colors may be different, but the process would be the same. Remember that LED lights are polarity sensitive, if they do not work the way that you wire them up, flip the wires around before calling and telling us that they don't work.

I have done this installation two different ways. For the front, I soldered the wires from the new LED signals to the leads from the stock signals so that I could use the stock connectors going into the main wiring harness. (Best way to do it!) For the rear, I cut off the stock connectors and so the images show creating new connectors to the main wiring harness. (Works fine, but not best way to do it in my opinion, but it allows you to keep the stock signals intact and sell them to pay for part of your LED conversion, as I did!)

Now you need to decide if you are going to use the stock connectors or install new ones. If you are going to use the stock connectors, continue below. If you are going to use your own connectors, skip to the next section.


OK, so you decided to just hack off the stock connectors and go from there. That is fine too!

Below is a shot of the wires all tucked in and ready to have you put the plastic wrap on secured by that tie-wrap you took off. Then put the cowl back on with all three screws and lets go to the rear and get that done!


Front is all done and now we will move on to the rear signals.


Now that you have completed the installation, turn on your key and click the signal switch to either side to test. Click here to read step 2 of this procedure that covers the installation of the diode kit to stop the bleed-over and allow you to put the indicator bulb back in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 541-688-9543. Or you can go to the Email page and send us an email.

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