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Featured Products

990 Adventure '07 - '13

This is the more economical alternative to eliminating the 990 Adventure airbox. Better breathing equals more power. The ITG filter kit makes air filter service a snap. It also simplifies other engine and intake maintenance chores. Our kit features a steel base plate which will not deform like plastic and does not conduct heat as much as aluminum. The white powder coating also helps reflect engine heat. To take advantage of the increased airflow, we recommend upgrading your fuel injection map with TuneEcu or a Power Commander.

  • OPTION - Twin Air Breather Filter (replaces standard breather filter)
Select Breather Filter
No Toil Care Kit
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XR100 '81 - '25 CRF100 '81 - '25

Complete big bore kit. Bolt it on and ride!

  • Includes a pre-bored, big-finned aluminum cylinder for improved cooling
  • Cylinder, rings, piston pin, & clips
  • BBR exclusive performance camshaft
  • Heavy-duty valve springs
  • Rockers with tappet adjusters
  • Gasket kit
Ships in 3-5 business days

The Warp9 oversized front brake rotor kit for the TW200 has amazing brake Performance. This high quality oversized rotor is laser-cut from high-carbon content 410 stainless steel then lap cross hatch ground and heat-treated. Finally, high-temp paint is applied to surfaces like cooling holes and edges to provide a clean, finished look.

Includes a billet caliper relocation bracket that is easy to install, and a fresh set of brake rotor bolts.

*Add the Galfer steel braided brake line for the ultimate braking performance.

Ships same business day
CRF100 '04 - '13 XR100 '81 - '03

Excellent midrange and top-end increase. Uses stock valve springs and rockers.

Ships in 3-5 business days

All the advantages of a flatslide pumper carburetor at a much friendlier price than a Keihin FCR.

Our complete genuine Mikuni TM40 pumper carburetor kit comes with alloy adapter rings bonded to the carburetor body for a firm reliable fit in the stock air boots. We also include a remote mounted choke knob, complete instructions along with a wide range of main jets and pilot jets for fine tuning or to accommodate bikes with extensive modifications.

Add Pocket Tuner Tool
Add Lighter Return Spring
Ships same business day

Better throttle response. More power over a much wider range.

Kit includes pre-jetted genuine Mikuni TM36 Pumper carb and push/pull throttle cables. Everything is included to mount this carb to your bike. Well suited for stock to mildly modified motors.

Add Pocket Tuner Tool
Please contact us for availability information
CRF100 '85 - '14 XR100 '85 - '14 CRF150F '03 - '05 CRF230F '03 - '14

ProCycle Rev Box increases the rev limit to 10,000 RPM. In addition, this unit offers a re-mapped timing curve which yields a noticeable increase to horsepower and torque over the stock CDI

This CDI box is a direct plug in replacement CDI. Simply locate and remove the stock CDI, and plug the unit directly into the wiring harness, no modification needed. Suitable for stock and modified machines

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We start with Excel rims, OEM hubs, and Buchanan's heavy gauge stainless steel spokes. Rims and spokes are precision machined for a perfect match to your bike.

Our pro shop then laces and trues your wheels to perfection, giving you the highest quality set of custom wheels available.

  • New OEM hubs with bearings and seals installed
  • Excel 2.5"x17" front & rear rims
  • Buchanan's stainless steel heavy gauge spokes and zinc-plated nipples

Add tires to your wheel order and we will throw in tubes and mount and balance them at no additional charge.

Choose Model
Custom made:
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Cannot be canceled.

We start with Excel or Sun rims, OEM hubs, and Buchanan's heavy gauge stainless steel spokes. Rims and spokes are precision machined for a perfect match to your bike.

Our pro shop then laces and trues your wheels to perfection, giving you the highest quality set of custom wheels available.

  • New OEM hubs with bearings and seals installed
  • Excel 2.5" x 17" or Sun 2.75" x 17" front rim
  • Excel or Sun 3.5" x 17" rear rim
  • Buchanan's stainless steel heavy gauge spokes and zinc-plated nipples

Add tires to your wheel order and we will throw in tubes and mount and balance them at no additional charge.

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Custom made:
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Cannot be canceled.

The Cogent Dynamics DDC valves are the most cost-effective upgrade you can make to your motorcycle’s forks. Unique and the first of its kind, a DDC kit is available to upgrade many motorcycles that are originally equipped with simple damper rod type forks as front suspension.

We do recommend stiffer than stock front springs to bring the full potential of the DDCs out. Up to about 200 pounds (rider with gear on) we recommend the .85 kg/mm springs. If you are above 200 pounds (rider with gear on) you should probably go with the 1.0 kg/mm springs.

Ships same business day

The New Power Commander V is loaded with tons of new features.

  • USB powered from computer (9 volt adapter is no longer needed for programming)
  • Gear input (allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed)
  • Analog input (allows user to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature)
  • With gear position input connected the PCV is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear (for example: on a 4 cylinder bike with a six speed transmission there could be up to 24 separate fuel tables).
  • 10 throttle position columns (up from 9 on PCIIIusb)
  • Enhanced "accel pump" utility (increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges)
Add Power Map Switch
Please contact us for availability information
TW200 '87 - '25

Designed to enhance the appearance of your TW200, yet provide greater riding distance per tankful. This larger fuel tank has double the capacity of the stock tank at 3.6 Gallons, yet very slim and sleek. This tank has a custom design that will allow the use of OEM & Maier side covers. These tanks are made with POLYETHYLENE CROSSLINK for extra strength and durability.

Comes with New Screw Cap.

Requires OEM/Stock petcock and oval rubber grommets for install.

If you do not have the grommets or if your O.E. grommets are in poor condition you can add these to your tank order.

Add Oval Tank Grommets
Ships same business day
WR250R '08 - '18 WR250X '08 - '11

Good News: There’s finally a plug & play LED headlight conversion kit for your 2008-2020 WR250R and WR250X!

This kit includes a sealed LED headlight assembly with plug & play electrical connection, adjustable powder coated steel mounting bracket set, and mounting hardware. 

Installation is a five minute, one beer exercise. If you can change a residential light bulb you will have no problem installing this conversion kit. We promise.

Please note that you will need to reuse your OEM upper headlight mounting grommet and two aim adjustment springs.  Or add new ones to freshen up your whole headlight unit.

Low Beam: 2,100 Lumens, 20 Watts
High Beam: 2,800 Lumens, 30 Watts
Operating Voltage: 10V-30V DC
Color Temp: 6,000K
Lifespan: >50,000 hours

Add Grommet
Add OEM Adjustment Spring
Ships same business day

This plug-n-play kit includes sealed LED headlight assembly and adjustable mounting brackets specifically designed for the 2008-2018 Yamaha XT250. The new design for the black headlight produces more light and has much more uniform beam pattern when compared to the previous version. New design currently only available in black, chrome may be available in the near future. No wiring, soldering, resistors, trimming, drilling, or fabrication required.

  • Low Beam: 20W, 3,600 Lumens
  • High Beam: 40W, 4,500 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 6,500k
  • CREE LED Chips
  • DOT & SAE Approved
  • CE, RoHS, ISO9002, IP67
Ships same business day

Years in development, Yenkro Adventure Rally Fairings have been designed from the ground up to withstand even the most unforgiving terrain and now the gen 2 kit takes it to the next level. Battle-tested in conditions that only the Australian outback can muster, this fairing is a must for adventure riders from all corners of the globe.

Side Panels are Optional and Sold Separate, they work with Acerbis 6.6 gallon (25L) tank only. Available in either black or white.

Can be purchased with or without side panels.

Standard kit includes:

  • The main tower assembly with all the mounting brackets to suit your bike
  • Speedo bracket which also holds the stock wiring loom.
  • 1 Short screen
  • 1 Tall screen
  • Hella halogen lights (upgrade to led by adding the upgrade option to your cart)
  • Qc3 usb charge socket
  • Plug and play wiring for lights and usb.

The standard lighting kit is a pair of hella 60mm projectors, one for high and one for low, these are 60w halogens and are DOT and ADR approved.

Choose Kit
Add Side Panels for Acerbis 6.6 (25L)
Ships in 1-2 business days

Our very own high flowing head-pipe is made in the USA using a CNC (computer numerically controlled) mandrel bender for an absolute perfect fit. It is a high quality 3-piece welded two into one, stainless steel head-pipe.

  • Primary tubes: 1-1/4" diameter
  • Collector tube: 1-3/4" diameter
  • Secondary tube: 1-5/8" diameter

The SS Pro-Flow is a tested upgrade over stock that will bolt right on with no modifications needed. 

We recommend a new exhaust gasket when installing your new SS Pro-Flow.

Add Exhaust Gasket
Add Anti-Seize
Ships same business day
DRZ125 '03 - '25 KLX125 '03 - '06

Tune your stock carburetor for better power and response, easier starting and quicker warm up. Mikuni main and pilot jets and adjustable needle.

  • #20 and #22.5 pilot jets
  • #107.5 and #110 main jets
  • 3 position adjustable needle
Add Pocket Tuner Tool
Ships same business day
XR650L '93 - '25
  • Warp 9 Flex Levers are machined Billet, anodized and hinged brake levers with CNC machined master cylinder interfaces
  • Adjustable reach allows customization to the rider’s hand size
  • Double hinge design allows lever to flex out of the way in most impact situations
  • Pushrod or Bearing contact styles for smooth brake modulation
  • Titanium Pivot / Black levers with laser-etched Warp 9 logo CNC Billet Brake pedal
Choose Lever
Ships same business day
DR350S '90 - '93 DR350SE '94 - '99 DR250S '90 - '92 DR250SE '93 - '97

Disclaimer: Lowering the front and/or rear of your motorcycle will change the geometry and may affect the handling, use caution after making changes/adjustments.

Lowers the rear suspension 1.5 inches. Precision machined from billet aluminum and gold anodized.

Choose Lowering Amount
Ships in 3-5 business days
Africa Twin (CRF1000L) '18 - '19 Africa Twin (CRF1000L) Adventure Sport ES '18 - '19

Two options are available: stainless steel and carbon fiber. The stainless steel features ASIS 204 stainless steel with a special sandblasted finish giving it a titanium-like look. The carbon fiber option is the lighter than stainless steel and features a flat finish that exposes the intricate carbon fiber weave.

  • CAD/CAM design for precise fit
  • Techno-polymer end-cap
  • Weight savings over stock exhaust
  • Increased horsepower across the entire RPM range
  • TIG-welded AISI 304 stainless steel link pipe
  • Tuned to work with stock fuel settings
Choose Type
Please contact us for availability information

Honda XR650L rear shock upgrade. The experts at Cogent Dynamics know suspension! A proven performance rear shock for your XR650L for use under the most demanding conditions and on the roughest terrain worldwide.

Damping rates optimized to your specific needs, giving you the best ride comfort, traction and control. Frequency and velocity sensing valving works great over wide ranging conditions. Low internal friction. All CNC machined components for top quality and performance. Compact and rigid design with internal separator piston. Adjustable for spring preload and rebound damping. Fully serviceable shock is designed for the long haul.

 *Spring color may vary due to specification requirement and availability.

Standard Spring10.71 kg/mm
Heavy Duty Spring12.50 kg/mm
Low Shock1.5 inches lower

Cogent Dynamics builds a fully custom suspension component, just for you. To best meet your needs, please spend a few moments providing us with your riding style (off-road / adventure, or street / commuting) and your approximate weight with gear and luggage in the comments during checkout. The information you provide helps them setup your suspension to most closely meet your needs.

Choose Shock
Ships same business day

B&B Off Road's Honda CRF250 Rally bash plate is made from 4mm aluminium 5083 plate. This grade of aluminum is chosen because of its extreme suitability for welding and abrasion and impact resistance, bearing in mind the full weight of the bike and rider. All bash plates are supplied with the necessary stainless clamps and bolts where possible. All bash plates have a polished finish and have foam or rubber where required.

Bash plate is installed after first removing the lower OEM plastic bash plate/fairing.

Select Product
Please contact us for availability information

B&B Engineering Bash Plate for the CRF250L is made from 5083 4mm aluminum plate. Chosen because of its suitability for welding and extreme abrasion and impact resistance, this plate will protect the valuable center cases and deflect items away from the side cases as well. This plate is supplied with the necessary stainless clamps and bolts where necessary as well as foam or rubber where required.

Choose Color
Ships same business day

The ultimate in protection for the bottom of your 650 V-Strom. Constructed from 5mm aluminium 5083 plate. Selected because of its extreme suitability for welding and impact resistance, this material makes a great looking and very strong Bash Plate. This plate extends up far enough to be a great Oil Cooler protector as well. All Bash Plates have a polished finish and have foam or rubber where required.

Choose Option
Ships same business day
XT225 '92 - '07

Our Tool Tube mounts in place of the little stock tool carrier. The tube is made from 3 1/2" O.D. ABS pipe. It's held by 2 strong powdercoated steel straps. Both ends are sealed with waterproof expanding plugs. This is the ideal way to carry those items you always want to have with you on every ride. Tube is approx 13" long. Long enough to carry your Tire Iron Wrenches.

You can now order your Tool Tube with a Locking End cap, mini padlock and keys included, on the exposed end.

If you already have a Tool Tube you can order just the Locking End Cap and lock.

Choose Type
Ships same business day
DRZ400S '00 - '25 DRZ400SM '00 - '25 KLX400 '03 - '05

This DRZ400 rear rack, hand-built by B&B Engineering in Australia is made from 4mm aluminium 5083 plate tig welded to the support tubing circumventing the plate. This material was chosen because of its extreme suitability for welding as well as abrasion and impact resistance, and all of this keeping in mind the full weight of the bike and rider. Once complete they are given a polished finish or coated with a super-durable black polymer. All Carry/Luggage Racks are supplied with the necessary stainless clamps and bolts where possible.

These racks are smooth and sturdy enough to use as a grab handle.

Check out the bolt-on Luggage Plate for the B&B Rack for those times you need to carry a larger load!

Choose Color
Add Luggage Plate
Ships in 1-2 weeks
XR650L '93 - '25

CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum by the crew at Warp 9. This upper triple clamp will help to get the bars out of your lap on the XR650L. It allows for six different bar positions (three mount positions and reversible offset mounts). Uses the stock key switch and works with the handlebar lock. Speedometer and indicators all use stock mounting positions as well.

This clamp comes with 1-1/8" bar mounts that work perfectly with the tapered handlebars included. Then there is a new set of ProGrip 714 Rally Grips.

Add Grip Glue
Ships same business day

An upright Dakar Rally inspired shield designed to protect the rider without interfering with off-road riding. For on-road riding the Rally shield protects the rider’s core from fatiguing air blasts while keeping the head in clean air. Duck behind it in the cold or the rain to keep from experiencing the brunt of the elements. During off-road riding the Rally windshield protects the rider from any amount of mud, dust, roots, rocks, or branches without becoming invasive. Whether standing on the pegs or ducking behind it, you will be impressed at the protection it offers.

The Rally shield for the TW200 is 13 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide at the bottom, 9 inches wide at the top, and made from military grade 1/8 inch cast acrylic in either clear or tint.

Choose Tint
Ships in 1-2 weeks