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ITG Filter Kit Installation Instructions

(See available PDF for printable version)

  1. Remove throttle bodies and air filter housing. For details refer to the KTM service manual or search the internet for the KTM "Hall of Wisdom".
  2. Reinstall the throttle bodies.
  3. Install the temperature sensor into the base plate using the 5mm socket head screws and lock nuts.
  4. Place the large O-rings onto the throttle bodies.
  5. Place the base plate on top of the O-rings. Correct orientation will have the tabs facing to the right and the temperature sensor forward of the throttle bodies.
  6. Install the original velocity stacks to hold the base plate in place.
  7. Slide the Dzus Panex clips onto the base plate tabs.
  8. Install the UP123 pod filter onto the crankcase vent hose. Secure with a zip tie.
  9. Oil the ITG filter with your choice of foam filter oil.
  10. Install the ITG filter onto the plate. The left side of the filter hooks over the edge of the plate and the Dzus fasteners secure the filter with a quarter turn.