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EBC 320 mm Oversize Rotor and Caliper Relocation Installation

Installing the EBC Floating 320mm SuperMoto Brake Rotor can be a confusing project. While the rotor itself is a simple swap involving six bolts, the mounting relocation bracket can be confusing, so we wrote this quick installation guide to help alleviate the confusion.
Please click on each image to see a larger image with instructions.


Don’t think of this as shameless marketing, but to be really honest with you, if you have purchased the 320 mm rotor looking for better braking, you should take this opportunity to go through your entire front brake system. Just adding the rotor alone will give you an improvement, but will not allow it to reach its full potential. To do that you should rebuild the master cylinder and caliper, install new brake pads and a steel braided brake line as well. This system will help give you eyeball stretching braking power you are looking for.


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