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XT225 Tool Tube Installation

Important: All appropriate safety equipment and gear must be used during the installation of this or any other ProCycle product including any time you work on a vehicle. ProCycle accepts no responsibility for injuries or damage incurred during the installation of any products.


  1. Remove the bracket holding the left rear turn signal / grab handle.
    NOTE: This kit includes 2 – 8mm x 16mm bolts, but if you have an aftermarket rack installed, you may need longer bolts to mount the tool tube.

  2. Place one of the supplied bolts through both holes in one of the brackets supplied and then pass that bolt through the signal mounting bracket and thread into the frame where you removed it from.
  3. Remove the forward grab handle bolt. Put the bolt through the holes in the second bracket and thread that bolt back into the frame where you removed it.

  4. With both brackets loose, slide the black plastic tube from the rear of the motorcycle through the bracket to the front position. Slide it just through the front bracket approximately ¼” and then tighten down the brackets.

  5. Be sure the Tool Tube is steady and secure. Insert the plug in the forward / bottom end of the Tool Tube. Add your tools to the tube and close it up with the second plug.

  6. Now go ride! Remember to periodically check the tube bolts to make sure they stay tight.