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Jet Kit Installation Instructions

Submitted by Lora B on Fri, 03/15/2019 - 14:02
XT225 Jet Kit Installation Instructions

 XT225 Jet Kit Installation Instructions

(See available PDF for printable version)

Parts Supplied

  • 42.5 & 45 Pilot Jets and 127.5, 130, 132.5 & 135 Main Jets, Shims for raising Needle

Installation Instructions

  • Stock jetting should be 17.5 Pilot Jet and a 125 Main Jet
  • If your bike has no mods, use the 42.5 Pilot Jet and the 125 Main Jet and 1 shim under the needle.
  • If you have an aftermarket pipe, install the 42.5 Pilot Jet and the 130 Main Jet and 1 shim under the needle.
  • Adjust the Fuel Mixture Screw for the best idle.
  • Should you desire a richer low end, use the 45 Pilot Jet.
  • For a richer mid-range, add another shim under the Needle. (Equivalent to moving it down 1 clip position).
  • The above recommendations are a good starting point for jetting only. Use the jet combination that makes your bike run the best!