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TW200 Tool Tube Installation

Important: All appropriate safety equipment and gear must be used during the installation of this or any other ProCycle product including any time you work on a vehicle. ProCycle accepts no responsibility for injuries or damage incurred during the installation of any products.


  1. Remove the left rear turn signal.
  2. Thread the turn signal wires through the large hole in the bracket supplied with the Tool Tube kit. The Tool Tube bracket should hang below the turn signal stem and the small hole in the bracket should be closer to the orange lens of the signal.
  3. Re-mount the turn signal on the bike. Keep the orientation of the Tool Tube bracket straight down with the smaller hole away from the tire.
  4. Lift up the front left side of your rear fender at the joint between it and the left side cover. There is a rubber mounted catch that you can release by simply pulling the bottom plastic straight out. This will make it easier to see the front mounting location.
  5. Up under the fender that you just lifted, there is a bolt that holds the rear sub-frame in place, it is located about 12” forward of the turn signal. Remove this bolt. It is usually a 6mm bolt with a 10mm hex head.
  6. Put one washer on the new longer 6mm bolt supplied with the Tool Tube and slide bolt through one of the tube clamps.  Orient the tube clamp such that the Tool Tube will be held furthest away from the tire. Thread the bolt into the hole (where you just removed the other bolt) a couple turns. Keep it loose for now to make it easy to slide the Tool Tube in place.
  7. Slide one end of the Tool Tube into the tube clamp you just mounted. Push it through so approximately 3/8” of the Tool Tube sticks out of the tube clamp.
  8. Slide the other tube clamp onto the rear end of the Tool Tube, keep the orientation of the clamp such that the Tool Tube is kept further away from the tire.
  9. Slide the 8mm bolt supplied with the kit through the small hole of the Tool Tube bracket mounted below the turn signal so that the threads point towards the right side of the bike. Position the rear tube clamp onto the 8mm bolt behind the Tool Tube bracket. Position the second washer and then the 8mm nylock nut onto the 8mm bolt.
  10.  Adjust the position of the Tool Tube to your liking and then tighten the mounting bolts.  
  11. Push the front left edge of the rear fender back into place.

Enjoy your ProCycle Tool Tube for the TW200. Remember to periodically check the tube plugs to make sure they stay tight.