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TW200 High Mount Front Fender Installation

Important: All appropriate safety equipment and gear must be used during the installation of this or any other ProCycle product including any time you work on a vehicle. ProCycle accepts no responsibility for injuries or damage incurred during the installation of any products.


  1. Remove stock fender. Either disconnect speedo cable and slide through rubber cable guide on stock fender or simply cut rubber cable guide attached to stock fender and leave speedo cable connected. Remove four bolts retaining the stock fender bracket and remove stock fender assembly.
  2. Remove the four pinch bolts in the lower triple clamp. These bolts will be replaced by the longer 8mm bolts in the High Mount Fender Kit.
  3. Position the High Mount Fender Bracket on the face of the lower triple clamp, such that that the bent portion of the bracket tucks under the lower triple clamp. The flange that tucks under the triple clamp has four holes in it that are used to mount the new fender.
  4. The two small “Figure 8” shaped spacers go between the face of the lower triple clamp and the High Mount Fender Bracket. Temporarily mount the bracket in place using the four 8mm bolts supplied with the kit. No need to tighten the bolts yet, just snug the bracket into place.
  5. Hold the new fender in position and mark the location of the High Mount Bracket on the fender with a grease pencil. Mark well enough that you can locate the position with everything removed from the motorcycle.
  6. Remove the High Mount Bracket and lay into position on the new fender. Mark the hole locations on the fender and drill ¼” diameter holes through the fender.
  7. Mount the fender to the High Mount Bracket using the supplied 6mm bolts, washers, and nuts.  Install the bolts from the underside of the fender so that the nuts are on top of the bracket and the head of the bolts are inside the fender. Be sure to install a washer between the head of the bolts and the plastic fender material. This will help keep the bolt from squishing the plastic fender. (The extra washers are to alter the angle of the fender should you need. You can stack them between the bracket and the fender in the front two holes or the rear two holes to tilt the fender.)
  8. Install the High Mount Bracket, with fender attached, to the lower triple clamp of your TW. Be sure to install the “Figure 8” spacers in between the bracket and the triple clamp and use the new longer 8mm bolts that came with your kit.
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