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Shock Spring Installation

Submitted by Lora B on Thu, 10/24/2019 - 09:33

TW200 Shock Spring Installation

ProCycle has custom made straight rate shock springs for the TW200. The original spring has a severely progressive design which makes it too soft for many riders through the first 80% of the suspension travel.
























Here we have a new 19kg/mm spring. The original spring is approximately 12kg/mm so this one is 60% stiffer. This is the spring we recommend for larger, heavier or aggressive riders.












This is the stock shock just removed from the motorcycle.











At the top end of the shock we find the spring retainer. It's the ring with the gap at the top of the photo. We have to remove the retainer to swap out the springs.










We'll use a hydraulic press to compress the spring. First we need a secure way to hold the spring so it can be compressed. In this case a bearing separator works very well. We adjusted the jaws to lightly pinch the edges of the retainer.








Here is the shock set up in the press ready to compress the spring. This work is best done by someone who has plenty of experience using a hydraulic press. It's absolutely critical that the spring is not able to slip past the separator jaws.











The spring has been compressed releasing the retainer. The gap in the retainer allows it to come out past the shock shaft










Once the retainer is removed the press can be released so the old spring can come off.









With the spring off of the shock we can move the bottom spring seat. Under the spring seat is a wire ring and 3 grooves. The ring and grooves allow you to make changes in spring preload. We're going to leave the ring in the middle grove for this installation.









With the new spring back on the shock we go back to the press to compress the spring and install the retainer












The spring retainer is in place seated in the top of the spring.













The stiffer spring makes a huge improvement in off road handling for the TW200.