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Jet Kit (1987-2000) Installation Instructions

Submitted by Lora B on Thu, 03/14/2019 - 16:57
TW200 Jet Kit (1987-2000) Installation Instructions

 TW200 1987-2000 Jet Kit Installation Instructions

(See available PDF for printable version)

Parts Supplied

  • 42 Pilot Jet
  • 105, 107.5, 110, 112.5 and 115 Main Jets
  • 5 Shims

Installation Instructions

  • From the factory, your TW most likely came with a #114 Main Jet and a #40 Pilot Jet.  Yamaha has now discontinued many of the factory style jets for the TK carburetors. We have found an aftermarket Main Jet that fits the TK carb, but the numbering sequence is not the same as the Yamaha jets. Main Jet size numbers you find on the internet will not be the same as the jets we supply.
  • ProCycle recommends installing the #110 Main Jet, the #42 Pilot Jet and three shims under your Needle Clip. This is a good starting point for tuning.
  • Each motorcycle can run differently depending on many factors, this is why this jet kit contains more than the jets that we recommend. If you have made changes to your engine, exhaust, or intake you might require different jetting. Also, if you live at higher elevations you may also require different jetting. Our recommendations are a good starting point. Use the jet combination that makes your bike run the best.