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Fastway Evolution AIR Pegs Installation

Manufactured by: Pro Moto Billet 11461

Lone Star Rd. Nampa, ID 83651

Questions? Call: 866.466.4762

Thank you for purchasing Fastway footpegs. We are sure that you will be pleased with your purchase.   (See available PDF for printable version)

Kawasaki KLR 650 Footpeg Installation Addendum

Bracket Modification Instructions

Be sure to reference the Evolution II footpeg installation instructions for peg assembly and installation.

Required Tools for Installation:

Hacksaw                         12mm wrench (or socket w/ratchet)

6mm Allen Wrench         File or Grinder

Needle-nose pliers          Adjustable-end wrench

You will not be able to re-use the stock footpeg brackets after this modification!   Read the instructions carefully before starting. If you do not have all the required tools or are not comfortable performing the work involved, have your dealer install the footpegs for you.

  1. Remove the existing footpegs by removing the c-clip from the peg pivot pin.
  2. Remove the footpeg brackets from the frame using a 12mm wrench.
  3. Clamp the footpeg bracket securely in a vise.
  4. Using a hacksaw, remove the portion connecting the front and back of the footpeg bracket as shown in Figure#1and Figure #2. Figure#3 shows the bracket after removal of the portion connecting the front and back of the bracket.Figure #1 Figure #2 Figure #3








5. The next step is to file or grind the footpeg bracket to allow the new peg to rotate in the bracket. Mark the footpeg bracket as shown in Figure #4 with a constant radius starting at the indent in the peg bracket. Grind the footpeg bracket to this line. Be careful not to grind too much material as this will weaken the bracket. Grind only enough to allow the peg to rotate freely. NOTE: You only need to grind the side of the bracket that faces toward the front of the bike when the bracket is installed. However, it will not effect installation if both sides are ground. (If this is unclear, install the peg into the bracket and determine the part of the bracket that is preventing the peg from rotating upward as shown in Figure #5)

6.  When the bracket is ground properly, the peg should rotate in the bracket until the stop on the inner part of the peg hits the bracket. Figure #4 Figure #5 Figure #6








7. Using the file, remove all sharp edges from the area ground to provide clearance.

8. It is recommended that you paint the footpeg brackets prior to installation to prevent rust and corrosion. Krylon® “Dull Aluminum” is a very close match to the stock silver color.

9. Reinstall the footpeg brackets onto the bike. Use a thread locking compound and tighten to factory specifications.

10.  Using the supplied Fastway Evolution II Footpeg Installation Instructions, assemble the footpeg collars and FKMS spacers and install on the brackets.

11.  Figure 6 shows a completed installation on the right side of the bike in standard position.

NOTE: After the first ride, re-tighten the footpeg bracket bolts to the factory recommended settings.