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G2 Ergonomics Throttle Tube

Submitted by Lora B on Thu, 11/11/2021 - 11:52

Cable adjustment is an important step when installing your new G2 Throttle Tube.  The larger diameter cam requires more throttle cable length. 

The 'opening' cable should be adjusted to where there is a very small amount of free play. Maybe 1/16" (or slightly less). The closing cable should be adjusted to have around 1/8" (or slightly less) of free play.

Having too much play in the closing cable will cause the cable to slip off and get jammed in the housing.  And on the flip side it's also a problem if the closing cable is too tight which will cause extra friction in the cables.

Click here for a helpful installation video from G2 Ergonomics.

G2 Throttle Tube Instructions