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G2 Ergonomics Quick Turn Throttle Tube Installation

Warning: Quicker turning motorcycle throttle causes quicker throttle response. For competition use only!

  If throttle tube and/or cam appears to be bent or damaged in any way, or if parts are missing, do not try to install! Do not try to fix!

G2 Ergonomics 4 Stroke Throttle Installation
  1. Attach cam to tube with grip securely installed per manufacturer's recommendations. Slide tube/cam/grip assembly onto the handlebar. There is NO need for lubrication on the handle bar because Delrin is a self-lubricating plastic with HIGH wear characteristics.
Figure A
  1. In Figure A, note hole position and size. Lower circular hole is for the "pull" cable, which opens the throttle. The upper, more oval shaped hole is for the "push" cable, which closes the throttle (hole shape may also be circular). Insert "pull" throttle cable  into correct hole (see Figure B), then insert "push" throttle cable into remaining hole (see Figure C).
Figure B
Figure C
  1. Ensure proper positioning of cable guide(s) (not applicable to all models) when re-assembling throttle housing. Improper guide location can cause restricted throttle movement and possibly stiction.

  1. Align cables in plastic guides (if applicable), align throttle housing tab to hole in handlebar (most street bikes) and assemble throttle housing. Torque bolts to manufacture's specification.
  1. Ensure all components are assembled and cable adjusted per manufacturer's specifications, such as example Fig. D. Cable adjustment is an important step when installing your new G2 Throttle Tube. The larger diameter cam requires more throttle cable length. Having too much play in the closing cable will cause the cable to slip off and get jammed in the housing.  And on the flip side it's also a problem if the closing cable is too tight which will cause extra friction in the cables.
    • The 'opening' cable should be adjusted to where there is a very small amount of free play. Maybe 1/16" (or slightly less).
    • The closing cable should be adjusted to have around 1/8" (or slightly less) of free play.
  1. With ENGINE OFF, twist throttle through full rotation to verify the throttle assembly turns freely and snaps back to "throttle off" position when rider's hand is released from grip. Do not start engine if throttle does not turn freely. Immediately dis-assemble throttle assembly and return to step 3.

  Do not start engine if throttle does not turn freely