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Lowered Footpegs Installation Instructions

 DR650 ProCycle Lowered Footpegs Installation Instructions

(See available PDF for printable version)

Footpeg Installation

  1. Use the footpeg bolts included with this kit. The heads of the stock bolts will not fit in the new brackets.
  1. You must remove the pivot pin to get the new bolt through the rearward hole. With the main pivot pin removed, install the supplied allen head bolts. IMPORTANT: Be sure to apply some removable thread locking compound on each bolt! Tighten the bolts down and insert the peg and spring back into the bracket. Then insert the pivot pin, washer and cotter pin. Securely wrap the ends of the cotter pin all the way around the pivot pin to be sure that will not fall out!
  1. Follow the same instructions for the other side of the motorcycle.

Shift Lever Adjustment

  1. The shift lever can be lowered simply by removing it from the shift shaft and reinstalling it in a lower position on the shift shaft splines. (Tip: Once you find a position you like, make a mark on the shift shaft and then a corresponding mark directly across from that on the shift lever so that if you have to remove it, you will know exactly where to reinstall it.)

Brake Pedal Adjustment

  1. To lower the brake pedal you need to turn the threaded adjustment rod that connects the pedal linkage to the master cylinder. You may have to grind 1/8” off the end of the threaded rod to maintain clearance between the lower end of the rod and the pedal. Don’t forget to secure the locknut when complete!  IMPORTANT: There must be some free play in the pedal.

Brake Light Spring Installation

  1. Replace the stock brake light switch spring with the spring provided in this kit. You will have to bend the long leg of the spring to the proper length once you have set your brake pedal height. IMPORTANT: Adjust the position of the brake light switch so the brake light comes on only when the brake is actually applied.