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DR650 Front Fender Brace Installation Instructions

Important: All appropriate safety equipment and gear must be used during the installation of this or any other ProCycle product including any time you work on a vehicle. ProCycle accepts no responsibility for injuries or damage incurred during the installation of any products.


  1. Remove front fender from motorcycle.
  2. Place Fender Brace on top of fender and replace four bolts that secure the fender to the lower triple clamp.
  3. With the Fender Brace and fender mounted securely, drill hole through front fender at the end of the brace.
  4. Place 6mm Buttonhead Allen bolt provided through brace and fender, slide washer over and place nylock nut on the bolt and tighten. Use the shorter bolt if possible. If your fender design requires the longer bolt, that is why it is included.
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