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DR650 Brake Pedal Adjuster Bracket Installation Instructions

Important: All appropriate safety equipment and gear must be used during the installation of this or any other ProCycle product including any time you work on a vehicle. ProCycle accepts no responsibility for injuries or damage incurred during the installation of any products.


  1. Remove the bolts holding the right footpeg mount and then remove the unit.
  2. Place the Brake Pedal Adjuster Bracket between the frame and the footpeg mount then reinstall the bolts. Be sure to apply some removable thread locking compound on each bolt. Note: Before tightening these bolts, check to be sure that the adjustment bolt in the Brake Pedal Adjuster Bracket is down enough that it will not interfere with the brake pedal as you tighten the footpeg down.

Brake Pedal Adjustment

  1. Slowly thread the bolt on the Brake Pedal Adjuster Bracket up until it contacts the bottom of the brake pedal. Press the brake pedal down and thread the bolt up until the slack in the system has been removed.
  2. During this time, you should only be removing the slack in the system, not really adjusting the position of the brake pedal. If you move the back of the lever up too far you will block the return port in the master cylinder and fluid cannot flow out of the caliper back into the master cylinder and the brakes cannot release.
  3. After locking down the lock nut on the Brake Pedal Adjuster Bracket, press the brake lever a couple of times and be sure it works without interference.
  4. To test the function of the return port squat near the right side of your rear wheel, grab the tire and push hard on the caliper with your knee. You should be able to feel it move inward slightly.
  5. Then go back to the brake pedal and you should have to pump it several times before it builds pressure and stops where it did before.
  6. If it does not, you will have to lower the bolt on the Brake Pedal Adjuster Bracket or adjust the position of the brake lever by adjusting the clevis between the pedal and the master cylinder.

IMPORTANT: The return port must not be blocked or the brake will not operate properly and it will be extremely dangerous.

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