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Case Savers Installation Instructions

 DR650 Case Saver Installation Instructions

(See available PDF for printable version)

  1. Remove plastic sprocket cover from the left side of the motor.
  1. Install the three 6mm studs into the sprocket holder mounting bolt holes.

(We recommend using some low strength thread lock compound to keep the studs securely in place.)

  1. Place one spacer collar onto each stud.
  1. Put the guide plate onto the studs and adjust its position for approximately 1/8” (3mm) clearance from the chain.
  1. Install the three lock nuts and tighten.
  1. Verify that you still have 1/8” (3mm) clearance from the chain.
  1. Go for a ride and never worry about your cases again!

Note: The plastic sprocket cover does NOT go back on once the Case Saver is installed.