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Click here to see some photos from Jeff's adventure rides.

Below you can see images of some of the ProCycle staff!


The other half of Cogent Dynamics suspension, Joyce, can put down some hot laps on her Ducati!

Susan and Jeff (taking photo) heading out for a big adventure on the KTM990.

One of our favorite vendors, Rick at Cogent Dynamics, is close to an employee. Here he is petrified on his 50cc scooter! His daughter caught it all for us to see. Thank you!

Here is a shot of our store on a fine May morning with a collection of bikes out front. Yes, WE RIDE!

The latest ProCycle Team member launches the shop DR650 skyward. Due to an earlier brush with gravity, he was riding almost one handed at this point!

Mr. Moto-Mule puts his Husaberg over the tracks for the fans. Where is your trailer Mike?

Proof that you can actually get a DR totally airborne!

Matt and Micheal suit up to finish the ride after breaking the law of gravity!

One of our newest ProCycle team members, Krystyne, has been riding a LONG TIME!

You bet I ride! This is me, Mr. ProCycle - Jeff Homolka, on my early DRZ125 at the top secret Oregon proving grounds track.

This is my personal DR650 with too many mods to list. Click here if you want to know more about it.

The TTR160 I raced for a few seasons. This bike has been ice raced, flat tracked, supermoto'd and backyard thrashed and held up to all of it!

Mini Supermoto at Pat's Acres in Canby, Oregon. Too much fun!! That's me in front of Drum.

Me after the Pat's Acres race. Separated shoulder, broken ribs, bruises, etc. The great thing about racing mini bikes is you can't hurt yourself too bad. Yeah right!

My leg after a little 'get-off' from my DR650! Hurts when that beast lands on you. The circular bruise right in the center is where I landed on a rock. All of this through my knee protectors! Don't worry though, my bike is fine. With all my ProCycle protective pieces, nothing was even scratched. Gotta love protection!

Mrs. ProCycle (Susan) has more riding talent in her little finger than the rest of us have in our whole bodies!

Susan at the 2012 Laguna Seca MotoGP. Enjoying the Parts Unlimited hospitality area inside of turn 5.

Sales Manager Carl has been doing wheelies since 1968! (Still does 'em too!)

ProCycle customer Carter S. and employee Carl enjoy the view of Carter's totally trick Cobra!

Drum on the bone stock DRZ125 putting in some hot laps on his private practice track.

I can't believe we're going ICE RACING! Drum rode the studded TTR in Portland.

Mr. ProCycle and ProCycle construction guru Aaron push the new ProCycle long board around the shop.

The ProCycle staff hard at work after hours (notice clock in upper right). Jeff working on his DR780, Carl on his KLR650 and Ryan on his Subaru. Drum took the photo and he was working on his project YSR50.

Below are some mini-racer project bikes by customers.


Scott ran ProCycle wheels to earn this beautiful number one plate after a full season of races at USAIR. Congratulations Scott!

Paul has built a cool little SuperMoto machine with ProCycle wheels and used them to gather some trophies!

Paul and his buddy have a pair of ProCycle shod CRFs

ProCycle customer's tricked out TTR150 mini-supermoto racer! First shot.

ProCycle customer's tricked out TTR150 mini-supermoto racer! Second shot.

Brian's custom racer. Started life as a NSR then put a CRF100 motor in it and souped that up! He bought numerous motor parts from us.

That is one sweet looking mini-roadracer!

Brian at speed on his racer. You can see his website at if you want to know more about this bike.

DRZ170 built by TV show 2Xtreem for roadracer Aaron Yates. We supplied the custom supermoto wheels.

Glenn Williams on his way to 3rd place riding Graeme Parr's KLX125. We built the wheels and shipped them to Graeme in New Zealand.

James T. on his ProCycle modified TTR. That is one happy rider!

NW racer Kirk bending his CRF150 hard into a corner.

NW racer John B. working his little DRZ on ProCycle supermoto wheels..

John B. overtaking bigger bikes! (No doubt because of those super ProCycle wheels!)

John B. at the Long Beach SM races.

Nice trophy on that ProCycle equipped TTR!

ProCycle wheels on a CRF150 at a Japanese race.


Below are some customers bikes that have been built using ProCycle parts.

Alex with his big-bore DR780 on the first day of the Sheetiron 300 in Northern California.

Vince Strang and a mate somewhere in the Australian desert. No kickstand required. Beautiful!

Geraldine still riding her ProCycle kitted XT225 at 70! She has a Shadow Spirit 1100 for road rides.

Kris has rebuilt an older DR into a stunning machine for the Neveda desert!

Great looking XT SuperMoto Bike!

That is a huge 150/70-17 in the back of that little XT225!

Even dogs love DRs! Ozzy the wonder pup on the big guys DR! Love the doggles Ozzy!

One of the prettiest DRs we have seen in a LONG time! Most of the goodies you can't even see! 790 kit with Big-Valve head are just two of them.

Racks, RotoPax, Wolfie bags, more lights on the front than a Christmas tree and great looking ADV wheel package.

Switches for all those lights! GPS unit and flex bars. Super setup.

Beautiful KTM950 with ProCycle ADV Wheels.

Mark L. with his ProCycle loaded DR. Thanks Mark!

Edgardo and some of his buddies riding in Mexico!

More of Edgardo and his buddies in Mexico.

And one more of Edgardo and his buddies in Mexico.

A customer and his Dad riding in Tazmania in Southern Australia. What a great shot!

Chris has one outlandish DR650. There are too many things to list in this small space.

The attention to detail is really outstanding on this machine.

This is one great looking SuperMoto DR built by Manny.

Another shot of Manny's super looking DR650 SM machine.

Many of the parts on Mike's beautiful DR650 were acquired here at ProCycle. This is a sharp looking machine and much better in person.

Another shot of Mike's great looking SM DR.

Rob C. has been a customer for a LONG TIME! He built this exceptional cafe racer all in his little shop. He built the metal tail section, rearsets, did the painting and so much more. This is a VERY NICE Triumph!

Most of the aftermarket parts on this project bike were purchases here at ProCycle. The list is too long to go over.

Bob M.'s great looking supermoto machine with tons of ProCycle stuff on it.

Brendan B. in Australia after another amazing day of riding.

Brendan checking the depth of a creek crossing - it's deep!

Brendan clicks a shot of himself and his mate gettin' on down the road on their DRs.

Sergio put Adventure Wheels on his DRZ400 to get around the rough roads of Roatan Honduras.

Those wheels look excellent on this bike!

Will has built himself one clean Supermoto DR! Beautiful ProCycle wheels and other farkle adorn this head turner!

This pin-up doll just screams ProCycle!

The proof is on the wheels my friend! Sticker right there says it all - ProCycle! Thanks Will.

Steve has a convertible! He can go from this to...(see below)

To this in about 30 minutes! How cool is that?

Nick has himself one killer SuperMoto machine with pretty much all ProCycle parts. Excellent ride!

Kevin's way cool DR SM Project bike with custom chain guard and swingarm sticker. Top notch!

Nice shot of Kevin's DR in front of the hills of Arizona.

Kevin's SuperMoto DR after a race up the hills. Nice road.

Peter L. shows off his shiny new DR780! Good looking ride Pete!

Paul M. does a little submarine exploring in the outback of Australia.

Bruce D. and his ProCycle equipped DR in Mexico. See the Army dudes in the background keeping things safe!

Bruce D. still in Mexico at Baja de Asention.

Bruce at the world's famous Coco's Corner. If you haven't seen it, check out the DVD 'Dust To Glory' to learn about Coco's Corner.

Here is Bruce's DR North of Bahia, still in Mexico!

Huge Mexican salt pond behind the big DR.

Fast guy Chase Sconyers Stylin' and showing proper display of ProCycle decal! (See on swingarm!)

ProCycle supermoto wheels on Frank's DR350.

Frank racing his DR350 SM racer! Go Frank Go!

ProCycle dual-sport parts on a motorized bicycle! Check it out!

Another shot of the dual-sport motorized bicycle! Click here to go to his website to see more.

Dave H. standing next to his DR650 after riding all the way down to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico with a bunch of ProCycle products!

Steve's classic Suzuki cafe racer that we helped him with carbs for.

Dave S. enjoying the natural hot springs after riding his DR350.

ProCycle supermoto wheels on this trick KLR650.

Keith and his ProCycle wheel equipped KLR650.

Paige and another mighty DR650.

Nick hauled his DRZ400 out in the snow to click a shot for us!

A Customers DR650 in a total camouflage scheme. Done so well you can hardly see it!

Another customer DR650, this one located on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii! Lucky guy!

Gads! Nice looking supermoto / cafe styled beast! Lots of work in this pretty baby with those mag wheels, low pipe and custom rear fender unit.

I am sure there is more under the skin that we can see here.

That is one cute hiney! Awesome looking tires on this bike.

Another good looking SuperMoto DR650.

Timo jumping his BIG DR in a Finland forest!

\ Our Aussie friend Mat has his DR650 set up as a SuperMoto bike to commute to work on during the week. Then on the weekends...(see below!).

A quick change of the tank and wheels (and a couple other things) and it is ready to hit the outback! Two completely different motorcycles in one. Jeckyll and Hyde kind of motorcycle. The DR is one versatile motorcycle!

Customers dual-sport and supermoto projects below.


Rick's finished Supermoto DR. That is one beautiful bike! WOW!


And from her other side. Fantastic! Bet she has some bite to go with that bark!


Pat M. recently converted his super clean XR400 to street legal with a PC Dual-Sport Kit.

This thing looks like it just came off the showroom floor, with the dual-sport kit installed!

Very nice work Pat.


Lou has built another darn impressive Supermoto machine. Beauty!


Ben bolted up a beautiful set of ProCycle SM wheels on his XL600R. Great looking machine Ben!


A montage of before and after shots of a customer XR650L. Very nicely done Ralph!

Angela converted her KDX220 into an supermoto assault vehicle! Would that be fun or what!

Great looking ride Angela!

Supermoto wheels and complete dual-sport kit turn Mike's XR650L into an urban racer!

This is probably the view seen most often of Mike's big XR.

This Husky is equipped with one of our dual-sport kits. This is the first of three photos.

Husky photo number two.

Husky photo number three.

Photo one of a customers DR400 with a ProCycle dual-sport kit installed.

Photo two of DR400 with a ProCycle dual-sport kit installed.

Photo three of DR400 with a ProCycle dual-sport kit installed.

Photo four of DR400 - detail of controls and key switch.

Honda CR480 MX bike with ProCycle dual-sport kit. Would this be fun or what?

Foreign XL250 with ProCycle dual-sport parts scattered about.

ProCycle dual-sport kit on a TTR225.

Two of our many happy Australian customers, Paul and Deb in the outback on their DR650s.

ProCycle seat on a customers DR650 from Sweden.

Another shot of that ProCycle seat on a Swedish customers DR650.

Tobias stopped in at ProCycle before continuing on to ride the Continental Divide and then get back to Canada for the beer festival!

Tobias dropped by again, with friends this time, after touring down the Oregon coast.

Custom set of SuperMoto wheels sure made this little Kawasaki Sherpa look great!

Check out the matching powdercoated hubs as well. The wife digs her improved ride I am told.

Nice customer ride loaded with ProCycle parts! Too many to even list.

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