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Our favorite testimonial of all time: "If I put any more of your parts on my bike, it won’t even be a Suzuki anymore, it'll be a ProCycle."
Thank you for that statement!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Geez, what a great bunch of guys! You not only had the clutch cable I needed for my DR650, but generously let me use your shop bay to swap it out - not to mention helping me push the bike a block to get it to your shop. When you're 3000 miles from home, even minor breakdowns can be very distressing, and it felt sooo good to get things put right. Then you located a motel for me that didn't require driving through city traffic, and an air hose to check my tire pressure. What can I say; you folks really went out of your way for me, and I deeply appreciate it. +1,000,000 karma points to all of you, and my warmest regards.
Steve H., on the way back to Clifton, VA with your help.

Hello, Gents!
I tried your carb upgrade kit after I bought the FMF Q4 system and modified the air box. It helped a lot, and 2 of my riding buddies (with 7 decades of riding experience between them) advised me to keep that setup. BUT, I decided to plunge ahead, and just took my first ride with the TM40. This is the most fun I've had on 2 wheels since my first bike, a Honda Super 90 in 1966. If Suzuki put this carb on all DRs, they couldn't build them fast enough. Thank you, fellas, you nailed it with the TM40. I haven't even adjusted the idle. Beautiful!
Lee A.

You and the rest of the guys there at ProCycle are a pure pleasure to do business with. I am thrilled with the way my new ProCycle gel seat cover installed and more so the way it feels. Someone else commented that with a few more changes his DR650 would be a ProCycle 650. I know why he feels the way he does. Suzuki does a great job of turning out a rugged dependable machine, but you guys helped me to turn my 2012 DR into a true dual-sport. I have not made any radical changes in my bike but have made it much more comfortable to ride at longer distances and worthy to take on some brutal terrain whenever I choose. With the tutorials on your website, I did my own 600 mile valve adjustment and check up and used the $400.00 I saved to upgrade the seat and added the new hard carry case to my rear rack to facilitate my in town errand running. Thanks for running such a down to earth "old school" business in this day and age. I'm a ProCycle customer for life.
Tim B.
Austin, TX

Gracias amigos de procycle¡ Ya tienen un nuevo cliente¡ Tengo 54 años andando en moto de todo tipo y marca. (Thanks friends at ProCycle! You have a new customer! I have 54 years riding motorcycles of every type and brand.)
Francisco B.

I would just like to thank you. Your service is great and staff is very knowledgeable. I've purchased many products for my DR650 from other places including bike bandit and motorcycle superstore, and you guys are by far the best. I wish I would have found you sooner. From now on you're my main source and I've got a lot of plans ahead for my DR650. So once again thank you and keep doing it like you do.
Ken P.

Hey ProCycle,
A little while back, I ordered the TM40 as well as a host of other parts for my 01 DR650. I made mention of the mods that had been done to my bike, and the carb was perfectly jetted right out of the box. The install was very straightforward, but some botched fasteners on my bike meant it took a few hours longer than planned. The change in throttle response was phenomenal, and even with a +1 front sprocket, I can still run the bike in a gear higher than I normally would. Were I to do it over again, I might have gone with a fork rebuild first, but the carb was easily worth the money. Thanks for providing me with a constant way to demolish my pay checks. You guys are the bomb!

The package arrived today and I dropped the factory seat and your new foam/cover off at my long-time seat shop. They were very impressed with the foam, the gel, and the cover. They were shocked when I told them the price - you guys do that very well. They called me an hour later and said "ready" - everything fit perfectly all they had to do was apply glue to the base and staple the cover.
Thanks for so many great products and what I consider to be the Best Of Service out there.
Best Regards,
Gordon E.

Got my seat cover last week and put it on a seat pan and outside to let it warm up to make it easier to handle. Stapled it up yesterday and put it on the bike. THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!. It rides and feels better than I could have imagined. Everything I have purchased from you guys to date has been priced reasonably and delivered in a timely manner.
Richard R.

To Drum and the staff at ProCycle,
I cannot thank you guys enough for the way you handled this situation with Corbin as they were taking way too long to get the job done. You guys stepped up to the plate and got a seat to me so I can keep my bike operational, this is a mark of a truly professional business and I can assure you that I will keep you at the top of my list for future products for my bikes. Thanks again for your concerns and hope you have a great year.
Romy B.

Hi Carl,
BIG, BIG THANK YOU to you and the rest of the ProCycle team. My package arrived today. Another super quick and efficient, perfectly executed order.
Thank you!
Jason W.

I've ordered a lot of product over the last few months from ProCycle since I bought my DR and have been very satisfied. But the fact that you remembered that I wanted to cancel the order because I didn't need the wheel anymore, and decided that you would be able to accommodate that request speaks volumes about your customer service. You've earned a customer for life and someone who will tell all my riding friends how great ProCycle is.
Thank you!
Stephen F.

Once again I find myself congratulating the folks at ProCycle for there fantastic service! The orders are flawless, packaging excellent, and fast shipping to Canada. In fact, I can get parts shipped faster from ProCycle than I can ordering anything within Canada! I once sent a question about a particular aftermarket tire, and the knowledgeable reply was spot on about the performance of the tire. You make each order a joy and worry free to receive and I just want to say thank you ProCycle!
Todd S.

One more DR-BIG (DR780) completes the CDT without an issue. Bike was absolutely flawless for 7,000 miles and 3,000 of that was dirt.
Pete L.

You guys are the best! I order a lot of aftermarket parts for my TTR125 from you guys and I'm very pleased. I've had my lightened flywheel for awhile now and it totally makes a new bike. Keep up the good work and fast shipping.
Hunter S.

Just wanted you to know that I LOVE your products for the DR. I own a 2003 DR 650 that I can't stop tinkering with it because of all your cool stuff. So far, 520 chain and sprocket kit with off road gearing, tall bars and low footpeg kit, laminar wind screen, ProCycle jet kit, FMF Q4 exhaust, ProCycle DIY Seat, and still more to come such as the engine protection kit with skid plate and hand protectors, possibly a header pipe and suspension upgrades. Love the jet kit, added so much more power, engine runs so much smoother with low end torque. Really great products and service and I've wanted to tell you all this for some time now.
David T.

Hi Guys. Just a quick note to let you know that my order turned up on Wednesday the 3rd, that's not too bad from the other side of the world thanks for your prompt attention to my order. This is the second time that I have bought your competitively priced products and might I say the first time was also the same result. I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending your business to anyone I know, and I will hopefully place another order in due course as I continue to trick up my DR650.
Les G.

Thank you again for the advice for my 12 year old sons 2004 TT-R125LE. He LOVES the addition of the lightened flywheel. He's had two races since installing it and his riding was noticeably improved. He described it as having the power when he needs it w/no build up which gave him more confidence. I am glad your shop was recommended to me. I included a photo from his last race at Evansville. Hope you like it!
Thanks again,
John B

Gday Michael,
Thanks for all your help with delivering that part to me mate! Nice work. I'm heading south down the west coast from mid Oct. til late Nov. My father has actually bit the bullet and will leave Australia for the first time in his life, to buy a Harley and ride with me south from Seattle. So I am wondering if it is possible to stop in at the ProCycle shop and meet the staff and purchase some parts as well? I want to stock up on a few things before shipping the bike home.
Cheers, Rossy.

Great work guys and gals got my order on Friday it was waiting for me when I got home. You were able to do what Bike Bandit wasn't. I'll will use ProCycle exclusively and have already sung your praises to my riding group.
Thanks again.

Installed your new TM40 on my DR650 as soon as it arrived USPS today. All it seemed to need so far is simply the idle speed adjusted. My first test ride was suburbs to mountain twistys to gravel roads and back... lots of throttle twisting was involved and the bike ran great.
I took a rest, refueled, and went up after dark for another round this time riding the highway more to and from the trails but then doing about 15 miles of mountain singletrack in the middle. There is WAY more low end grunt power now. I'm relearning how to ride trails with this thing now since I can clearly launch myself with a little too big of a twist on the throttle in some situations where before it was about all the bike would do to get over a big log now I'm going to have to relearn those techniques! One log I didn't do enough, another log I killed the bike somehow as it went over and nearly threw me over the bars, but it's just a new learning curve for sure since I can now sustain 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears in most places where previously I was barely getting out of 1st to avoid stalling... so I'm moving way faster on the trail now than before, no question.
First loop tonight was 56.1 miles @ 47.99 mpg... that was the back roads and gravel mountain roads ride. Second loop was 45.8 miles @ 49.3 mpg... that was the highway and mountain singletrack loop. The bike is WAY easier to ride on the highway now than before. All surging is gone, and the bike is very smooth at highway speed now and does not feel like it is working hard at all as it did previously.
Bottom line I guess is this: The BST40 sucks. Just heave it overboard immediately and install the TM40 before doing anything else and the bike may turn out to be the best all-around "do it all" bike you'll ever own. Thanks again for an excellent product.

Hey Carl,
I just wanted to send you all at Pro Cycle a huge thank you for your assistance and professionalism with the Acerbis petcock issue. I got the correct one today from FedEx and i could not be any happier. I am very pleased with the entire transaction. (well, lets hope that sucker doesn't leak, ha ha). As always, I will pass the word on the great service. I know it had nothing to do with you and obviously was out of your control, but what sets you guys apart is your swiftness in helping the problem get fixed. Absolutely awesome.
Dave D.

Hi Drum,
I got all my parts last week and installed them over the weekend. Man you are awesome, these parts are great! The service is brilliant. Thanks so much man, it is a real pleasure doing business with you. After all your tips and advice, my bike is super light on fuel and runs great. Thanks again, your service, parts and advice is great and I really appreciate everything you have done for me.
Johann L., South Africa

I realize that quite some time has passed since I bought my tires from you, however I was always meaning to send you this e-mail and let you know that your customer service was amazing! Its something you don't get, even from the local shops around where I live. The fact that you took my order personally, talked with me on the phone, researched my options and gave me prices on a variety of tires is something that I really appreciated, and I just wanted to let you know that I will always come to you for my future purchases. My friend has also done business with you and he says the same thing. You guys are great! Keep up the good work!
Tommy C.

Well, with the top of the air-box cut out as you suggest, I reckon I have a TM40 set-up I won't need to touch. I took the bike for a 240 mile gallop to my dad's house and back, and it was just a brilliant improvement. The ride is over steep dirt roads and rough bitumen (real DR country) and the bike went just beautiful. As an added bonus my fuel used was down about 10 percent. Obviously, I will have to confirm this, but initial figures are amazing. Thanks guys, great product, superb service.
Greg E., Australia

I just took the DR for a spin after finishing the TM40 fitup. Freakin' awesome. Not disappointed.
Andrew K., Australia

Hey Drum,
Just finished the 2nd break-in ride on the 780 kit (ride it like you stole it) and good God what an amazing motor. You guys down play this thing, it's way more than anything you have said. As a point of reference I ride a Hayabusa 100 miles a day as my commuter bike so I am familiar with some power, but pretty much useless on the roads that the 780 shines.
I bought the stage 2 kit and it fired after 2 revolutions and is spot on with the TM/40. I have ridden on freight trains that did not pull like this. Only problem is I NEED better brakes and I have 2 gears that won't see much use. On the plus side front tires should last a decade or better. Thanks for the motor guys it rips and should add many smiles to the fun meter. If your meter isn't pegged then it's not really fun! Keep doing what your doing your on a roll.
Pete L.

I just wanted to thank you for your blazing fast shipping, and excellent products. Great service!
Robert G.

Just wanted to say thanks for your online and phone support. I just installed the TM40 carb on my new DR650 along with air box mod and Twin Air filter, and WOW! For $500 I was a little worried, but what a difference, 10 fold of what I was expecting. Fired up instantly and install was a lot easier than I thought.
Again thank you for your help now and in the future. My wife doesn't understand why I was taking a new bike with only 830 miles on it, apart. I asked myself the same thing a few times but I am very happy with purchase!
Henry B.

Hi Drummond,
Just received the KTM seat we ordered. Thank you for such a quick delivery and great service. Very happy. Will be recommending your business to one and all.
Jan & Tony, Down Under

Thanks for such prompt shipment of my parts, I had them by the 17th, that's like 3 weeks faster than Xxxxxxxx.
Dan K.

Thanks for the email, Matt. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my order this morning. I appreciate the fact that my helmet was packaged with care. Internet ordering is always hit or miss in terms of quality, but I have to compliment you for providing a good experience. I've worked in the motorcycle industry for 22 years, so hopefully my positive comments with associates will bring you some additional reward for doing things right.
Greg S.
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Hi Jeff.
I installed the Laminar Lip windscreen at about the same height shown on your website. I've ridden it in the rain now a couple of times, and it works like a charm. It has taken all the wind blast off my chest and shoulders. From just below my chin on up I'm in clean air. It makes high-speed commuting a LOT more pleasant. I much prefer the cowl mount to handlebar-mounted windscreens. The Laminar Lip was easy to mount, gets the job done, and looks pretty good (not obtrusive). I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks!
As an urban do-anything commuter my stripped-down DR650 with supermoto wheels is hard to beat. Easy to maintain, light enough to be easy to maneuver but heavy enough to be fairly stable, plenty of zip up to 75 mph or so, sticky tires, good gas mileage, goes over curbs and across fields when traffic is REALLY bad, and no worries about a few scuffs and scrapes. The windscreen is a nice upgrade.
Toby B.

Just wanted to give you a big Thank You! on a product well done.
I have had my '92 DR350 for about 15 years. I had a small quarter drive flat blade bit that I used for adjusting the carb. Two weekends ago after trying to adjust the carb with the bike hot, I got a hot hand and pissed off! I remembered seeing your web site and the extended mixture screw. When I got home I ordered the screw, a 90 degree fuel filter, magnetic drain plug and rear sprocket bolts. I installed the screw and the filter tonight.
Everything worked perfectly, the adjusting screw is AWESOME!!! I should have done that 15 years ago. I will tell my buddies with DRs about that screw and the rest of your products! Keep up the good work!
Thanks Again,

Hi Carl,
Perfect service as always! Received in perfect order with no customs charged. Many thanks !! Best Regards,

You guys ROCK!
I ordered a TM40 carb on a Friday morning from your website about half an hour before your phones opened. I included a note on how my bike is setup and the fact that I live and ride at high altitude. When I called half an hour later you were already working on my order and told me the carb would be jetted and be plug and play for me. On Monday I received the TM40, installed it and plug and play was exactly right! The bike runs better than it ever has! You will now be the first place I go for all my DR650 needs.
Steve R.

Brilliant Drum,
Thanks for your excellent service - always a pleasure dealing with ProCycle.
Paul J., New Zealand

Hi Jeff and Staff,
Just a brief note to say thanks for your excellent service. All the pieces ordered for my DR650 arrived well-packed, and with clear fitting instructions. A pleasure to deal with you.
Barry R., New Zealand

You guys are outstanding. I was in your store a little over a week ago and you guys didn't have what I needed in stock, but were still very helpful and had great customer service (Matt was great!).
Now, I order something online, in the afternoon no less, and it arrives within a day (per the post office it's waiting at my house). Thank you. You guys do a fantastic job!
Aaron P.

I would like to thank you guys for shipping my items in a timely fashion. My Dad really liked his Yoshi silencer I gave him for Father's Day. Thanks again and keep up the excellent customer service, which is rare these days.
Christopher M.

Hey ProCycle!
Ordered a new gel seat cover for my DR650. Just wanted to thank you for your fast service. Everyone who has a DR should get one of these. Best upgrade I've made.
Bill L.

That's great Carl. Thanks again for the great service, I will be recommending you to my friends!
Ken D.

Hey Drummond,
Checked my e-mail today and found that the parcel has left Denver this morning at 2:15 AM. Thanks for your quick shipping and personal service. Looking forward to receiving some "bling" in a few days.

I ordered my parts last Friday and I got them today! Awesome service.
Roger S.

Just a big THANK YOU to you and your team for making it so easy and safe for me to shop for my DR650 accessories on line. I received my Sargent saddle, oil change kit and locking fuel cap this morning, and am very happy with all. My order only took one week (from the time I ordered it, to arrival of the parcel), and I’m all the way in Australia!
Thanks again, and I’ll definitely recommend you, and have no hesitation in shopping with you in the future.
Billy C. - Australia

I received the head gasket today. Thanks very much for your prompt response. I have found ProCycle to be a reliable, professional company to deal with for motorcycle parts with good advice and service. Keep up the good work!
Garry W.

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the way you do business. My package arrived very quickly, the price was good and your quick response to my e-mail all insure that this won't be the last order you will receive from me. Very happy with the transaction.
Bill L.

Hi Carl,
Thank you very much for all of your support with this project! I placed an order today for most of the items we've discussed. Jeff sent a Shipping Confirmation this afternoon.
I'm glad I found your site. It helped me out quite a bit. I am attaching a link to a website with the entire exploded parts diagram for the DR600, that I used to get most of the Suzuki OEM p/ns. (It appears to be from Bulgaria) I'm not sure if it would be of any use to you, but it sure has made the task of finding the stuff I need a lot easier. Suzuki Canada recognized everything I gave them. Better to have more info than less, when it comes to old bikes! And there sure aren't a whole bunch of these bikes out there.
Anyhow, thanks again. Cheers, and Happy Riding!
Mike N.

Thank you – you guys are the best!
Me and the ProCycle website is a bit like a kid in a candy store – But Ma I WANT THAT! And I’ll be back!
Kerry A.

G'Day Carl,
Bloody amazing! I ordered my TM40 from you just last Wednesday (the 13th). You shipped it on Thursday the 14th and today, Monday April 18th its fitted to my DR650 already. Fantastic :-) The carb arrived here before the exhaust and also before the Corbin seat. I think the seat must be coming the Long Way Round. Swapping out the stock carb for the TM40 was - with the help of your instructions - easy. All seems to run fine, although I've only been able to test it on the paddock stand so far (coz its got no forks right now).
Thanks again! Cheers,
Steve S., Australia

I just wanted to let you know that I finally got my throttle tube sorted out and it works fine. It makes a big difference in the way the bike feels when you twist the right wrist. Moose bark busters installed easily as well, with Carl's help. He is a great guy. Give him a raise for putting up with dumb customers like me.
Bryan T.

Thanks for your outstanding service, I have placed 2 orders in the last couple weeks, and am very happy with the service and helpfulness you have given me, I will recommend your business to my fellow local and world travelers.
Thank you,
Tom W.

Thanks Jeff,
I know you’re making a living at the bike stuff, but you’re also adding a ton of info and passion to the sport and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Have a great Christmas season and thanks!
Ken N.

Hello Jeff,
I recently purchased a TM40 kit for my DR 650, which proved to be the best mod I've done to my bike so far! The jetting arrangement was perfect, the whole carb swap thing was just a bolt on and play. Another thing i want to note, is the fact that it took less than 20 minutes since I placed my order to receive your shipment confirmation e-mail! You guys are so professional, you 'll be definitely hearing from me for my bike's future upgrades.
Thank you and best regards,
Markos D.

Thank you Jeff and Everyone!
Package arrived today...on the schedule for Thurs. nite to install all of it. Your company is the BEST!
Jack D.

I got to say your service kicks a$$! Got home today and the chain conversion kit for the DR was here already!
Paul W.

ProCycle Shipping Department,
Wow! That was fast service. I ordered my stuff on-line, after 5pm on Monday, and received it today (Wednesday) in the mail! That was FAST service! Happy to have done business with you guys.
Got the lower chain roller installed (top one is gone) and it's so much quieter. I'll wait until the garage isn't 34°F to install the other items I got in the order.
Went for a quick 40 mile ride to the nearby forest today, with several inches of snow there, but was too lazy to stop and put on the DIY tire chains and go on up the hill toward the mountain top and deeper snow. There is always tomorrow, as I have this week off work. I'll have to start earlier in the day and dress warmly.
Happy New Years,
Dave S.

Thanks Mate,
Really like your service. You guys do a great job. Have attached a photo of Me & Deb on a recent ride. (See below!) We are fitting our bikes out with your gear. We live in a remote part of OZ (awesome riding) & have some big trips planned.
Paul M., Australia

Thanks guys for a great service! I will be back buying items from you again. Keep up the good work, I'm impressed.
Kind regards,
Wayne F., Australia

Thanks everyone at ProCycle! I'm very happy with the new parts and they make a great addition to my bike.
Richard S., Australia

Received all the parts good. Thanks for the excellent packing and the stickers that were included.
Andy C., Australia

Wow! Thanks a bunch. I sure do like you’re online shop. You have a heap of good gear.
Stephen A., Australia

Thanks again for the terrific service, and I've been spreading the word too.
Steve D., Australia

The items I ordered arrived. I was surprised. One week after I ordered, goods received.
Thank you,
Hideki W., Japan

Thanks for the quick response. I like dealing with yourself and your company.
Take care.
Jim D.

Thank you for getting this out today instead of on Monday!
Jason S.

I just received my order this morning and have to tell you that I think your parts selection and service are great!
Ron W.

Thanks for the FAST delivery. I have yet to be dissatisfied in any way with the service I receive from you guys. Keep up the awesomeness!
Troy C.

I received my bits mate, you're a top bloke! Thanks a lot!
Louis V.; Australia

I got my order and thanks again for the brake spring! Thanks to Matt too for your help with the magnetic oil drain plug! Looking forward to future business with you guys! Ride safe,
Paul G.

Hi Carl,
Here is a picture (click here to see image) of my 2001 DR650. We are located on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii!
Thanks again for your help and advice.
Shawn K.

Good morning! I have recently bought and had delivered, several parts for my 2010 Suzuki DR650SE, including 17" motard wheels, bigger brake disc and other various parts. I am writing to say thank you for your prompt service and delivery. I have also ordered the white IMS fuel tank and expect delivery of that today. The quality of the product is great and just as described on the website.
I have only done 450 kilometers on the bike so far and will fit all the good bits after the first service at 1000 k's and am keen to get it together. Sorry for rambling on but feel like a kid at Christmas. Well sunny day here, time to ride! Best wishes and thanks again for you great service and if you need and endorsement from Australia I am your man.
Peter I.; Australia

Thanks ProCycle staff! My TTR125 NOW HAS BALLS!
Derek P.

Thank you very much for including those three extra rear axle locknuts in the order - much appreciated and will definitely be put to use! Thank also for the mugs/pocket knife/tool and the stickers - also very much appreciated. When the bikes are fully set-up and ready to go, I will make sure to take a shot of them with the boys!
Joseph L.

Hi, I placed an order with you on 13 August 2010. I have purchased many items from all over the globe and all over my own country. I would like to say it has been a pleasure working with ProCycle. Thank You! Keep up the great work, the fantastic products and excellent product information. I hope to deal with you again soon.
Scott C.

Hello, I just got my order from you and I am very satisfied with the fast shipping. Also I have to thank you for having Yamaha XT225 parts in stock. I have been looking for parts for my XT for awhile and ProCycle was the only place that I found that had what I was looking for. Because of the reasonable prices and fast shipping I will be sure to tell my friends and family to shop with ProCycle. Again Thank You and I will be getting more parts soon. Have a great day.
Rich W.

It's a pleasure doing business with you, your site is fantastic! You're going to be getting all my beer money for a good while!
Michael T.

Many thanks for the quick & perfect delivery, received the goods today! Best regards from rainy Thailand.
Franz R.

Hi Carl, got the carb today and just wanted to say thank you for your help and prompt service. Regards.
Darren H.

I should have heeded your advice on the throttle tube. What a job trying to get the grip off. It's cheaper for my customer with the labor alone. Keep up the great work and customer support.
Gary V.

Jeff and ProCycle staff,
I wanted to thank everyone for the help in answering questions and assuring accessories made it to me on time for Powersport Dynamics to install all items on my bike. After riding home with all the new items, I really am grateful to have made the changes I made. My footpegs are great and I really like the saddlebags, can't wait to head out camping! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with me. I tell all my friends about you guys whether they have a bike or not, you're the best!
I look forward to continually making my bike more suited for me, and having a great group of folks like you to help me along in making those decisions is great. Thank you very much! Please make sure everyone in the office knows how wonderful they are in helping me out.
Daphene S.

Thanks for the shipment, the carb's worked great and the shipping time was awesome. I have other friends that will need these carb's in the future. I look forward to sending you some more business.
Brian S.

Jeeze, thanks for the mug and the stickers I received today! Every ride starts with coffee, so in my trailer it goes! Thanks again!
John K.

That carb you sold me is a true work of art. Took me 15 min. to install and I got a new bike with an attitude! Throttle response is instant. It is worth every buck! Great service too! Thanks!
Jim B.

Just wanted to say THANKS for the awesome turn around on my order. This is my 2nd or 3rd time ordering and you guys deliver with great service every time. Thanks!
Bradley M.

Please keep the DR650 parts a coming! So much better than 2005 when I bought her! Congrats on a great website! PS: I'd proudly wear a hat or T-Shirt if I could buy one! Thanks!
John K.

I just wanted to say thank you for the products and excellent services I received from your store. I will continue to use your services and recommend your company to my friends.
Joey A.

Thanks Carl.
I appreciate you guys researching and ordering that side tank for me and then holding it for me until I can get in to pay for it and pick it up. I have been slammed as we recently purchased a dealership out of town and I am stuck here for a week or two. Thanks again, you guys are the BEST!
Richard B.

I checked my tracking number from the email you sent me and see that my stuff is on the way. I appreciate your great service! Thanks.
Mike D.

Hi Carl,
Just thought you might like to see what I have been doing (click here to see images) with the dual-sport parts I have ordered from you. Cheers!
Terry B.

Here are a few pictures of my DR-Z400 kicker with your dual sport kit number one installed (click here to see photos). It's been a pleasure dealing with you guys.
Fred J.

Hi Jeff,
That was really quick! Thank you very much! Outstanding customer service! I will definitely come back for more shopping! Cheers!
Gabriel F.

Here you go Carl!
The DR350S handled great with your wheels and tires on it (click here to see photos). Thanks for your help with the wheels.
Frank M.

Hey Jeff,
Just wanted to say that you guys are really doing a good job on adding new products for us DR guys! Your site is fast becoming THE number one shop for the big DR. Thanks again, man for the great customer service and products.
Guy D.

Hi Carl,
I don't know if you remember me, but I ordered rims and spokes from you guys last month. Just thought I'd share some pics of my completed project bike (click here to see images). It is a 1994 Honda XR650L. Thanks again and I will be sure to recommend you guys around!
Mike C.

ProCycle Staff,
Here is a photo of my 1968 Suzuki T305. I bought it new in '68 and though it has obviously changed it a bit, I have enjoyed it since bringing it home. I have bored it to 348cc and made many other changes as you can see (click here to see image). Thanks for you help on the carbs.
Steve F.

Hi, my name is Tim and I just got the complete dual sport kit from you and installed it on my 2008 Husqvarna TXC450. When I talked to the gentleman that sold me the kit, he asked if I would send some pictures of the finished product, so here you go (click here to see images)! I also would like to say how easy it was to install and to say thank you for doing a good job.
Tim S.

I talked to you before Christmas about getting my flywheel lightened. I just sent it out today, so it should get to you by the end of the week maybe? I'm all the way out in Ohio. Anyway, you wanted to see a few pics of my NSR/NSF100 with the BBR120 kit, custom exhaust, etc. (click here for images). Thanks Carl for your help and looking forward to getting that flywheel lightened up a bit!
Brian C.

To the gang at ProCycle.
Just wanted to say THANKS! All the parts worked great! Here's a pic of me (click here to see photo) at the Sea of Cortez. Made it! Thanks!
Dave H.

Hey Carl,
Good talking shop with you today, thanks for all the insight. Here are a couple of pics (click here to see photos!) of my trick 06 TTR125 supermoto. Motor mods include: BBR 150cc big bore kit, BBR cam, ported head, ported manifold, 28mm Keihin flat slide carb, RD valve springs, ProCycle lightened flywheel, ProCom CDI unit and Two Bros. Pipe.
Chassis mods include: YZ85 front end, YZ85 shock and swingarm, YZ85 rear brake, BBR frame cradle, CRF250R front rotor and caliper, custom front brake line, 'Guts' raised seat kit, 12" wheels w/Dunlop TT92s and custom suspension by Factory Connection.
Jim S.

Just wanted to say it was a pleasure doing with business with you. I really do appreciate the fast service. I already have the pegs mounted, and they are AWESOME!!! Thanks again.
Joseph S.

Hey Carl,
I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with my dual sport light kit and speedometer. I really appreciated you pulling the parts I didn't need off the kit and reducing the price, even though its already a discounted kit. I searched through a lot of your competitors websites, and my local bike shop, and your prices were hands down the best. Any time a friend is looking for a part you sell, or even if I come across someone on message board, I will positively let them know about your website. Thank you!
Alex N.

Got the items! Thanks a whole heap for your help with all of our carburetor parts! We like the ProCycle decals, nice!
Walter C.

To the ProCycle Staff:
I recently purchased a used DR-650. I bought it in almost mint condition. For the first time in my life I decided to try to do all the mods as soon as I bought it, instead of taking years to buy a little here & there. Well, I first bought the DR-250 tail light & license plate kit along with the LED taillight. Well it arrived fast & I installed it the same day, couldn't wait. Product was first class & fit like a glove. Then I ordered the jet kit, thumb screw & allen head screws. Again shipping was super fast. Installed it as directions said, but I figured I'd have to fiddle with it some. Well the bike runs absolutely perfect right from the get go. A big difference in H.P. & much to my amazement, it just runs far smoother and better than stock. I've owned over 50 bikes/ATVs including (2) 350 HP Turbo Charged / Nitrous race bikes. It takes a lot to impress me, but with the products I've bought from ProCycle and the super fast shipping, I'm very impressed and will be buying more. The ProCycle stickers I got in the box are now proudly installed on my bike! Thank you very much & you will be getting more orders in the very near future.
Jack B.


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