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Product review – Two Brothers Racing V.A.L.E. M2R Exhaust for the DR650

We are all used to seeming acronyms in this industry, heck the motorcycle industry is almost as bad as the military! This new exhaust from Two Brothers Racing is the M2R Quick-Pack Canister with V.A.L.E. technology featuring REM. The V.A.L.E. stands for Variable Axis Location Exhaust. In simple words it means that you can rotate the mid-pipe where it attaches to the silencer canister until you have a perfect fit. The REM stands for Ridiculously Easy Maintenance. When was the last time you heard of repacking a silencer as ridiculous easy? I know a guy who ended up destroying another brand of silencer trying to beat the end cap off so he could repack it. This is the real selling point of this unit.

All silencers will eventually lose their packing, that is as sure as the sun coming up tomorrow. As we all know, replacing said packing can be a real pain in the elbow though. This canister has a new design that allows you to remove the end plate on the output end of the canister while the entire unit stays on the bike. With the cap and end plate removed you can remove the old packing and then install a new pre-formed packing kit in a jiffy and be back on the road in a heartbeat! Since loss of packing can result in loss of power as well as increased noise, it is important to be able to install new packing quickly and easily when necessary.

The quality of these units is top-notch. The machining that goes into the canister support bracket, both end caps and all of the hardware is fantastic. Just looking at all the pieces that are so beautifully machined and then laser etched is a joy. The X-Lite Retaining Ring is a split ring that goes around the end of the mid-pipe and attaches to the silencer unit is CNC machined and then anodized. This thing is a work of machining art. I could try and explain it, but you just have to see it to appreciate it. The image below does not do it justice, but you can get the idea.


The fit to the end plate of the canister is perfect making installation a snap. All of the necessary hardware is provided along with complete instructions on how to mount it to the motorcycle. Below is an image of the complete kit including the necessary allen and Torx wrenches and the core nut removal tool along with the required hardware.


The "S-bend" mid-pipe is manufactured from .035" #304 thin wall stainless steel that is then polished to a mirror finish. This is a top-of-the-line stainless that will never rust. After a few heat cycles the stainless steel turns a golden amber color which is the characteristic signature of high quality stainless steel. The image below shows the high sheen of the polished mid-pipe.


As mentioned earlier, the real beauty (besides the look!) to this system is the easily replaceable packing system. You remove the six Torx style screws with the supplied tool from the end cap and remove the cap from the canister. the PowerTip then comes out and exposes the threaded core nut. Place the special Two Brothers Racing tool over the threaded core nut and remove that using a 27mm socket (or whatever you have). Once that is removed, the entire end plate comes off exposing the packing. This process is made MUCH easier if you purchase the Endcap Removal Tool from Two Brothers. I know you hate to spend another $39 and change for a tool to pull the end plate, but it beats having to remove the silencer entirely to tap it out from the backside.

Once the output side end plate is removed, you simply slide out the old packing material and slide in a new press-formed packing cartridge. Replace the end plate then the threaded core nut and end cap and you are good to hit the road or trail! Two Brothers has a video on You Tube showing exactly how to use the Endcap Removal Tool and replace the packing in the muffler. Click here to see this video.

There are several different options for sound depending on the PowerTip you install. Performance will suffer slightly the quieter you go of course. You can use the USFS Approved Spark Arrestor screen with any of the available PowerTips though. Click here to see the M2R silencer package and various PowerTips available on the ProCycle website.

Good riding!

Jeff Homolka

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