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XT225 General FAQ


What are the easiest and most important modifications for the XT?

I just bought my XT225 and love it! I want to start doing some more adventurous riding though and was wondering what you think are some of the easiest and most important modifications I should make to my XT?


The little XT is a really capable little bike. One of its big shortcomings is the gearing. If you are going to ride on the road very often, you are going to want to bump up the gearing. Moving the countershaft sprocket up to 16 teeth will make it much more road worthy but still leave you with a first gear that is low enough for trail work.

Another simple change that makes a big difference is having the footpeg extensions welded on. These give your feet a much larger platform to sit on and are much more comfortable. You will quickly come to appreciate the wider footpegs even if you ride on the street. Another change we suggest if you are going to do any long-distance riding is installing the Clarke 4.1 gallon fuel tank. This will give you the range you need to get there and back (back being the important part!). If you plan on spending all day in the saddle, you may want to consider an upgrade to the seat. There are several options from bolt-on to custom. We recommend the Corbin and carry it on the XT225 page.


Will the cables fit with taller bars?

I would like to replace the stock handlebars with a ProTaper bar, will the cables all fit OK?


The cables will fit with no problem. You can even install risers and a lower bend if you like. I have seen that the CR High bend is very popular, but that is of course a personal preference. Something to think about if you are replacing your bars, is installing handguards. These will not only save your hands, but lots of levers as well! A set of plastic brush guards will also keep your hands a bit warmer on those chilly days.

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