TUbliss Frequently Asked Questions

How much lighter are they then tubes?

2.5 pounds lighter then heavy duty tubes and approximately 14 ounces lighter that stock tubes. Tube thickness and weights vary from manufactures. It's important to note that for every pound you can lose of rotating unsprung weight is equivalent to dropping 5 pounds of static weight!

How long does TUbliss last?

A VERY LONG TIME, (maybe too long) we say they last 10-20 times longer than tubes. However in 5 years of testing hundreds of them, we have yet to wear ANY out.

Can I use a tire sealant in the tire with TUbliss?

YES! For off-road situations or when you are concerned with punctures, we highly recommend the use of a sealant in your tire. With the tire being tubeless, tire sealants work AWESOME because there is substantially thicker rubber for it to clog up and be effective. Your tire is reinforced, so a hole does NOT stretch like a conventional tube. Again it works very well in a tubeless situation. Try it and see!

How hard is it to install & change tires?

Installing the TUbliss CORE on the rim should take under 10 minutes (including drilling the 10mm hole for the New rim lock). After that, everyone that had tried it agrees that changing tires is MUCH easier. IT IS DIFFERENT, BUT EASIER, SO READ & FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Don't take shortcuts. Because you don't have to worry about damaging an inner-tube with the tire irons, you can just go at it and get 'er done!

Does the black tube really squeeze in between the liner and that black stem thing?

It's common to assume that the black inner tube floats freely inside the liner, but that is wrong. During installation, yes, you fit the inner tube so it's pressed between the red liner and the black rubber housing for the rim lock stem.

Can it be punctured?

It's rubber and pneumatic, so yes, it can be punctured. But know that this is VERY RARE. The outer cover is 3mm thick and the tube is 2.2mm thick, so it's thick & tough. In the last 4 years of testing we have only punctured ONE! Also if you do puncture one you only have to replace the $5.95 inner tube.

Help! It's leaking bubbles around the valve stem!

This is the most common problem associated with installation. It's an easy fix. First, bubbles around the valve stem are normal for the first 10 minutes or so after initial installation. However, if they persist, here's the problem and solution. The problem most likely originates from the Inner Liner not being correctly positioned on the rim caused by hanging up on a dry spot. To resolve, deflate both the tire and the TUbliss Inner Liner, but do not loosen the rim lock! Next, apply some more soapy water around the lip of the rim and push the tire bead down so the water can seep in and cover the rim and Inner Liner. Do this for both sides, re-inflate and see if that solves your problem. You can also see this troubleshooting technique explained in the installation video on the .


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