Carburetor FAQ


Which carburetor will fit and work on my bike?


Sorry, we don't have any way to look that up. Check the Mikuni Sizing Chart page. Once you find a carburetor you will still have to dial in the jetting setup for your particular application.


I can't make this carburetor work on my bike.

I couldn't figure out how to jet this carburetor for my bike. How do I send it back? A:

Carburetors are not returnable. Be sure you know what you are doing before you place your order.


Will I have to change jets in my new carburetor?

It looks like you sell a carburetor that will fit my bike just fine. Will I have to change the jets? A:

Probably. There are LOTS of possible combinations of jetting components. You need to have some understanding of carburetors and how they work. There are main jets, pilot jets, needles, needle jets, air jets, mixture screws, slide cutaway, and float height to name a few and they can all be changed to affect the fuel metering of a carburetor. Check out some of the books we offer that will help you dial in your new carburetor.


Can't you pre-jet my carburetor?

If I tell you what kind of bike I have and where I live, can't you just send it to me with the correct jetting already installed? A:

Sorry, it is not that simple. There are too many possible bike/carb combinations. We can help point you in the right direction for figuring it out yourself. We sell some excellent books about carburetion.


Can you help me with a Mikuni carburetor for my Hero Honda Karizma?

I am from Bangalore, India and I got your reference through one of my friends. I want a Mikuni carburetor 33mm flatslide with Pumper for my 4-stroke Hero Honda Karizma. Can you please guide me through the process. Also please tell me a little difference about a normal flatslide carburetor and a flatslide carburetor with a pumper. A:

You can order the carb directly from our Mikuni page. The difference between the two carburetors is that the pumper carb has an accelerator pump that squirts a small amount of extra fuel when the throttle is opened. The extra squirt helps to make much more instant throttle response. A regular flatslide (non-pumper) relies on the slide cutaway to pull the extra fuel needed. A pumper carburetor can be jetted more accurately as there is less compromise between correct mixture and good throttle response.

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