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    Remove Body Work

  1. Unbolt the 6 bolts holding the seat to the frame, 3 on each side of the ruckus.
  2. Remove the 4 screws holding the battery box, 2 on each side, then lift up and pull out to remove.
  3. Remove the floor board.
    • Unbolt the 8 bolts holding the floor of the ruckus.
    • Remove the two screws in the front to either side of the front wheel.
    • Remove the screws holding the metal plate that clamps the floor to the front of the frame, then lift up on the metal plate to release it's grip on the floor.
    • Remove the floor board and set aside.

    Mount the CDI

  1. Using the two white ties included with the CDI, loop them around the key switch body.
  2. Wrap one horizontally around the CDI and the other vertically. Use your pliers to pull the ties as tight as possible, then clip the ends.
  3. Connect the CDI harness to the CDI.
  4. Run the long pair of Yellow/Black-Stripe wires under the tank following the existing harness on the ruckus. The tank simply lifts up out of the cavity it sits in.

    Connect to the ignition coil

  1. Find the ignition coil on the ruckus.
  2. At the coil remove the Yellow/Black-Stripe wire that plugs into the coil.
  3. Plug the wire you just removed into the male connector on the CDI harness. Make sure you make a good connection by pulling back the rubber cover when plugging it in.
  4. Plug the other Yellow/Black-Stripe wire into the coil where you removed the other one. Leave the green wire alone! It should still be plugged into the other terminal of the coil.

    Attach the signal wire

  1. Back at the battery box find the lone white connector that is attached to the Blue/Yellow-Stripe wire. On a stock ruckus this will be connected to nothing. Plug it into the matching white connector on the CDI harness.

    Attach power and ground wires

  1. If your ruckus has a Red/Green-Stripe wire with blue connectors already connected together (most likely on Japanese ruckus) then simply detach them and plug them into the corresponding blue connectors on the CDI harness. Everyone else needs to modify the CDI harness to make it work on their ruckus.
  2. First clip off the single Red/Green-Stripe wire as in this configuration it is not needed.
  3. Second, clip the blue connector off the end of the Red/Green-Stripe & Green wires.
  4. Remove the relay block from the bracket and turn it upside down to see which wires you are going to be splicing into. You will probably need to cut away the crazy amount of electrical tape wrapped around these wires.
  5. Take one of the electrical splice connectors. Snap it onto the Red/Black-Stripe wire that connects to the relay. Take the Red/Green-Stripe wire from the CDI harness and place it into the other hole in the blue splice connector.
  6. Using your pliers crimp the metal plate into the wires and then clip the plastic cover in place. Give the wires a good tug to make sure you've made a good connection.
  7. Do the same for the green wire from the CDI harness, connecting it to the Green/Black-Stripe wire connected to the relay. Replace the relay block on it's bracket.
  8. Double check that everything is connected correctly, then reattach all the body panels going in reverse order (floor, battery box, seat).
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