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Turn Signal Kit Installation Guide

Submitted by Lora B on Mon, 03/18/2019 - 09:41






Tools Needed to Install:

  • 12mm wrench
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Terminal Crimper, or a pair of Pliers
  • Wire Strippers or scissors
  • Heat gun or hair dryer

Remove Battery Box

  1. Remove the 4 screws holding the battery box, 2 on each side, then lift up and pull out to remove.














Replacing Turn signal Flasher

            2.  Find the grey and black pair of wires coming from the stock flasher. Clip the ends off. Remove the flasher from the rubber mount.














           3.  Strip the insulation off the ends of the black and gray wires and crimp on the flat connectors

      to the ends of the wires.

    4.  Hookup your new LED flasher unit. The gray wire connects to the L terminal, Black wire to the P terminal, and the green wire that came with the flasher to the G terminal. Connect the other end of the green wire to the negative battery terminal.














    Hookup Turn Signals

    5.  Remove your stock turnsignals, unplugging them from the scooter's harness. The front turnsignals unplug on the left side by the ECU; the rear signals are under the taillight housing.

    6.  Install the rear turnsignals, directly hooking them up in the back. Black wires into green ground wire. The left signal(from riding position) wire hooks into the orange wire; the right signal wire to the blue wire.

    7.  Install the shrink tubing to the front turn signal wires (cosmetic) by slipping the the shrink tubing over the wires and then heating them with a hair dryer till they are tight.

    8.  Plug the ends of the signal wires into the wire extensions then plug those into the scooter's wiring harness. Black wires to green ground; left turn signal wire to orange wire; right turn signal wire to blue wire.














    Hookup the Diode Kit

    12.  For led signals to flash properly we need to connect the diode kit to the turn signal indicator. Getting to the indicator wires can be a bit tricky as they are buried behind the ECU next to the steering column. They are the same color as the turn signal wires (Blue & Orange). They are joined together in the middle so pull them apart and out where you can access them.

    13.  Attach the connectors in the kit to the diode kit wires. To get a good bite strip more wire off and fold the wire over itself. The male bullet connectors go on the red wires; the female bullet connector on the blue wire. The other female bullet goes on one end of the black wire and the spade on the other end.

    14.  Connect the red wires to the bottom Blue & Orange wires. Connect the blue wire to the top Blue wire.














    15.  The black wire connects to the top orange wire and then goes to ground. There is a bolt nearby that works as a ground connection.















    16.  Test your signals to ensure the wire connections function properly. If both left and right signals flash at the same time then the diode kit is not hooked up properly.

    17.  Replace the battery box and enjoy your new LED signals!