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ProCycle Dual-Sport Kit Installation Instructions

Submitted by Lora B on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 16:37

ProCycle Dual-Sport Kit Installation Instructions

(See available PDF for printable version)

Wiring Harness Connections

Red and Black wires provide power into the harness. Hook them up according to the type of system you plan to run on your machine.
1 – DC / Battery system - Red to Positive, Black to Ground on the battery.
2 – AC system - Connect to the 2 wires that supply power to your existing headlight.

There are several wires at the front end of the harness. This is the end near the Key Switch and Combination Switch (see image on next page). Connect them as follows:

Gray and Yellow wires go to the Flasher unit. The Yellow wire goes to the ‘P’, ‘B’ or ‘+’ terminal and the Gray wire goes to ‘L’ or ‘-‘ terminal.

White and Dark Blue wires power the headlight. The White wire powers the low beam while the Dark Blue wire powers the high beam. When the high-beam is on, it should only power the high-beam filament or bulb, not both!
Green and Yellow wires connect to the horn. Either color to either side.
The Light Blue wire controls the right turn signal and the Orange wire controls the left turn signal.

The long end of the harness controls lights at the tail end of the motorcycle as follows:
Brown is for the brake light, Yellow is for the tail light, Light Blue controls the right turn signal and the Orange wire controls the left turn signal. Black wires are grounds for the headlight, tail light and turn signals.

A few inches forward of the tail end is are Brown and Yellow wires wrapped together in shrink wrap tubing. These connect to your rear brake switch.

Headlight, Tail Light and Turn Signal Connections

UFO ‘Ray’ Headlight
   Left terminal – ground.

   Second terminal – high beam.

   Third terminal – low beam.

   Fourth terminal – running light.

   (If you want to use the running light

   power it from the yellow wire.)


Acerbis Tail Light
   Brown – ground.
   White – tail light.
   Green – brake light.


XR style Tail Light
   Black / White – ground.
   Black – tail light.
   Red – brake light.

Turn Signals
   Yellow – power in from system.

   Black – ground.

Combination Switch

The combination switch comes with four black rubber inserts to make a snug fit to the handlebar. Don’t forget to install these inserts between the switch housing and the handlebar!

Stock Kill Switch

We recommend you continue to use your stock kill switch. If you want the Key Switch to turn your motor off when you turn the key off, then you should connect the Black / White wire coming out of the Key Switch to the Black / White wire on your stock kill switch and the Green wire to the other wire from your stock kill switch using the two splice connectors provided.


Some wires may be too long or short for your particular application. For your convenience we have supplied some crimp style butt connectors to shorten or extend any wire.

For WR Yamahas, CRF-X Hondas, KTM’s and other models with a battery and DC charging system for the electric start but an AC lighting system, there is an ‘Optional Headlight Power’ connector near the fuse. This wire supplies power to the headlight switch. You must use this wire to power the headlight from the AC system. Unplug the connector and plug the AC headlight power source into the male bullet connector (we have provided a female bullet connector with your kit) and tape over the female connector.

On AC powered systems the installation and testing will be made easier by temporarily connecting a 12 volt battery to the Red and Black pair of wires.

Once everything is assembled and tested, then remove the temporary battery connection and connect these wires to the AC lighting power source.

Some AC only systems may have low power output at low rpm. This can cause the headlight to fluctuate with the turn signal flashing (headlight dims when signals flash on). This is not a wiring connection problem. If your bike is doing this there are a few things that can help:

  1. Raise the idle speed.
  2. Install lower wattage turn signal bulbs.
  3. Install a higher output stator or have your stock stator rewound for more power.
ProCycle Dual-Sport Kit Installation Instructions
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