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LED Tank Light Installation

Submitted by Lora B on Tue, 10/29/2019 - 11:18



  1. Remove tank and headlight cowling (be careful of gas lines)
  1. Locate area where you want to mount the tank light strips.
  • Preferably 45° to 90° down from the top of the frame.
  • Clean are completely with rubbing alcohol
  1. Separate wiring from handlebar switch and light strip wires.
  1. Install light strips with wiring facing forward
  1. Install handlebar control switch to the desired location on the handlebar.
  1. Locate a fused power source (key activated) for power.
  • A good source could be the power wire used for the dash light
  1. Locate negative wire or chassis/ frame ground.
  1. Connect Red harness wire (brass lug) to selected power wire with supplied connector.
  1. Connect black harness wire (brass lug) to selected ground with supplied connector.
  1. Install center harness to switch wiring and light wiring.
  1. Test
  1. Re-Install headlight cowling and fuel tank.