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BBR 88cc Big Bore Kit

XR/CRF50 '00-'08
  • This cylinder retains skid plate mounts
  • Includes BBR aluminum cylinder, piston kit, exclusive BBR motocross-grind camshaft and gasket kit
  • The most reliable kit available
  • Runs great with stock carb or bolt on BBR's 18mm carb kit
  • Easy bolt-on instructions included


BBR 88cc Super-Pro Big Bore Kit

XR/CRF 50/70
  • BBR big valve/big port cylinder head
  • BBR billet cam cover (black)
  • 52mm 11:1 piston, rings, pin & clips
  • 18mm carb kit with throttle and cable
  • Assortment of main and pilot jets
  • performance manifold and air filter
  • BBR aluminum cylinder
  • BBR HD clutch springs
  • Exclusive MX grind camshaft
  • High-volume oil pump
  • Complete top end gasket set
  • Detailed instructions


BBR Rev Box

Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev limiter and provides a hotter advance curve.


New! 042216

Spark Plug

Keep your motor running right with a fresh CR6HSA spark plug.


BBR 88cc Flat Top Piston Big Bore Kit

XR/CRF50 '00-'08
  • Aluminum BBR cylinder
  • Special 52mm piston specially designed to work with your stock cylinder head's combustion chamber
  • BBR special grind camshaft take full advantage of the large piston for great performance
  • Special BBR tapered aluminum intake manifold adapts the large carb to the stock intake port size
  • 18mm Keihin PC carb includes extra main and pilot jets for easy tuning
  • Also includes CR style throttle, cable, air filter and top end gasket kit
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HotCams Performance Camshaft

CRF/XR50 '00-'08
  • Stage 1:  More bottom-end and mid-range torque
  • Stage 2:  More mid-range and top-end horsepower


ProCycle Rev Box

CRF/XR 50 UP TO 2014

ProCycle Rev Box increases the rev limit to 10,000 RPM. In addition, this unit offers a re-mapped timing curve which yields a noticeable increase to horsepower and torque over the stock CDI

This CDI box is a direct plug in replacement CDI. Simply locate and remove the stock CDI, and plug the unit directly into the wiring harness, no modification needed. Suitable for stock and modified machines

Fuel Systems

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BBR Carburetor Kit 18mm

XR/CRF50 '00-'08
  • Special manifold sized for the CRF/XR50 head
  • Special manifold sized for the large port heads (XR70 and aftermarket)
  • Includes gaskets and bolts
  • Includes throttle and cable
  • Includes 5 main jets and 3 pilot jets


K&N Air Filter

  • Increased air flow over the stock air filter
  • Designed to increase horsepower and throttle response
  • Designed to fit inside the factory air box
  • Larger surface area over foam filters which offers longer service intervals in dusty conditions
  • Four layers of premium cotton gauze provides outstanding filtration
  • Washable & re-usable, never wears out
  • One filter will last the lifetime of your bike


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Front Sprocket(Made in USA)

CRF/XR 50 '00-'08

Machined from impact and wear resistant chromoly steel. Heat treated, then finished with a nickel coating for corrosion resistance.


BBR Heavy Duty Clutch Springs

XR/CRF50 '00-'08

Heavy duty springs help prevent clutch slip in high-performance motors.

  • Custom wound from chrome-silicon wire
  • Preset for long life
  • Higher spring seat pressure to resist clutch slip



360° Chain Brush

This brush has 2.25 coils of 360° chemical-resistant nylon bristles to make it the fastest, most effective, precise and systematic method for giving your chain a thorough cleaning. It will help the performance of the chain, the sprockets and the engine. This brush will fit any 400 or 500 series chains.

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Rear Sprocket(Made in USA)

CRF/XR 50 '00-'08

Black hard anodized alloy sprocket. Machined sprockets made from 7075 T651 aluminum reduces distortion and provides optimal thickness, to extend sprocket and chain life.

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BBR Chain Guide

XR/CRF50 '00-'08

Fully wraps the chain to guide it onto the rear sprocket. Stainless steel hardware, anodized aluminum plate, and plastic buffer for low friction. Saves expensive engine cases.


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BBR Fork Springs

XR/CRF50 '00-'08

Sized perfectly for adult back-yard racing or fast/aggressive mini riders. This is the most important upgrade you can make for an adult sized rider. The stock suspension is too soft for most adults and aggressive kids.

  • 30% stiffer than stock
  • Preset and stress relieved for long life
  • Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel


BBR Shock Spring

XR/CRF50 '00-'08

Sized perfectly for adult back-yard racing or fast/aggressive mini riders. This is the most important upgrade you can make for an adult sized rider. The stock suspension is too soft for most adults and aggressive kids. Fits stock shock.

  • 30% stiffer than stock
  • Preset and stress relieved for long life
  • Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
  • Powder coated finish


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BBR D2 Full Exhaust System

XR/CRF50 '00-'08

The BBR D-Section has put more racers on the podium than any other mini-bike exhaust system on the market.

This is for the 83cc and up Big-Bore kit! Not for Stock motor!

  • Unique "D" muffler also allows for maximum tire clearance and packing volume
  • Thin-wall stainless steel header and mid-pipe
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum D-Section muffler
  • Stainless steel heat shield
  • US Forest Service approved spark arrester


BBR Quiet Core

Replace your BBR standard exhaust screen with this to reduce the sound level of your bike.

  • Fits all BBR exhaust systems with removable spark arrester screen
  • Easy 2 minute installation by removing the 3 end-cap bolts
  • Reduces sound output with minimal increase in back pressure
  • Makes your neighbor happy without ruining your bike's power delivery

Body & Frame

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IMS Super-Stock Footpegs

CRF/XR 50 '00-'07
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BBR Skid Plate

XR/CRF 50 '00-'08
  • Protects engine from rocks, logs, and other obstacles
  • Lightweight & strong aluminum
  • Bolts on in minutes
  • All hardware included

 Only silver available until mid November

Full Body Plastic Kit

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BBR Handlebar Kit

XR/CRF 50 '00-'08
  • Gold or Black anodized
  • billet aluminum top clamp
  • Chrome-moly 8" rise handlebar
  • Front brake lever with long cable
  • Standard turn throttle with long cable and custom carb top (stock carb)
  • CR type kill button with long length wires
  • BBR crossbar pad and BBR grips
  • Grip glue, instructions, and 6mm hex key wrench included


BBR Super Stock Swingarm

XR/CRF50 '00-'08
  • BBR's Super Stock Swingarm is burly enough to handle today's pit bike racer
  • Constructed of heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum with billet drop-outs and shock mount
  • 2 1/4 longer than stock
  • Includes stainless steel bushings and needle bearings
  • Accepts 12" rear wheel
  • Due to the extended length of this swingarm a longer chain is needed for installation

 On backorder until mid February


BBR Tall Seat

CRF/XR 50 '00-'08

Complete replacement tall seat assembly for your CRF/XR50. Includes plastic seat base, perfectly shaped tall seat foam, and black non-slip seat cover.

  • High density tall seat foam
  • Non-Slip BBR seat cover
  • Seat orders ship Parcel Post (6-10 business days) within the US.  Why?


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EBC Brake Shoes

XR/CRF '00-'08

Other Parts

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New! 030816

JIS Screwdriver Kit

The Phillips type screws used in Japanese motorcycles are actually Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws are very easy to strip if you are using a regular Phillips screwdriver.

Here is a little kit that will make removing and replacing JIS screws much easier. A small portable handle with its own collection of 4 various bits, along with 2 each JIS No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 bits. These will work in any other bit holders you may have and have a slight magnetic end to hold a screw while you start it.


BBR Billet Gas Cap

  • Billet machined aluminum gas cap with gold anodized breather
  • Large grip area for easy spin on/off


Lighting Stator

XR/CRF 50 '00-up
  • Separate circuits for lighting and ignition
  • 95 Watt lighting output
  • Fits under the stock flywheel with no modification
  • Replaces the stock OEM stator


BBR Folding Shift Lever

XR/CRF50 '00-'08

1" longer than stock


New! 032316

Tie-Down Handlebar Clamps

These clever tie-down clamps give you an instant anchor point for tie-down straps using your hand grips.

  • Oval opening for single or double tie-down hooks
  • Clamps securely to any 7/8" handle bar grips
  • Machined from forged aluminum
  • Sold in pairs


Clymer Repair Manual

XR50 '00-'03, CRF50 '04-'05
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